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Service created exclusively for instant exchanges between popular electronic currencies Internet: Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, Privat 24. Exchange transactions are automatic, which means that you can apply at any time convenient for you 24/7/365.

Service created for instant exchanges between popular electronic currencies: Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, Privat 24. Supports advantageous for the user, the currency. Owning your own web-sites offers a mutually beneficial affiliate program to attract customers. If the exchange of the selected pair of currencies exchanger is not enough reserve, you can fill out a form to alert the presence of the required number of reserve selected currency. The service automatically reserves the required amount for the exchange, which minimizes the risk situation of shortage of reserve service at the moment of transfer of money to the client.


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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange WMPayCash

From WMZ to Sberbank 3 SECONDS

Cool service!

Great exchanger, money from the private to the savings Bank came just a few minutes! I'm happy with. And a course on the rules

Exchange WMR to Privat 24 came quickly, thank you.

Performed exchange WMR to Sberbank, the money came in literally 10 seconds! The first time I see such a prompt, thank you!

The fastest exchange WMR to QIWI. Thank you all super.

Everything is very fast. WMR on Privat24. Thank you!

Exchange WMZ -> P24. Brought instantly. I wish prosperity to the exchanger!

Good day,did a request from wmz to Privat24,it is written that the application is made.But money is not received.Called the Bank,the money is not received on the card.

Very quickly brought out WMZ to the USD card Private, the course is well pleased. Recommend!

What is the difference between the real and virtual course

Translating a small amount of Privat24, QIWI, the payment went through instantly.

Thank you, instantly translated into Yandex purse with Privat24

Hello guys, tell me please, is it possible to share "Privat24 Qiwi", and is it beneficial? How quickly will the funds in my personal wallet Qiwi?

All instantly suggest

WMZ-P24 - instant withdrawal, no problem.

Translated from private to kiwi. Reached within 10 min. like Service.

The first time I had to exchange quite pleased. With Privat24 qiwi rubles transferred in seconds.Though a small Commission ,but it is worth it.All suggest.

Instant exchange I understand to be only operator in for 1 hour,on weekdays from 9 to 19,why write instant exchange?

A good reserve to Privat24. Money transferred very quickly, even if the translation is manual. Keep adequate course. A couple of exchanges got a discount of 8 per cent. There are no faults and hope that they will not.

Thank you! Instant transfer to the savings Bank, other banks are not aware of. I longer filled fields of the application than the money was transferred)

Quickly exchanged wmr to Privat24. Service was satisfied

The course does not meet the stated. On bestchange exchange WMZ - Sberbank put 60.3000 and in fact 58.0000. Be careful.

Application No. 5687500 Status: fixed payment

Seduced by instant translated from P24 to Yandex Money - says "send payment" - the money Private went to the Yandex entered. Need money now!!! And then such a mess that weekend day may be processed on such application. On the website of exchanger is not what you write, I just decided to write here, maybe sharing all the same faster! Application number - 5301700

Decided to use this exchanger because my regular hours were at the time of the exchange. This is perhaps the most rapid exchange of all that ever done. Change Privat24, QIWI. Great job.

Performed the first 2 exchange WMZ to Privat - quick!

I have not received the money on your Private. Written in the account application is completed, but Private money is not received! Please clarify and I will remove the feedback. Thank you

After registration I tried to hack!!! the calls started coming in about the alleged change of the password on a personal account! it is not recommend this service!!!

After registration application and payment. The application is closed. The money is withdrawn and not returned. I'm really not happy!!!Wrote in support.

1st time here exchange wmr to Privat24, all instantly, very satisfied! (support is available and quickly explained the questions to complete the form) recommend.

Someone tell me what to enter in the field "Account to send" when trying to exchange WMZ to USD PrivatBank MC?

Beware the exchanger problems. On the side of the payment system an error occurred sending payment. The application will be processed manually by an operator: - within 5-60 minutes (mon. – Fri. from 9 to 19 GMT+2); - during the day (sat. - sun., holidays) Changed WMZ->P24, and immediately after payment I get an error, now to wait for the day that the money came from.

Yandex wallet to kiwi in just a few seconds. Thank you .

Thanks for the error processing payment! It happened, by the way, 3 hours ago. I urgently needed the money - fell for an instant, automatic exchange Privat WebMoney. I was wondering for any inconvenience, some compensation will be? I was planning to wait a minute or two, not day.

A good exchanger. POISON in Ukrainian Kiwi instantly and without additional Commission. Thank you.

Great exchanger Privat24, Yandex for 10 min.

The guys exchange just machine-gun speed at altitude!!

Hello. On the side of the payment system an error occurred sending payment. The application will be processed manually by an operator: - within 5-60 minutes (mon. – Fri. from 9 to 19 GMT+2); - during the day (sat. - sun., holidays) - the Administration of Exchanger service Is what I received in the automatic exchange. This is outrageous! Why do I have to wait 11 hours? You are in the same conditions will produce the exchange? I need it now! For this kind of delay of compensation!

Private 24 to WMZ very quickly exchanged. Thank you!

The surgery went well and very quickly. Literally less than a minute, as the application was made and the money credited to the card!Thank you for the speed service!!!

Ordered exchange Privat24 UAH to Privat24 USD . The money is gone, and the currency has not appeared. Apparently something went wrong... Turned to support. After the transfer details - the MONEY was RETURNED IN FULL VOLUME! On the same day. Application 6636800. Thank you very much!

After all, provided that the exchange is automatic,but no application WMZ to Privat was released in error and to wait for me money now day if not more since the weekend.Che for delirium generally?phone numbers no.All dialogues only in the correspondence to lead?!stone age simple.Never will use this обменко1 and certainly do not advise anyone. Return my money!!!

One of the best exchangers! Exchanged the POISON for Privat24. Not had time to update the data after the transfer of money, and the exchange has already happened and the money was on the map! You just space!

Exchanges within minutes. Great. Recommend.

Made a withdrawal request VMZ, after the payment, immediately gave an error: the payment system error occurred sending payment. The application will be processed manually by an operator: - within 5-60 minutes (mon. – Fri. from 9 to 19 GMT+2); - during the day (sat. - sun., holidays) I need it now, not tomorrow 9 o'clock. That's why I chose your service because it is automatic, as you have stated...

Excellent service - translation, indeed, within two minutes, use safely!

For the first time use the services of this exchanger to replenish the purse with carucci WMZ privat24 (UAH). Left ochne pleased with the efficiency of exchange - just a few minutes and everything was credited. It's nice that every step of the user of this service is painted with extreme precision that allows to avoid problems with the operation. Appeared only a question for PrivatBank, which added 4%, although I chose to pay it without a fee of 2%... But that's another story. And sharing service - Respect!

Close the application 6543002

Did the transfer result error: (the message with their service error) "On the side of the payment system an error occurred sending payment. The application will be processed manually by an operator: - within 5-60 minutes (mon. – Fri. from 9 to 19 GMT+2); - during the day (sat. - sun., holidays)". Gone are the days, my issue is not resolved, the operator wrote once: "You mentioned in the details when making the application? What's the phone number?", I wrote to that its (it is). I want to withdraw the payment not unsubscribe. I do not recommend working with them

Quick translation with a very small Commission. Normal guys. If the rate is a fire, then you..