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Service created exclusively for instant exchanges between popular electronic currencies Internet: Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, Privat 24. Exchange transactions are automatic, which means that you can apply at any time convenient for you 24/7/365.

Service created for instant exchanges between popular electronic currencies: Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, Privat 24. Supports advantageous for the user, the currency. Owning your own web-sites offers a mutually beneficial affiliate program to attract customers. If the exchange of the selected pair of currencies exchanger is not enough reserve, you can fill out a form to alert the presence of the required number of reserve selected currency. The service automatically reserves the required amount for the exchange, which minimizes the risk situation of shortage of reserve service at the moment of transfer of money to the client.


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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange WMPayCash

Thanks for the error processing payment! It happened, by the way, 3 hours ago. I urgently needed the money - fell for an instant, automatic exchange Privat WebMoney. I was wondering for any inconvenience, some compensation will be? I was planning to wait a minute or two, not day.

Yandex wallet to kiwi in just a few seconds. Thank you .

Great exchanger Privat24, Yandex for 10 min.

The guys exchange just machine-gun speed at altitude!!

Exchanges within minutes. Great. Recommend.

Excellent service - translation, indeed, within two minutes, use safely!

The surgery went well and very quickly. Literally less than a minute, as the application was made and the money credited to the card!Thank you for the speed service!!!

For the first time use the services of this exchanger to replenish the purse with carucci WMZ privat24 (UAH). Left ochne pleased with the efficiency of exchange - just a few minutes and everything was credited. It's nice that every step of the user of this service is painted with extreme precision that allows to avoid problems with the operation. Appeared only a question for PrivatBank, which added 4%, although I chose to pay it without a fee of 2%... But that's another story. And sharing service - Respect!

Ordered exchange Privat24 UAH to Privat24 USD . The money is gone, and the currency has not appeared. Apparently something went wrong... Turned to support. After the transfer details - the MONEY was RETURNED IN FULL VOLUME! On the same day. Application 6636800. Thank you very much!

Close the application 6543002

Did the transfer result error: (the message with their service error) "On the side of the payment system an error occurred sending payment. The application will be processed manually by an operator: - within 5-60 minutes (mon. – Fri. from 9 to 19 GMT+2); - during the day (sat. - sun., holidays)". Gone are the days, my issue is not resolved, the operator wrote once: "You mentioned in the details when making the application? What's the phone number?", I wrote to that its (it is). I want to withdraw the payment not unsubscribe. I do not recommend working with them

Quick translation with a very small Commission. Normal guys. If the rate is a fire, then you..

Cool service!

Performed exchange WMR to Sberbank, the money came in literally 10 seconds! The first time I see such a prompt, thank you!

Thank you! Instant transfer to the savings Bank, other banks are not aware of. I longer filled fields of the application than the money was transferred)

Great exchanger, money from the private to the savings Bank came just a few minutes! I'm happy with. And a course on the rules

Beware the exchanger problems. On the side of the payment system an error occurred sending payment. The application will be processed manually by an operator: - within 5-60 minutes (mon. – Fri. from 9 to 19 GMT+2); - during the day (sat. - sun., holidays) Changed WMZ->P24, and immediately after payment I get an error, now to wait for the day that the money came from.

In the exchange Qiwi --> Privat24 was "On the side of the payment system an error occurred sending the payment.", but 20 minutes later, came the money and in General everything is OK, I'm happy.

After all, provided that the exchange is automatic,but no application WMZ to Privat was released in error and to wait for me money now day if not more since the weekend.Che for delirium generally?phone numbers no.All dialogues only in the correspondence to lead?!stone age simple.Never will use this обменко1 and certainly do not advise anyone. Return my money!!!

A good reserve to Privat24. Money transferred very quickly, even if the translation is manual. Keep adequate course. A couple of exchanges got a discount of 8 per cent. There are no faults and hope that they will not.

A good exchanger. POISON in Ukrainian Kiwi instantly and without additional Commission. Thank you.

One of the best exchangers! Exchanged the POISON for Privat24. Not had time to update the data after the transfer of money, and the exchange has already happened and the money was on the map! You just space!

