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Automatic exchange WmBox. You can perform the withdraw webmoney to PrivatBank card and Visa / MasterCard cards of Ukrainian banks. Also, we are working with the direction webmoney, Yandex. money to Privat Bank Oshchad Bank other banks of Ukraine. If You need to replenish webmoney using our service, you can easily make it through Privat24 or paying the Visa card and MasterCard. The mode of 24/7. Mode support: Mon., Tues., Wed, Thu, PT. from 9:00 to 19:00, Sat., Sun. free schedule.

Are glad to present You an automatic exchange WmBox. You can perform the withdraw webmoney to PrivatBank card and Visa / MasterCard cards of Ukrainian banks. Also, we are working with the direction Webmoney, Yandex money to Oschadbank PrivatBank and other banks of Ukraine. If You need to replenish webmoney using our service, you can easily make it through Privat24 or paying the Visa card and MasterCard. And of course, we change between a popular electronic currency, such as Webmoney: WMZ, WMR, WME, WMU, Yandex.Money.


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June 17, 2019 01:43
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Current exchange rates

Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1QIWI Russian Ruble ₽2.44620000₽51,551
Webmoney US Dollar $1QIWI Russian Ruble ₽64.02000000₽51,551
QIWI Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.36900369₴46,961
Monobank Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney US Dollar $0.03731343$17,491
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽2.47460000₽445,385
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.38069134₴46,961
Webmoney Euro €1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴28.00000000₴46,961
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.38096689₴46,961
Webmoney US Dollar $1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴25.52000000₴46,961
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney Euro €0.03165569€678
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽2.44680000₽280,325
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney US Dollar $0.03792620$17,491
Webmoney Euro €1Webmoney Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴28.43000000₴11
Webmoney Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney Euro €0.02197802€678
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney Euro €0.01200000€678
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.42735043₴11
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney US Dollar $0.01470590$17,491
Webmoney US Dollar $1Webmoney Euro €0.84033613€678
Webmoney US Dollar $1Webmoney Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴32.00100000₴11
Webmoney US Dollar $1Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽64.49000000₽280,325

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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange WmBox

Change Privat24 VSW very quickly

Another thank you for the quick and qualitative exchange

Another brisk exchange WMR to Privat 24. This exchanger is always on top.

The best service in the ratio of rate-speed-tech support I recommend

Thank you for instant exchange! The best and fastest service! )))

The smart exchange WMR to Privat24 here. Recommend. Change is not always clearly and quickly.

Disgusting! No automatic exchange and do not close. After the payment transaction has received this message with a bunch of errors in three lines: "failed to undertake automatic exchange, transaction #460742 In the near future the administrator manually transfer to your account need. amount. With respect WmBox". Almost an hour waiting for the transfer of funds, online support is not working. Sent the demand by e-mail to return the money to WMZ-purse - in response to silence. Rare g...

Application 455393 paid 10 hours ago, WMR still has not came.

Always return immediately.Super.Thank you.Recommend

Application # 457818 on wmr, visa uah did not come money, was practically a day

Plus from me for the simplicity, quickness, good course. Thank you and success.

Thank you for instant exchange.You are super! )))

As always - quickly and without problems. Keep it up guys.

Instant exchange. I recommend to all...

Great.Exchange instantly and honestly.Use many times without complaints

Everything is fine and fast

With a quick exchange!

Thank you for instant exchange!!! As always, all quickly and qualitatively! You are super! )))

WMR on Privat24 change only here. Constantly.

Instant transfer WMZ-POISON, so always be)

The exchanger is good, but why the site is not protected by TLS? Not solid.

Quickly, clearly, a great support. Forgot to confirm the request - the application was already overdue, but we all held promptly after treatment. Super, thanks

The best and fastest exchanger after 2 minutes and the money received thank you very much

Did payback with прива24 on Yandex.Money - everything is super fast and convenient!

Constantly changing WMR to Privat 24. Always normal course and the smart exchange. Recommend!

As always, all quickly and accurately,half a minute and the money on the card! Thank you very much for your work!!! )))

Paid for the request 2 hours ago, the money did not come, although on the website are 3-7 minutes. Support is not responding...

Switcheroo SUPER! Money lightning was credited to the card. Thank you. I will seek another.

