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Automatic currency exchange + protection user during the transaction. Thailand, Russia, Ukraine. Mon-Sun: 07:00 - 22:30 Bangkok Mon-Sun: 03:00 - 18:30 Moscow, Mon-Sun: 03:00 - 18:30 CEST.

The complete lack of fees for the publication and processing of applications. Deposit/withdrawal/exchange Webmoney, QIWI and Yandex Money on favorable terms. Fast and reliable exchange of rubles for dollars, hryvnia and back. The service provides protection for all transactions and guarantee full refund in case of impossibility of their performance. Working with the Webmoney since 2005 (over 11 years), formal registration (No. 110951), merchant passport Webmoney BL>1100, is community exchange points oWebmoney (ID 708).


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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange VIPChanger

Changed on the machine kiwi-VMR decent amount!

Very fast exchange Sberbank to WMR, and a good rate! Thank you!

Everything went smoothly. Thank you.

Very satisfied with the cooperation! Very quickly and technical support on top. Definitely recommend!

You are using the service from last year. Everything works just amazingly well and quickly. Direction of use RUB -> THB. Counterparts this service yet, and don't need to be honest (the rate is acceptable, process automation). On the positive side: - the Real thing (don't know how you are testing it, and I don't want to know) to pay with a foreign card impossible (even if it asks to make itself the owner of the card). It's very good, because the scammers are forested, and means that revolve in the service - seems to be clean. It gives us confidence. Every day there are Thai baht. Even if you do not have time to do the translation (baht ended), then the next morning the balance is positive. In recent months, every day can be exchanged +/- a few hundred thousand baht. - The process is automated. Previously had the exchange to wait for 10-20 minutes (imagine you just stumbled upon a new service unprecedented in your understanding, and wait in advance that somewhere lies the deception... it takes 20 minutes and there is no money... easy to panic, but after a minute the money in the account), now all automated. 2 minutes on average. - The course changes almost in real time. Analyzing market data and using the experience - you can wait for the time when the course would be most beneficial. The service is not trying to cash in on us - just doing her job, and takes a well-deserved commissions (which are on the market practically the best, given the speed and ease of execution of the transfer). - Support Email etc. always Respond to different questions, not ignored. It is felt that people are working and know their job. Well done. There are a lot of pluses, but they are subjective and describe I will not. Negative sides: - the website Design is clearly outdated. I think it is time to update it, to make more sophisticated and user-friendly, especially in terms of adaptive layout. - Removed information with the limits of translation. Here I apologize in advance, I may be wrong, but I used to like was some of advice on transfers to Thai banks, which was listed whether restrictions, or tips. Now could not find. Correct me if I'm wrong. - The origin of THB. A little weird to constantly translate the N-th sum of money at stake in a Thai Bank when you do not even know who you transfer it. In the history of income not specified any data. I would like to believe that all these Thai baht net (in terms of the attention of law enforcement agencies, etc.). It seems to be more disadvantages no. Sure, let these issues, customers would be 10 times more. Many people are simply afraid, after reading different stories on the Internet. My experience: - more than 20 translations Total translations: - more than 800 000 RUB, I could be wrong. So. I would recommend to use this service? - Yes, of course. Thank you so much for this product (if you can call it that), and let God or Buddha your team's health, and again health. Thank you!!!

Traded successfully. The course is nice, the regulation is sustained.

As always, best rate and quickly. Thank you!

Everything went quickly and without problems. Will use.

Was obmanyval WMZ to Sberbank. Choosing a service rating, feedback and experience. The service I have inspired confidence. Wanted of course to change in another, where changed earlier, but it was not safe for unprotected connections. Support the telegram is working fine. The only negative we must wait a little longer, than the competition in other services quickly of course, but I think when it comes to large amounts, then you should not hurry. And did not like that course, such as shelter, on the course website one, and in the other exchanger. Overall exchange happy, I'll still go.

