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Zanachka-Pay — service-electronic currency exchange. Our exchange of electronic currencies, which includes all the necessary functions for convenient and safe conversion of the most common types of electronic money

Our On-line service is designed for those who want to quickly, safely and at a favorable rate to do I/o or exchange these types of electronic currencies: Perfect money ,Qiwi , Payeer ,Bitcoin ,Ethereum, Privat24. The site offers a loyalty program, cumulative discount and affiliate program, taking advantage of which you will be able to make an exchange of electronic currencies on more favorable terms. For this you just need to register on the website. Our exchange of electronic currencies, which includes all the necessary functions for convenient and safe conversion of the most common types of electronic money. The convenience and trust of customers is our top priority. Our support is ready to provide you with maximum help and consultation on issues of interest. During the work we gained a reputation of a trusted partner and make every effort to make your experience of our service was favorable. ZANACHKA-PAY — service-electronic currency exchange. Our exchange of electronic currencies, which includes all the necessary functions for convenient and safe conversion of the most common types of electronic money: Perfect money ,Qiwi , Payeer ,Bitcoin ,Ethereum, Privat24. Mon. — Fri. from 10:00 to 20:00 GMT. SB. — Sun. free schedule.

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Privat litok.thank you very quickly

The exchanger is engaged in disinformation and quiet Scam, confirmed in correspondence. Application 10211 paid in full, where it was stated what amount goes to the recipient, but there was an unknown miracle... first, broke down the Private Bank, as has been said in support of the technical work by the Bank on a working day, and payment hung on for a few hours, but rather for 26 hours and 15 minutes. Although no works in Private, of course, was not sent from another place and everything is OK, it's the exchanger that something went wrong and they decided to hide behind the Bank Time of payment of the application 27.06.2018, 07:23 Time of receiving the money 28.06.2018, 09:38 secondly, the amount to the receiver came a very different, less from that indicated by 1.57%(!!!). Apparently, this is because they zarabatyvayut and recipient, though the exchange rate and so they are not the cheapest. The recipient is 1008.8 UAH, as stated in the exchange, joined the whole 993,01 hryvnia, UAH 15.79 flew to the greening moon, the Recipient contacted them in chat, and lo and behold, they began to explain to him that it should be, they say the Commission there are all sorts of times is hard earned, but we gave everything and nothing more needs,, Though, probably quite ashamed, decided 5 hryvnia to compensate, Yes, I got excited, once wanted to take but You were too careful in the screenshot above is the arrival of a single sum. The only amendment that the recipient did not know in what way he had previously sent the money, and felt that the payments were also using Stash, and wrote about them in a chat. But no, a nest egg was used the first and last time only because a normal exchanger at the time was over the reserve and had to wait a couple hours until fill up. And it would be better to wait a few hours instead of days. Thirdly, they for some reason deleted the application and now the status is Deleted, i.e. to confirm that it was paid by only looking at the first screenshots and the correspondence is specified where initial status, hhttp://joxi.EN/V2Vb4KecxkQwE2 a Result, Commission charge and the sender and recipient. That will be some additional fees on the recipient side is not notified, nor about the fact of their presence nor of their size. The queries do not respond or respond after a long delay, with all the consequences. The recipient of the letter never said, it's been 3 days to Use their services is not recommended, only if they fix it. But judging by the quality of reviews, they are doing not very well, and therefore zhulyu.

SW Support, learn how to reply to messages on the website. This behavior shows your level quotes.

The application is not paid in 31.05. From 52000грн reached only 45 000. Support is silent. Application ID 9744 from 2018-05-31 09:54:42

Metabolism proykov uspsa. Thank you adminstrat serves for Shvidko the robot.

Waiting is not clear how much time, but wrote to ask for 60 min everything will be covered

APPLICATION ID 9788 already 9 confirmations of the network, there is no money, support is silent.

All is well...the exchange went money I have...

Thank you for sharing...I got to offer discount for regular customer)))

Not scammers.Everything is OK, senku)))

The application is made in 25 minutes...

My first exchange was a success

Very convenient to change kiwi on private,always pay quickly.Recommend

Bought for rubles Ether,the ether sent clearly..From the heart!!!

Do not specify a comment to the poderzhka helped and resolved the issue quickly

Thanks for sharing

For 4 hours waiting to transfer from Jezera to Privat 24. Those. support is silent.

The exchange was not fair. Do not pay extra 1000. to the amount specified in the demand for payment!! Not the second day!

Groshi ottima!! thank you to sustr

Spasibo za 4estnii perevod.viplatili po zayavke dage after togo 4to bitcoin podeshevel.Ovmap btc-visa

Paid for the request at 17:40 Sberbank-private. Money not yet received. The number indicated in previous letters is not in service. How to be can anyone have additional contacts?

Bit-P24 are changing rapidly,even on a weekend....Thank you)))

Id=10066. 16.06.2018 at 16:54. BTC on Privat24. the money does not come. Online support is silent. The website works through time. Received a letter with the status "application paid"... on the website the status said "the user has canceled the request as paid"... 15622 UAH hung. as I understand the opinion below, this is the chronicle for this obmenkah... the question then bestchance: 1. for some reason, the reviews below are not covered as a negative?? 2. why this exchanger is given in the top for all that it is, in fact, not working? I did not deduce offer obmenkah if it is not closed at least one controversial issue.

My application 9696 exchange ephyra in Privat24 without a cause is deleted, support is not responding !???

Aired on the national currency...the exchange was fair..thank you

The exchange is done successfully!!! Thank you!!!

Tether-Privat...Taser were long, the exchange went quickly

Always change on the zcash for UAH just for the Stash...look for another service plan.Thank you I am your customer.

Make a request. Paid. The application status is removed. Money not yet returned. Service where you sent me to the fraud?

Comes exchange with kiwi to Privat 24 for 1.5 hours.Before any problems was not!10 minutes and the payment has come.Waiting for a response