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The service is designed for those who want to quickly, safely and at a favorable rate to exchange these types of electronic currencies: Webmoney, Yandex. Money. Service compulsory registration and passing identity verification!

WMBlr Club

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June 17, 2019 01:44
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Current exchange rates

Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1QIWI Russian Ruble ₽0.96000000₽8
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney US Dollar $0.01552072$0
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1.00000000₽3,308
QIWI Russian Ruble ₽1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1.00000000₽5,565
QIWI Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney US Dollar $0.01514234$0
QIWI Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1.00000000₽3,269

Reviews WMBlr Club

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange WMBlr Club

Changed Exmo USD BYN, everything was fast, thank you.

In a matter of minutes with Yandex Money to WMR and the best current exchange rate. Keep it up!

On YAnd it for a few moments, satisfied,I will use the service. Application ID 23766

Dubious office. Made a translation from Kiwi to BMP. Already more than 24 hours there is no money in the wallet. Wrote them in the chat, was told expect. Terrible service! I do not recommend!

Wish now that I had not gone and looked, reviews. In General, the story is as follows. Yesterday translated Kiwi on Yandex. Well, that translation was a small - 661.13 rubles. It turns out that if you have an anonymous account Yandex. Money even to payments you can't afford. It's my fault, I confess. I didn't know that. Money is stuck for a month (during this time I have to go through the verification or the money will go back to the sender), but Yandex gives a possibility to cancel a transfer that I did yesterday. After you have written the guys from WMBlrClub'and to back Kiwi. The answer came: "sorry, but difficulties with the verification of purses is not grounds for cancellation and refund. on our side, all the conditions were fulfilled. Please don't make us refunds and your questions to solve in a private order". The money they sent back to Yandex. Well, the funny) Today wrote to them in chat, they say what the problem is, for a minute, I cancel the transfer, and you tell me Kiwi, is just. Followed by the same answer that came before. I'm in shock) and Then they added that they have no more Kiwi, say it's not a problem, let's any other wallet. Further advised to do the verification, they say this is how so, because I'm from Ukraine, and the response was great) "let's get a scan of the passport of the Russian Federation and make it "personal"". Excellent) the Other answer I did not expect... from fraud. Well, at the end of our dialogue, they added that the operator has no access to Finance, and if there was, nobody did anything. On the grounds that "such policies, if the application is made, it means done!!!". In that case, based on the rules, I still have to GET the money! The application is completed, but the money I got ale! You are there in your mind. They are not in my bag. They pending and will never appear in my bag, if I don't pass the verification. Your advice about verification, alas, will not be using. Thank you. In short, to compromise they don't want and my last text in the chat they did not reply. I really don't see any problem here, this really is the work of moments, but somehow rebyatki from umberlla don't want to support me. Unfortunately.

Work is totally inadequate. They have a day a couple of clients at best. Due date for application: 15 minutes - 3 hours.Inform the operator that the time is up, and he sends me 3 funny. Avoid these hacks.

Have been working with the guys Everything is fine no comments Recommend

Regularly exchanged of EPS for Card - everything is fine. The exchange took 30 seconds. Excellent exchanger, cool the support, which will go to the meeting!

Confirm the below opponent, Changed Vebmani on the idea of the Bank came amount half less.

A negative review! This website exchanger is fraudulent and brazenly stealing money. When you call the helpline, they just rudely sent and block. My situation was the exchange of maps on the card, check for one amount is listed and came to a completely different amount. While the Bank no Commission is not taken. With the issue I contacted the technical support of the site exchanger - so they just sent in the open and blocked access to them. All - around doing this for the exchanger in order not to lose your money!

All went well

Warning! Recommend!

Very much saved. In the process there was a small problem, but quickly fixed. I will use again!

Came through SSIS, it's pretty quick

Kiwi air was really quick (1 minute!)

Good exchanger

Very good service, best rate. Success and development!

My card was in emergency, her where to put that, I could withdraw money, Thank you! Pays, profitable!!!

Changed $PM for cash. A minute later after receiving a letter about the payment was successful my application received a letter with a code to withdraw cash. I'm happy with.

Immediately changed 1500 qiwi to Yandex. the Commission receives 10 rubles.

After waiting 40 minutes and removal of my application still paid!

Require SMS to confirm the transfer, but it can't send. Senseless and merciless Belarusian business.

Traded several times. like no problems. sharing with a kiwi on Yandex. I am satisfied with the result)

Changed with kiwi for cash , took all of half an hour .Thank you.

Negative feedback. Exchanger Abasto, caliper hamley, instead of what would solve the problems(which they have constantly) constantly complains about her hard life. The Commission inadequately inflated, service and support at zero. In General, on a ten point scale - with a minus 2.

Excellent service, speed process exchanges within 1 minute!

Good evening,make a request on this exchange,I sit waiting for the transfer is 2 hours to my emails no answer,before taken out for 15 minutes now all died.I hope the situation will be resolved in good favor.

Quickly exchanged the Kiwi AdvCash. Thank you!

The direction of kiwi - advices the Exchange went quickly. Although a few moments for the machine to check the payment, but in the end all came

Super service! Thank you!!!

Service gun,in 2 minutes with the cue ball on the money on the card work. for a long time and will work best service)

The translation POISON on my wife's phone less than 2 minutes. She's not even registered in the system. Of course - love it!

Normas switcheroo quickly and in minimal delight

As always you instantly! Always happy to work with you.

Warning! Don't know why he's trying to belittle? The exchange took less than 3 minutes. And in automatic mode. Those who are not satisfied with the exchanger, I recommend to just carefully read everything written on the website. What is not clear, you can ask in the support. And with inadequate always communicate in their own language. Thank you for your attention.

Unhappy. Rude communication from tech support. Introduced to the site a separate count of "purchase Belarusbank byn" however, accept only visa/Mastercard. BelCard does not accept the above However, the site already has this graph. The result can't perform the surgery because of the recurrence and the correctness of the service

Before that everything was normal.BUT get blocked the card in the stop list.I was there many times something was introduced,although the request is sent once, and immediately an error.Support sent me to sleep.....Bototm when I wrote them a bad review they don't publish it and get blocked my ip!!!It's everything you need to know about this service.

Good service, almost the only money transfer to Belarus. This is a force majeure. Wrote in chat so soon transferred his wife's money, all done quickly, of course, pointed to the terms which are stated on the website - what would I be remembered about them. Use not the first time. In a private office already, and discount is a trifle - but let it be. Thank you to the admins of the site for the work.

Application ID 26932 - when will it be processed? Money sent, status "paid" - then no greeting, no answer

Just class! Second and the money came. You are the best!

Everything went quickly, the Commission took a little from 700 RUB - 7 RUB.

Transferred from the Bank card to WMR received within 5 minutes

The transaction took place within a few minutes.Great.

Exchange almost instantly. A good rate, and minimum salary of the smallest, for small amounts the most.Thank you.

Once again I made the exchange, RM. Quickly and without problems. Thank you.(Application No. 29465)

Wanted to exchange them VMZ-visa Belarus,after reading the reviews,canceled the request,so I blocked the support,replacing the the VPN,ask support why blocked said if you kill you know,please give a clear answer

Exchanger SUPER. The transaction was very fast.

Completely inadequate support. When I asked him to hold the exchange began to tell us why you write all the time to make the exchange. Saport just deleted my application and got the money back and not all. And 1990 instead of 2000 rubles.

Everything is super fast. Special thanks to sport for assistance in solving problem)