Great job. Very fast and convenient. + buns, which is nice

The second time I was. The normal flight.

The successful exchange of WMZ-Sberbank. Fast service. Thank you.

Operation Sberbank online to WMR was successful! Thank you very much.

Had to make an exchange with a MasterCard are on kiwi. Created an application, in the application made a mistake specifying where the map will make the exchange. Not have noticed, but noticed only after a paid application. Wrote immediately to review the application. Well I think anything terrible will not be, I paid for the application indicated where paid. Liked the exchanger by the fact that after the transfer you need to send them a receipt, that itself confirms that the transfer was effected. Imagine cancelled my application after some time. About the money as the question is unclear. It would seem that I myself pointed out the error, sent them a check for payment immediately, but no. Why?! How?!

Exchange wmr to POISON it took only 12 seconds. I'm slightly wigged out....!

A quick exchange Sberbank to WMR! Thank you!

Hello! I have a question. Do not prompt, look at the exchanger works 4 years and 4 months, and just 80, how so? :-)

Changed today for the first time, exchange WMR to Sberbank held for a minute, and a good rate. Thank you!

Payment came in 5 min. Great Service

10000 tpd on kiwi exchanged. Did exchange later in the night came within a few hours. You can use it.

Everything is fine! Recommend!

Another exchanger with the "fun" - take a picture with a map on the background screen, send an email, wait for 10 minutes for confirmation. Did. Sent. Wait. New rake "At the moment the reserve currency is not enough to convert. You can create an application as soon as the reserve will be available" While here in bestchange shows that there is. So much time spent. Sorry.

6900 transferred to the savings Bank with a Private Bank. The surgery was successful for about 30 minutes. The statement in my question was answered promptly within minutes 2. I Read the reviews, there are negative but I understand it is a Scam. Not on those shows ran. I will continue to work on. Thank you

Don't know how to Express my gratitude to this service! Loyalty to customers is off the charts! All very quickly and professionally!! My best recommendations!!!

Wanted to exchange Privat24 USD to Sberbank. We had 1500 rubles. Started sharing, and the minimum amount of exchange 2000uah. Do the filtering on the website that would be seen who really can be exchanged and get the right amount

Damn.And then the money do not change!Ay!

From this exchange I began to create a black list of exchangers. First got there vipchanger. WMZ was sent - when it comes rubles for the map is unknown. On the website to ask there is nobody. Next time I will change ONLY in the automatic exchange. Here are some of the last century....

The specified parameters do not match, the WebMoney WMID is how well others have no such error.

Carried out the exchange for this service APPLICATION №201803-4 (01.03.2018 04:19:19) the exchange was written from 5 minutes to 2hrs in manual mode, in reality, all my responsibilities were met in full, but the exchange did not bother to fulfill their obligations

Great service! Asked for exchange, it was a tricky situation for which the exchanger even had to change their rules of sharing. Very glad I went to the meeting and did everything possible to help. Thank you very much! I'll still use if necessary.

WARNING! Change WMR to Alfa-Bank. In automatic mode the application does not pass. Contacted tech support by phone - all decided in 5 minutes.

I wonder what banned my IP address ? Created a proposal for the exchange with the credit cards Visa/MC, looked which way to take, convinced that without a fee. But wanting to continue the exchange after about 20 minutes, was surprised by the ban. What is the reason, we can expect the removal of the ban?

Extremely dissatisfied with the service, not only that everything is frozen for a day, in the end, cancelled my surgery and removed their Commission 150 rubles for the return of money. Definitely this service will no longer be used!

Was sent to Yandex to Privat. Everything came in a few seconds. Thank you!

Instant POISON on WMZ.

Warning! Made a mistake, wrote to the operator, all fixed, and eventually got the money in due time. Thanks guys, I plan to use your services again.

Exchange WMR to POISON - 1 second! Fully automatic, the exchanger was pleased.