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The service implements the Webmoney and Yandex.Money in a Bank account or card Sberbank Bank, Russian Standard, Visa\MasterCard operate in fully automatic mode, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can withdraw Webmoney and Yandex.Money in a Bank account or card at any time convenient for you. Profitable exchange of electronic money Webmoney. Minimum exchange rates Webmoney is better than other online services. Additional discounts for each transaction on the exchange or the conclusion. Bonus program for regular customers. Security in the exchange and the output. Security confirmed the high rating of the WM-TOP. The best rate for a purchase of Virtual Visa Card RUB/USD/EUR


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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange UkrWM

Good exchanger!!!No questions!All clear!In manual mode changed VMZ on the hryvnia on the map for 10 minutes.

Used the exchanger 3 times. Two times it was credited within 5 minutes.The third time the money was removed,and the card is not transferred.Operators are offline. No one is responsible.Ignore full.

Money on the website displays only in the day, and only from 9:00-18:00, although the site is kind of like automatic withdrawals. Never use this resource, although changing money every week times 2. Very disappointed.

You the site says: "> Automatic exchange> Instant transfer> Reliability and speed". When created in an application, the system I wrote: "Your application will be processed In manual mode" How to understand it, you are working today or not?

Well handled WMZ to Privat. Thank you!

Everything was done quickly. Personally, I'm happy.


July 6 periel money transfer VMZ - visa / master card PrivatBank. Already it's been 9 days, not respond to messages, the money does not come

Robin perekaz z WMZ account in UkrSibbank. The application of Bula wykonana push stroke 3 minute. Thank you

bought 7k WMZ for Privat24 UAH. Everything went quickly and without problems

Fast, convenient. Thank you.

Great exchanger. Did the withdrawal of WMZ to Privat USD was credited in 3 days in dollars. Thanks to the guys for the job.

Metabolism z WMZ to Privat24 proykov mitto!

To drive this arrogant and bridleway exchanger with incorrect calculatora and its 3%-mi!

The site States: "Applications for exchange are accepted 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the card of PrivatBank is carried out automatically. "Lies. The output on the card of PrivatBank is NOT automatic. You have made the payment application number: 184566 (Webmoney WMZ to VISA/MC USD) Application will be processed according to the regulations of the service. The recipient's card Visa Gold issued by PrivatBank.

Regular customer,all works as a watch...respect You....

A good service manual exchange via the form works smoothly! I like

Agree with the previous speakers. Wanted to withdraw at the weekend. I looked at the website, is - and a warning about the mode of operation during the holidays and available reserves. Was the correct amount,changed without problems. You have to be careful, not stupid buttons to poke... and thank you!

Fund your WMZ-purse. No complaints, will work!

Agree with Alexander, so why substitute? Conclusion to Privat24 supposedly automatic, and an application has issued a "manual mode". And really when I see the money?

Garni rate of p24 uah WMR, ale vimagati a scan of the passport of low sumac, although in the rules je tak "When you enter or withdraw webmoney from 2000 e if you have a low personal certificate you are required to provide the exchange a copy of your passport".

Warning! All quickly and accurately!

TERRIBLE SERVICE! Unjustified reasons refused service, putting "Our service doesn't serve customers from the area ATO". Today I was denied, tomorrow others won't transfer the appropriate amount. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

The guys in the support quickly helped with attaching the card to the VM. The withdrawal was carried out quickly. within 15 minutes the funds were on the card. Thank you for your assistance.

Did 2 requests to withdraw WMZ to the card Privat Bank. UAH on the card came within 5 minutes. For the buck card private gone for 4 working days. Everyone is happy. Thank you so much.

The service is really semi-automatic - the payment is verified manually by the administrator. Confirmation - the application page: "Payment will be checked by the administrator of the service in the near future." But the money came relatively quickly - about 5 minutes (WMZ to Privat24)

Lousy service. We strongly recommend to use them. Horrible Commission, is often buggy. Works, in my opinion - in the manual mode. Although the Creator States otherwise.

The minimum Commission is 3 from.e. is something fierce. Happened to notice several exchangers use - this is only you have met. Hapok work? Huh guys? ;)

made exchange on Saturday afternoon, about 14, according to the regulations of the work site during the weekend payments are processed twice a day. Already Sunday, the money is still there. I'm such a service does not like. Other sites in exchange for 10-30 minutes on the weekend and not when claims were not.

The site says that the conclusion is automatic, and in fact in the manual! Very angry. Will never use this service, and will sabotage their friends too not to use it. + Additional Commission of the ate - 3 bucks!

I have the same situation. not operate. Prompt reliable method, pozhalusta.

I don't know what happened, but the site is not working and there is no way to know what's going on. No feedback, although I have been using the services of this site and there were no complaints. I have no idea how it is now possible to withdraw money from my purse.((((

I just really wonder why to use this website if it warns in advance that there will be 2 of the Commission. One fee 30 UAH. and the other any interest. What if there is a bunch of sites without a fee (that is the minimum Commission I mean, let's say 1-2 HR).

It was a good site. Used it for almost 10 years. Very sorry that closed. How I managed to learn from their service support, they decided to go out of business. Now moved to the Switcheroo.

Withdrawal of WMZ to Privat worked great! thank you)