Hello. On the side of the payment system an error occurred sending payment. The application will be processed manually by an operator: - within 5-60 minutes (mon. – Fri. from 9 to 19 GMT+2); - during the day (sat. - sun., holidays) - the Administration of Exchanger service Is what I received in the automatic exchange. This is outrageous! Why do I have to wait 11 hours? You are in the same conditions will produce the exchange? I need it now! For this kind of delay of compensation!

Made a withdrawal request VMZ, after the payment, immediately gave an error: the payment system error occurred sending payment. The application will be processed manually by an operator: - within 5-60 minutes (mon. – Fri. from 9 to 19 GMT+2); - during the day (sat. - sun., holidays) I need it now, not tomorrow 9 o'clock. That's why I chose your service because it is automatic, as you have stated...

Private 24 to WMZ very quickly exchanged. Thank you!

From WMZ to Sberbank 3 SECONDS

The first time I had to exchange quite pleased. With Privat24 qiwi rubles transferred in seconds.Though a small Commission ,but it is worth it.All suggest.

Exchange WMR to Privat 24 came quickly, thank you.

The fastest exchange WMR to QIWI. Thank you all super.

Translation wmr Alfa-Bank immediately after payment is issued the message came error sending the payment. The application will be processed manually by an operator: - within 5-60 minutes (mon. – Fri. from 9 to 19 GMT+2); - during the day (sat. - sun., holidays) the Money is needed urgently. It is not automatic exchange.

Translated from kiwi to Privat24, 4000 R no money as specified without processing of the moderator that is supposed to come instantly, I began to read the reviews of many the same garbage, I thought the website he decided to wait an hour, the money did not come, could not go home because of this, money is not enough, the phone died, something like find where to charge the phone, and they come, have a claim to that money does not come quickly, but at least people they do not throw. so that you can spend with them.

It was fast, a problem arose with the room card , Wrote Ales , it is clearly oriented thanks , will continue to work with this exchanger , with kiwi on Privat flew for 3 seconds, and the course here is great.

Transferred the money with kiwi on Privat24. Everything is fine, instantly.Suggest.

On the website there is no email where can be contacted only through the ticket, but in exchange, entered the address on the ball, and after a while from the site thrown out and no longer log in. My appeal No. 749300А762. Transferred money with kiwi on private, the money was sent, then sent a screenshot of the receipt, uasal number of the application, no money for a couple of hours on the website not to go, does the post office does not contact...

Did everything according to the instructions on QIWI Privat24 . Paul day wrote in considering , in the evening I go already closed the application . where is the instant translation , I relied on that money ! Still there , the issue will come ????

Instant withdrawal to the Private 24. Thank you for the good work.

The best rate of exchange at the time. Made two consecutive operations WMR to POISON. The money both times received instantly. At the same time checked (for discounts per revolution)

Waiting for the exchange for 2 hours, support is not responding!

Typically changing constantly from WMR to QIWI, instant exchange without any problems. Keep it up!

Don't want to offend anyone, but dear Alina, which allegedly had problems, just can't bring proof in the form of a receipt, and then writes about the blocked account, in other words the usual slander. Just made the exchange for 1500 rubles on QIWI Privat24 , did everything according to instructions, the money came in literally 30 seconds. Do not pay attention to the negative reviews that are unjustified. Thanks for sharing, I will use again.

The exchanger is a crook, paid for the application, day money for kiwis there. Support requires a receipt, but I wrote a comment to the transfer, the exchanger should automatically read it and process it. The application was closed. Scammers!!! The rules do not match, refusing to return the money

Don't have time to get into the savings online and on the phone - the money is already there! Nice! The first time I used this exchanger was a little worried. In the end, did not disappoint. The output from the 10 thousand Course the best to date.

WMR - J. d instantly. Nice

[2] Wmr > mastercard 10K reached in 5 sec

The second time the menu VM - Privat24 second time error send payment. judging by the reviews I'm not alone. they blatantly lie that they have automatic exchange. all in the manual. sit for half an hour waiting for the money.. saport silent. urgent payment hanging over them. waiting for another 30 minutes according to the regulations and will write a claim in bestchange for fraud. such exchange is not the place. I'm constantly changing almost every day with any Alemannia had no problems except for this

Wmr > mastercard 10K reached in 5 sec

Down saw a negative comment about the delay, but many do not take into account the work of the banks. And blame the exchange. Very glad I found this exchanger, the transfer WMZ card RUB a few seconds. And reserves are quickly replenished, thank you, work at the same pace. You are the top ;)

Application number 139060693 , paid by accident instead of 1150 1170, or return money or send at the rate of 1150 amount

Money from kiwi to Privat24 hung. it has been over a day. I do not recommend this exchanger. application 19980900.

