Currency Exchange Point WMChange in UA

Withdrawal of WMZ to cash (Kiev) from 5000 USD - 3.5%

The website is the service on rendering the services o of "electronic currency" in automatic mode. Using our services, you save your money by making an exchange at a favorable rate. In addition, we guarantee you the speed and reliability of the exchange due to the simplicity of the proposed exchange process.

WMChange in UA

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June 17, 2019 01:44
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Current exchange rates

Visa/Mastercard Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽2.40000000₽59,440
Visa/Mastercard Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney US Dollar $0.03786400$15,006
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽0.98522200₽59,440
Webmoney US Dollar $1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽63.84020000₽59,440
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Cash US Dollar $0.01482200$100,000
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽2.43000000₽59,440
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.38022800₴24,467
Visa/Mastercard Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1.03092800₴75
Western Union US Dollar $1Webmoney US Dollar $0.99000000$15,006
Webmoney US Dollar $1Webmoney Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴28.00000000₴75
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.37878800₴24,467
Webmoney Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.67150100₴24,467
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1.03092800₴75
Webmoney US Dollar $1Cash US Dollar $0.96500000$100,000
Webmoney US Dollar $1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴24.60000000₴24,467
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney US Dollar $0.03795000$15,006

Reviews WMChange in UA

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange WMChange in UA

Change Privat24 UAH to WMU. More 24h. waiting for the money, although they guarantee the exchange of not more than 24h. Contacts do not respond. Sounds like a hoax, I do not advise to contact.

The payment was fast. Liked. Bad, the help can't wait. It was not clear, had to decide.

Grateful cooperation, as always, all excellent!

Application #282754 not received the wire transfer. As you can have several times??? Support is not available! How can the negligence??????

Did a few exchanges, they all come up to 1 minute (VMR - POISON) that last for 15 minutes no. Money on the purse urgently needed, and the service response to the silence..

Use first time!!! lightning-fast exchange!!!

Instantly, WMZ>>WMR, thanks for your work!

Very bad!!! 35 minutes after payment!!! With the support contact is not possible! Do not use the services of this exchanger and I do not recommend!!!

After Ukraine banned Webmoney, him. The first pancake came out a success! After sending the card UAH, after about half an hour got the desired amount in RUB Thanks.

Almost two days waiting for the exchange. Support reaction 0 Exchanger is not as

The translation is instantaneous. Honestly and quickly. Recommend! Loved it. I checked in and I will ever exchange you.

Exchange Yandex to Privat, the money did not come. Waiting for the second day. Urgent need of money. Exchanger active. Support fully ignore(( application Number 279656

After several successful transfers regular transfer to the recipient is not reached. Application # 279426. No money for the second day. Requests are not answered. It was skylersa? Sorry.

Thank you for your cooperation, all quickly and clearly. Website visitors - before writing a complaint, look at the spam folder.

Excellent service everything is good)))

All excellent as always! Thank you!

Application Number 282531. Exchange WMR to Privat24. The amount of 3000 RUB. Ordered the automatic exchange. After the prepay system is somehow notified that the Application is translated into manual mode. It's been four hours, but the money card Private and received. Tech support is not responding. Very sorry, before such problems with this service were not observed. Probably have to go to arbitration WebMoney.

Excellent service, did an automatic exchange, just a few minutes everyone got. Highly recommended!

The application is not made,the money was stolen !!!

The exchanger is great, cooperate for a long time, always all at the highest level! Recommend!

Thank you, instantaneously, a great course, would recommend to anyone this service!!!

Exchange 280785, from 12.00 there is no money.

Grateful, as always everything is excellent, YAD-Privat24 instantly! Recommend!

The translation is instantaneous. Honestly and quickly. Recommend!

Great service. Recommend. If there are problems, solve quickly enough. Thanks guys!

Sent the money,waiting for more than a day,tried to communicate silently,telephone,tech support.Don't know what to do.

As always everything very well - fast, safe, course. Recommend this service to everyone!!! Grateful to you for cooperation!!!

Thank you for your cooperation, always quickly, reliably, for a good course, would recommend!!!

Thank you, POISON - Privat24 instantly! Recommend!!!

At any time of the day or night a quick exchange, good exchange rate. I recommend everyone to cooperate with this service!!!

I think that all very well. During the working day and good course.

Sorry the weekend is not running the service. Applied on Saturday... had to wait until Monday. . The exchanger!

The exchange occurred after the transfer amount in UAH 22 hours. if I knew for so long, did not use the exchanger... support only works on weekdays only Skype.

With a VM on the poison, increased mineralku to 500r. Scored a 8% discount. Sucks, specially the discount gained, in summer, translated a large amount, although there was a more favorable exchange. People like stability and consistency.

Strange problem with the application # 285076 - wallet e-mailed, a letter of the accepted bid came in, but she did not appear in the list in the personal account and the money at stake didn't fall. Already did six months ago - the technical support is simply unrealistic to reach - only 4 days the problem could solve it. Guys, what the hell, give prompt feedback - what happened with the application?

