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Automatic exchange Webmoney: WMZ, WMR, WMU, WME; Yandex.Money. Snapshot I/o to the card of PrivatBank. The best exchange rates. High quality and speed of service. Affiliate program. Discounts for regular customers. Working around the clock. Online customer support: mon - Fri, from 9:00 to 19:00.

Automatic exchange Webmoney: WMZ, WMR, WMU, WME; Yandex.Money. Input/output on the card of PrivatBank. There are discounts for regular customers. When transfer to manual mode from the account Privat24 (without the Bank fee 2%), the application is executed in a period from several minutes to several hours depending on the total update statement Privat24. In manual exchange instructions must be followed when making a request.


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Thanks. 5 minutes and you're done.

See a lot of negative reviews about the fact that the money is not getting through. I made a request for an exchange, and only after I read these reviews. I thought that it was and I got. But after checking the card account, I saw that the money is already there. All this took me a maximum of 2 minutes. So I can recommend this exchanger to all)))

Superromance - really corresponds to the name. Once again , four exchange direction Privat - WMZ (without a fee of 2%) in seconds. Respect to the team service!

The application of venom on the savings as early as the hour with a status of not paid, even though paid immediately.

Designed the transfer from WMZ to Sberbank. All clearly, without delay, recommend!

Changed tpd UAH to Privat, very fast - I recommend, the course is good. Thank you!

That's too bad

Performed exchange WMR-BEAC. Instant enrollment in the best rate!

Deduced 30K on the card very fast - 2 minutes!

SUPERб Very fast!

Really fast two seconds traded 1000 UAH for 40wmz, thank you very much...

Did translation 16.05 Privat -> Kiwi. Bank account cancelled, but recipient is not dollie and I never returned. It took 2 days! Support is silent. Application No. 1061051522.

Today I was at VSW PRIVAT24 and about 2 hours the operation took, the receipt sent

Today I was on WMZ Privat24 quickly and efficiently

Change WMZ on Privat24 today in manual mode, without a fee 2% - clearly the money came in 40 seconds.

Today changed to WMZ Privat24 quickly and easily

Did the translation on this website wmz > прива24, the money did not come all. It is 22715,81 UAH 10,000 and 2715грн, and 10,000 UAH no ! Support silence! Application No. 1060577922

A good website to begin with !

Exchange per minute is cool =) always be so.

Great service, clear website

Put on conclusion 21K for a few minutes, the application is assigned the status "done", I thought at first that it very quickly, but the Visa card never came. An hour passed, support is silent.

Application 1061345722, a receipt is loaded, the money does not come

Did exchange with Privat UAH to QIWI, the money is deducted instantly, and the kiwi is not coming

Did the withdraw wmz to the card Privat Bank application No. 1060732122 on the side of the exchanger wmz error was blamed , the money on the card and love it! Indicated in the application that will process the application in manual mode for 5-60 minutes. It's been 2 hours!!! Three times wrote to support no answer! As a result, I lost a client!

Great and fast exchanger. Often change small pouch Privat24-WMR. The course is not the cheapest, but the exchange instantly. Delay never was

15/03 transferred through the exchanger vmz. Application No. 1060620922 closed. The money is not credited to the wallet and never returned. I am writing in support no answer.

Bid to exchange WMZ to Privat24 paid 27.02. 02.03 already, and the money is still there. Support is not responding.

The money did not come all, instead it's 17 066 7 066. Why is the status of the application to complete if it is not done? And why is it written that the service is running in automatic mode if it isn't? I need money urgently. Application No. 1060393322

Made exchange on this site, but did not come all the, money came half of the money... [WebMoney WMR] 44 642.85 WMR -> [Privat24_UAH] 21 861.69 UAH; Instead 21861грн it is 10 000 and 1861грн, and another 10 000 UAH no. Support silence!

Once again enjoy the exchanger. Really superromance ! Direction Privat-WMZ in manual mode (without Commission 2%) less than a minute.