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Change: Qiwi, Privat24, Sberbank, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Ethereum

V-Obmen is designed for customers who would like to quickly, safely and at a favorable rate to exchange such of the following types of electronic currencies: Qiwi, Privat24, Sberbank, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Ethereum



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July 22, 2018 12:06
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Current exchange rates

Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.01555188$1,819
Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Litecoin Ł0.00018064Ł0
Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Ethereum Ξ0.00003425Ξ2
Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Bitcoin ₿0.00000211₿0
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1QIWI Russian Ruble ₽63.05690000₽20,073
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽60.77930000₽955,393
Ethereum Ξ1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴11,377.43470000₴44,223
Ethereum Ξ1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽28,004.74698000₽955,393
Ethereum Ξ1QIWI Russian Ruble ₽28,350.15267100₽20,073
Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.37737273₴44,223
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽2.35820000₽955,393
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴24.75010000₴44,223
QIWI Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.37408350₴44,223
Litecoin Ł1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1,658.33070000₴44,223
Litecoin Ł1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽5,048.17678400₽955,393
Bitcoin ₿1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽457,179.75540000₽955,393
Bitcoin ₿1QIWI Russian Ruble ₽459,863.01771000₽20,073
Bitcoin ₿1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴187,996.74025500₴44,223

Reviews VV-Obmen

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange VV-Obmen

Everything is very clear and quickly! Instantly exchanged the Savings on everki. :)

All super, thank you!

Work quickly!

Thank you very much! Use only You! Very fast! 20 minutes and your balance is credited!

Price among 3 least. Quick and efficient work - from the decision to apply to enroll eth for my wallet 18 min. well Done!

Changed today BTC=>RUB. Quickly clearly. No questions asked.

Buying bitcoins with Sberbank - 20 minutes passed... no bitcoin in the wallet

When exchanging accidentally entered the wrong card number, wrote in support, decided in 5 minutes, recommend to the exchanger!

The minimum overpayment. Exchanged in 5 minutes. The best exchanger I have met on this site

Bitcoins were transferred to Sberbank, the wait took about 10 minutes. Ran into a statement that there is no translation, sorry) Checked in will use.

Bought BTC with card of Sberbank. It quickly and clearly.

Excellent service, reasonable prices, quick support.

Excellent service, quickly confirmed Most importantly, a minimum threshold 5K in the exchange Sberbank to BTC( 10K in the other)

Excellent service

Great , quick service ! I will say even more , the staff responsive ,always meets customers: today, we have not entered the correct card details for payment . Only noticed it a couple of hours later , staff noticed that the card holder does not match the data of the applicant and not woven money . Then after I provided correct data , the money Arrived within 2 minutes !!

Everything is fine. Prompt and professional support.

Translated for the first time. Screwed up with a comment. The operator quickly answered. Everything went smoothly. Thank you. 10/10

The third time I was in this exchanger, the third time it quickly and clearly, thank you.

Everything is fine and fast.

Changed the air on the Sberbank RUB - the whole operation took 10 minutes and the money was from me. Fairly quickly.

Great exchanger. It quickly

Changed 2 ETH to the map SB, the exchange took place no more than 10 min.

As always excellent and fast !

The application was performed quickly and efficiently!

Respect, fast and convenient!!

Thank You for your efficient work, excellent service.

Changed chops on the BEAC. Instantly. The operator answers all questions. Recommend.

Excellent service 5+

Quickly and without problems. operator. respect .

All super )

Thank you for your service is a-OK !

The application was developed in 2 minutes, BTC came within 25 minutes. A great time :)

A good exchanger. verification do not require as others, quickly bought bitcoins for Sberbank

Very fast did not have time to finish.

The exchange took just 2 minutes! Thank you!

Excellent service changed ETX-Sberbank, all quickly and without problems

Bought BTC for rubles from Sberbank, the application worked quickly, within 4 minutes.

Super long time use. Very satisfied!

Great job! Treated with understanding, quick set, thank you very much!!!

Trust this exchanger, in the last few months often turn here. Promptly and quickly. P. S. although the amount is not large. Recommend