Scammers, ignore already more than 12h, paid for the request without comment on the error - reset not doing, ticket support is closed. the evidence is there.

Just changed пр24 on the kiwi, despite the fact that it's the message, "processing error", anyway the money came in two minutes, I'm in shock and very happy. Thank you...

USD Privat24 Exchange less than a minute. And this Saturday.

Lightning-fast exchange from WMZ to Sberbank!Thank you!

Feared a bit,because of the negative reviews,but decided to change! VMZ-alpha,instantly! Well done,keep it up,and the rate is always higher than the rest!

Brought almost 15000$ in VTB with WebMoney, the slightest problems did not feel, but limits WebMoney)) Thank you

Yesterday I decided to make an exchange VMZ > PrivatBank in the amount of 36000грн ( 1 384.62 WMZ ) on the status of applications MADE but not received. in the rules, supposedly written to days can be money, but damn from what? this is an automatic exchanger! generally wait until the evening of the funds and write the claim at the mmfa!

Exchange WebMoney passed quickly!

Application No. 18982400 462.98 WebMoney WMZ -> 30 834.47 Sberbank RUBLES a week Passed, we have no money. Support said wait, then they were silent and did not answer. As I understand it, the change or one-time exchanges, they can skip, and then money is assigned. Give the money, it was the translation urgently to the drugs, you bastards

Disgusting exchanger. When you transfer qiwi Privat24 on the application indicated the amount of 2200, but for some reason it was replaced by 2199.99. Money is not received, the feedback is silent. I understand that weekend, but we're in the market

Conclusion WMR-Sberbank 20000. Instantly. Recommend.

Instant exchange WMR to Visa RUB.

Unfortunately later I started to read the reviews. Exchanger have problem with the exchange of the astronomical amount of 150 UAH. Privat24 for Kiwifruit. It's not the amount but the speed. Report on the implementation of the proposal came in 15-57, there is no money so far. Sent a ticket on the website, the answer received on temporary (how long is not clear).Return the money to the account if the problems.

Instant exchange WMZ to Tinkoff! Excellent service with good rate. Recommend.

The first exchanger, which is really exchanged instantaneously, the second in the second. Mrki changed to Tinkoff.

Exchanged Private session on kiwi. Says that the exchange is made but NO MONEY. Stated that im only on this and traded here. The operator does not answer, this call instant exchanger difficult. I see that I am not the first with this problem on this exchange, apparently here is the norm

Wmr > mastercard rub for 3 seconds!

Exchanged instantly to the Qiwi wallet.

Thank you, instant exchange from Privat24 QIWI

The exchange happened very quickly! Thank you

Sent money through Privat 24 on the exchange, the kiwi, already waiting at the moment for about 48h. The money never came! in the exchanger says that instant, so where is he? for me it is very this translation was and is important, I because you lost a customer for the purchase of electronic goods. I wonder how long you wait... to receive their money. This will be my first time that I've been waiting for!!! not terribly happy!

OK! Withdrawal/exchange WMR to POISON - instantly and at the best, at the moment, rate. Thank you

Waiting for like to unsubscribe yesterday Paul on kiwi 6 621.00 RUB when exchanging funds in the Kosh is not received today are silent

Instantly exchanged WMZ to WMR almost at the exchange rate with minimal kommisiya

Great exchanger. Quickly and without problems. Recommend

Please answer me on the website chat paid night 3019 has not added 18 cents checks, all provided, do not ignore, screenshots of payment is also sent to you in the chat TREATMENT ROOM F6cf74792c With qiwi on Пь24

Made application to the exchange, with Kiwi on Privat24. Received a letter in the mail that the request was successfully executed. It was done all the instructions, account no. We checked more than once. Application #20444000