As always good service,less than half a minute as the money is already on the map. Thank you very much!!! )))

The first time you try - looking for exchange for reviews. Satisfied. WMR on Privat24 exchange lightning!

I agree. WMR on Privat24 exchange instant. Change is not the first time and everything is always GOOD!

Today, ironically. Changed two times. WMR on Privat24 first, but after a few hours back WMR to Privat24. I want to note: in both directions the instant. Recommend.

The translation was a slight delay, the operators understood and quickly resolved the issue. The money is received. Thank you

Another exchange WMR to Privat24 and as always, service at altitude. Fast and clear exchange.

P24-wmz instantly night!

Once again all GOOD. This is the fastest exchanger. Recommend to all who need urgent exchange.

All easy I duzhe Shvydko. Recommend. I'm happy with.

Instantly super instantly!! WMR to Privat

Great exchanger! Generally made for more than ten exchanges with Yandex to Privat. I have a page loaded longer than come money ;) That's really just in the same split second. Moreover, excellent technical support and terms of application execution! All mega COOL! Recommend!

A quick exchange and no problems, recommend...

All very quickly and without delay.

Many times changed always clearly.Recommend

Super, changed POISON to Privat24 not have to wait)

Well DONE!!! All clearly and quickly!!!

Thank you for another instant. Use constantly. This is the fastest exchanger.

How many times have changed and always instantly! At any time of the day! Have knock on wood not to jinx it :)

Very fast and convenient! Recommend )))

Would recommend.I use quite a while.Exchange from WebMoney to Privat 24 instantly.

In March 2018 carried out the exchange and wrote a review about this switcheroo "I received and immediately paid the order is clicked on the website payment confirmation - after 30 minutes the application is expired! The money card is gone, but wmz not received! Where's my money???". Filed a claim and only a day later got an exchange. Forgot for the switcheroo again today and wanted to do the exchange, BUT it turned out that I was banned on the website, and my review deleted! removes all positive reviews except! This situation is reminiscent of the story of the switcheroo "a Card" when the switcheroo threw people for large sums, and removed the negative reviews!

This exchanger was used for the first time. Immediately pleased with the simple and friendly interface that does not need to enter extra personal information. Exchange WMR to Privat 24 was less than a second. I couldn't believe it so quickly, and went into Privat24. Other websites were also quick translation but not "in the blink of an eye" :) Thank you, I will continue to use!

And another positive review to add. In favor of this exchanger. Another exchange and as always - all GOOD!

One of the best rates and instant exchange WMR to Privat 24. My best recommendations!

I am a regular customer of this exchanger. So far, no problems arose. The rate of exchange at the highest level (with a quick exchange of all). The exchange rate is also loyal. In General, I recommend )))

A quick exchange. PTS pleased. Respect.

I want to leave a positive review. The exchange WMZ to Privat24. Just do not pay attention to what the reserve was UAH less than the exchange amount. Therefore, the money in the account is not received immediately, contact the service support my situation was resolved in my favor. The exchange went as expected, so I recommend as an honest exchanger. I will use again.

The optimal ratio of price and quality. The exchange rate is quite favorable. The rate of exchange of lightning. I recommend this exchanger.

Less than 2 minutes from start of registration to appear on your account in Privat24. Great!

Promptly traded to Privat24 QIWI, thanks for speed and good course!

WMR to Privat 24 instant. Recommend.

Great team work

Didn't expect that on Sunday, so quickly exchange the money. Thank you very much!

Careful and meticulous work

Translated from kiwi R on Ukr. map UAH. It is within 15 minutes, everything is OK :)

This time, I ALREADY feared. Exchange WMR to Privat 24 was carried out for 1 minute, and it usually takes no more than 10 seconds. In General, the operation of the service pleased, I recommend to all :)

The best service and currency exchange. All the time translate with Yandex.Money on Privat24. Everything is clear and without delay. And bonuses drop for transfers. Well, what more do You want ? Everything is just mega cool, thank You for the speed and convenience of work .

Had an exchange of hryvnia for rubles mastercard qiwi. The site indicated that the exchange occurs within 30 minutes. The translation is done after 8 hours. The support is awful, as online chat, no phone no, you can only write letters which nobody answers. We strongly recommend this service.

Changed first time here on WMZ Privat24. Came a hitch (you need to add WMID exchanger in correspondents), the support decided for a couple of minutes. Recommend.