Well, why is that? As soon as someone on any exchanger problem occurs, then immediately there is a Marina or Irina, or Andrew and begins to tell that this exchange all is fine, but the one who has arisen, problems, are to blame. Do administrators exchangers do believe that if they, or, at their request, others will put a laudatory review, it is somehow positively affect customers? Guys, learn how to work professionally, then you will not have negative reviews and complaints.

The problem with the application No. 284583. Money card, the exchange is not completed. Ask, what happened?

Good service, I recommend, do it right and carefully and there will be problems, cooperate more than two years, never had any difficulties in any of the directions, thank you!

Did exchange UAH to WMZ in the manual mode, the money transferred to the account, the money on the web Mani purse came, it took over an hour for a response from support and no money do not come.

Just traded 2 times in a row! Money Privat, came literally within minutes. Recommend!

Yesterday translated 4000 UAH. with the hryvnia card to WMZ. The money does not come, but the most interesting has not come and the letter in the mail about the registration of exchange in the system. That is, sharing rooms there. Thus there is a transfer with online banking. Money still no reply from exchanger either.

Super speed! Supermodernity! Thank you!

Application #289063 generally not added to the history of exchanges. Guys, do something with this bug, and that every exchange of like Russian roulette.

POISON on Private immediately! Highly recommend

Super fast exchange, best rates! No complaints.

Money sent on request #287759 is not Automatically conducted, weird the chat doesn't work. The contacts section leads to a 404 page

An excellent course, as always, instantly and with no problems, thank you! I recommend this service, cooperate for a long time and on a regular basis!

Always use, the money comes almost instantly, well done guys.

Change wmr on POISON quick , had no problems

I don't understand people who exchange problems, never again, not one time have I had problems with this service!!! Cooperating for a long time, clearly doing everything according to the requirements of the service! People, understand in their email. purses, and then run, and I'm not some out there, this Violetta is addressed, I'm just a regular customer who is satisfied with the operation of the service and considers it to be decent and decent to provide the services that it performs efficiently!

Changed through the day private chat wmz. More use will not

Everything is fine, changing UAH to WMZ.

The exchanger was blown away, because the restriction imposed on the translation from 1000rubley. Very sorry, enjoy, and then just planted a pig.

Did the exchange Yandex - Privat went the second day, no money and no answer from support. How to not be clear!

Very safe, clear and good service, recommend to all, cooperate for a long time, with the first exchange, everything is fine, thank you!

Yesterday translated with for the Private, letter confirming registration of the exchange in the system come. 12 hours later nothing money Private did not come. The response from the exchanger no.

Minimum 5 Tr does not suit me, will have to temporarily refuse the services of this exchanger. for the direction Yandex - Privat is a temporary restriction or forever? ask a question here, because TP does not get through

Once again the transfer went through quickly and clearly! Thank you so much for helping out!

Instant transfer what is the POISON that WebMoney for Privat24, I recommend to everyone this service, quickly, reliably, there is a reserve, a good course and comfortable!!! Grateful!!!

Waiting more than 24 hours of manual exchange. Do not respond to emails, Skype - silence. In an online chat on the website all the same. 8000 UAH stuck ... hopefully not forever. Dumb!

Privat24-wmz money came through 23 hours (( Need to rely on such a situation. According to the regulations exchanger 1-24 hours. I was lucky I guess)

Produced exchange Privat to WMZ good rate of exchange produced in the manual mode,it took 30 minutes and the money received on account.Thank you.Pleasure to work with.

Did a trade with card UAH to WMZ. The money card was removed, but the site is written "an error Occurred while making payment number 285737." And at the moment no money on the map, or to WMZ.

All super, it takes 3-5 min. but, when I have time to one day service for translation, in spite of this, I was transferred for no more than an hour, very satisfied, I advise everyone to use! The translation was from the wmr to Privat

Change wmr on Yandex-money - the-day, in the evening changed - and was the reserve, and everything is fine, the course is expensive!!!, but I wanted a reliable exchanger - application 291108, it's uvedomlenie from the website application is closed! And the money is not received. Look at the application status of "on check". What the hell is the test? 27 exchanges for the same details!!! Cheating! Please urgently contact and to extinguish the claim or to return the money. I am extremely DISSATISFIED! Not only is the rate high, but its still not perform.

Good day to see have a day in Skype and on mail do not answer - use bestchance for 5 years but the first time I slipped these posrednika... the result can't wait for 1000$ ....

Excellent service, always instant translation, I recommend, thank you!

Not instantly, but always approx. Work with the service for several years. Who needs to quickly change, choose automatic translation, called. in my opinion the Instant they.

Exchange Privat VSW, private lists, the exchanger WMZ is not listed, the post office sent the letter, waiting for the completion of the exchange.