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The average time of payment after receiving 3 confirmations 30-60 minutes during working hours of the banks. We work only with the withdrawal of BitCoin to cards and accounts.

The best service of output Bitcoin to cards and accounts! Our service specializiruetsya solely on the Output of Bitcoin! We do not sell me bitcoin for other currencies! The project operate a loyalty program, cumulative discount and affiliate program, taking advantage of which you will be able to make an exchange of electronic currencies on more favorable terms. For this you just need to register on the website. Our exchange of electronic currencies is a system created based on modern software and contains all the necessary functions for convenient and safe conversion of the most common types of electronic money. During the work we gained a reputation of a trusted partner and make every effort to make your experience of our service was favorable.


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September 19, 2018 01:09
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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange WUBill

Incomprehensible exchanger, the phone number listed in contacts is disabled when any operators are not a consultant there who are all not clear not known not change recommend!

Good exchanger, it's cool and fast enough. within an hour the money was to Tinkoff

Good service , polite support. Put on the conclusion , this money was for the alpha. Suggest.

The exchanger is very good, everything moved quickly and support is excellent

In first time big directly to the Bank and chose the good course of this exchange, everything went smoothly, very satisfied

Done quickly and accurately! Respect!

Promptly fulfilled the request, surprisingly, only +

Traded 0,22 BTC to Tinkoff. In this area a course in WuBill was the best. Monitored the transaction After 3 confirmations, the money is transferred immediately, i.e. the exchanger works well. Recommend.

Everything is fine! Although on the night time, the payoff came at 8 am as indicated in the exchanger. Folks sociable, you can change and trust!

Traded yesterday. Overall satisfied. If you'll continue to work with the best exchange rate, I will continue to change you

Very good exchanger!!! Fast and quality service, without unnecessary problems! the translation was BTS to VTB24. Good luck to you guys!

I liked this exchange it quickly and clearly the operator is polite and considerate. to exchange bits of alpha about 15-20 min.

With BTC for Tinkoff. Even 40 rubles more than at the rate =)

Good exchanger, 30 min, and all moved ))

Quickly and accurately. Recommend!

Everything is fine.

It was quick and at a good rate. Thank you. Please make a minimal 0.2 bitcoin less.

All received, thank you. I liked the way of translation, respect!

Warning!Carried out quickly with bitcoin to Tinkoff for 30 minutes Reliably and attentive onlineordering Thank you!

Successfully traded 0.2 BTK on the map Tinkoff - after 2 hours, the money came. All right.

Warning! VTS to Tinkoff fast!Thank You!!!

Great exchanger. BTC to VTB24 without problems.

Btc>vtb24 after 3 confirmations within 10 minutes the money came from. thank you

All quickly and accurately! Thank you

Great exchanger. Cue to Tinkoff with no problems and in good time has changed. Moreover, the course is great=)

Fileshare liked, changed BTC to VTB24, without any problems.

Changed bitcoin to Tinkoff, great guys, a huge Thank you, everything quickly and accurately!

Traded a couple of hours ago BTS on alpha, at a good rate, everything is clear! well done! Do not know what is below the bottom of the exchanger, only but where to start, and work in a narrow direction of the exchange. Thank you! Good luck in Bizet.

Good afternoon everyone. Super exchange In month 3 reviews, elegant record. Now think to change in that the exchanger or not. Good luck to you.

Fileshare liked, changed BTC to Tinkoff in the day. Not only that, the course was the best, and even despite the holiday it went for 40 minutes, subject to 3 confirmations. If the course would continue to be so, I will use constantly!)

Everything is fine. BTC changed to Tinkoff. The course was very beneficial. Paid on time as stated. In addition, the rounded amount in a big way +34rublya :). Thank you. For information: Tinkoff payment comes from Rapid. Spent limit completions Tinkoff. It's probably everywhere.