From wmz to Yandex moment, i.e. immediately!

Accurately and quickly

Use of more than 2 years Always transferred quickly , satisfied

As usual. All GOOD! I recommend this exchanger.

The smart exchanger!

From WMZ to Privat 24 instantly, would recommend

Instant exchange best rates. What more could you want. Use for almost a year. I recommend to all.

After a site upgrade everything works as before. Quickly, it is advantageous, in General, everything is fine.

Happy New Year! Let this exchanger in the new 2019 works just as well as in 2018. I Express my gratitude and wish you all the best!

Did exchange Privat 24 on WMR, the APPLICATION ID 496410 "creation Time: 22.04.2019, 00:54", transferred the money, confirmed the payment, after waiting more than 30 minutes, wrote that "Application has been removed". Was hoping for a quick exchange, but there is.

I take a long time and repeatedly.Always a quick exchange.Today wmr to Privat 24 without problems.Recommend

On an exchange wmR to Privat gone 1 min regular Rate. Like that exchange from 200p - received the money and immediately withdrew.

Application expired 498448. Don't understand what the problem is, all paid for and the money is not prishli.

Were exchanging webmoney wmr to Privat24 UAH, funds on the card came instantly. The service is great!

Quickly Thank Efficiently

Exchange Webmoney Privat24 are processed instantly. Respect and Uvazhuha!!!

Warning! Use for three years. If there were problems, support. Recommend!

It's been 11 and a half hours after the payment my application. From the exchanger the application is not paid for and removed. 11 hours on payment of the application is a bust. Pay your order or return the money.

As usual: - fast, - at a favorable rate. Recommend...

Service is friendly and fast. The money is transferred instantly. Thank you!

Changed WMZ to Privat. All quickly and clearly. Thank you.

The application is not processed. An hour had passed.

As always: quickly, accurately and at a favorable rate.

The exchanger I use is not the first time. For me everything is clear and easy to understand. Exchange and transfers are fast. Everyone is happy. Thank you!

Translated from the PB on the kiwi . Less than 2 minutes and the money came ))) I Recommend !

For many years cooperate with them. Exchange for the direction WMZ - Private 24, less than a minute. Thank you!

Well done! One of the few who exchange Privat24->POISON really is in automatic mode. All the rest have to manually translate the map, indicating the application number and so on. It is unclear why the administration of the service Bestchange turns a blind eye. Application 485195. Thank you!

Taut not accuwave, ale zrobiv bid on Saturday after 18год. ale perekaz zrobili here push stroke 30хв. Thank you...

Good service. Fast and reliable. Less than 5 minutes as my money of his cards which I translated appealed to the money in the account to my Qiwi wallet. Important please read all, do all the instructions and everything will be Okie) Thanks!

Translated from Privat24 QIWI instantly, a small Commission. Merry Christmas!

Thank you for the translation. Traded hryvnia into rubles via Privat24, Was credited almost immediately(within minutes).

Wmz on Privat24 with less than a minute, well done

About a minute the money came from WMR to Privat. Pretty simple circuit - no redundant data in the form of numbers of your passport or phone is not collected. Simple and clear. Course average, the difference in the penny.

As obychno... instant exchange without any problems. Recommend.

Wmr pb24 changed within 10 seconds. Course normal. Extra data about the client not require. Attitude friendly

WMR Privat24 exchange for 45C. Efficient exchanger

A minute traded with Privat24 to WebMoney

I use this exchanger for more than a year. It's always best rates, and most importantly, the exchanges are very fast.

For 1 minute, transferred the money from the purse WMR to Privat24. Normal rate as of today. You can use

As usual! Everything is fine!!! I recommend this exchanger :)

Well done!!! Everything is fine!!!

Good day!Thank you for vdni service.Perekaz s Privat24 VSW Bulo wykonano for lcen guilini.Raju all kristobalis....

Translated from Privat24 on WebMoney RUB had a deal in less than a minute. Not require you to enter the cvv code of the card like on some sites. Recommend!

Regularly use this exchanger. Exchange money Privat WebMoney. Fast and reliable. Recommend.

Application 500134 the Application is removed. The exchange is not performed. Requests by mail are not responding.

Another lightning-fast exchange! Thank you!!!