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Of course, cryptocurrency, there are many advantages even compared to the usual Internet money:- a limit on the maximum number of coins; — the absence of the main control center; — the inability to cancel the transaction or "catch" it; — anonymity of all users.

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June 17, 2019 01:43
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Current exchange rates

Ethereum Ξ1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽15,981.90000000₽363,105
Ethereum Ξ1Contact Russian Ruble ₽15,814.90000000₽339,283
Ethereum Ξ1RNKB Russian Ruble ₽15,764.80000000₽408,923
Ethereum Ξ1Avangard Russian Ruble ₽15,814.90000000₽345,827
Ethereum Ξ1Tinkoff Bank Russian Ruble ₽15,981.90000000₽430,639
Ethereum Ξ1Visa/Mastercard Russian Ruble ₽16,148.90000000₽300,814
Litecoin Ł1Avangard Russian Ruble ₽8,143.01144000₽345,827
Litecoin Ł1Tinkoff Bank Russian Ruble ₽8,058.80243000₽430,639
Litecoin Ł1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽8,227.22045000₽363,105
Litecoin Ł1Visa/Mastercard Russian Ruble ₽8,227.22045000₽300,814
Litecoin Ł1RNKB Russian Ruble ₽8,143.01144000₽408,923
Litecoin Ł1Contact Russian Ruble ₽8,143.01144000₽339,283
Bitcoin ₿1Avangard Russian Ruble ₽538,791.00000000₽345,827
Bitcoin ₿1Tinkoff Bank Russian Ruble ₽547,236.00000000₽430,639
Bitcoin ₿1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽554,555.00000000₽363,105
Bitcoin ₿1RNKB Russian Ruble ₽554,555.00000000₽408,923
Bitcoin ₿1Visa/Mastercard Russian Ruble ₽555,681.00000000₽300,814
Bitcoin ₿1Contact Russian Ruble ₽530,346.00000000₽339,283
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Litecoin Ł0.00010806Ł65
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Bitcoin ₿0.00000169₿11
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Ethereum Ξ0.00005605Ξ37


Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange

07.0818 g was exchanged . Bitcoins on the account is not received!

Complied with the exchange. In the chat the answer is no, exchange is also not visible!

Traded this morning the application is approved, the money took off. But you never came. Application id48267.

Thanks for the quick exchanges. Applications stamp a lot, You rock !!!

To Bitcoin QIWI for 4 minutes. Thanks for fast exchange.

I decided to use this exchanger. In other exchangers waiting for 30-40 minutes until the receipt of funds, and then the 2nd hour is coming, in this case the application is made. Wrote a message to the site administration, they do not respond at all. Ignore solid. While disappointed.

Exchanging bitcoin to RUB, still no money, and it's been 6 months

Kiwi - bitcoin immediately. Great service. Respect.

Dear!! I did my job!! Translated 4250 bitcoin is not so far!! Understand

Thanks for the quick exchange. The card Sberbank, the money came in five minutes.

Dear I have credited you 4000R ID 4865!! you got the RUB and I'm still waiting for Bits!! please get!!!

Everything is exactly 20 minutes and the chops on the spot))))is not the first time here will come back))

Bought 6800 and the money didn't come, promised in 20 minotrol 2 hours, how can I solve the problem?

Thank you. Really requests a snapshot. Did 4 orders with different what is POISON. really for 2 - 3 minutes, all applications are ready. Gorgeous.

Shustrenko exchanger. Long time to change here. Pleased with the speed of execution of applications.

Threw on 4 Casar, everywhere molchek. Rate best Yes, but if you want to remain without money to throw?

Wanted to quickly buy a cue, but the transaction hangs for an hour, you should at least a few Satoshi more, the Commission has exhibited in the translation that the customers were satisfied....wanted a quick deal to make and came out awesome...

Everything is fine! Made a mistake with the amount in the application since the first time. All decided in two minutes. I recommend You and myself will use the services of the exchanger.

Everything came very quickly. A pleasure to deal with great people. I will only use this exchanger. Thank you for understanding and smart work.

The most luxurious exchanger. Coins come instantly. Thank you to the team. I recommend friends !!!

Instant exchange. Very happy with the exchanger, change not often, but today I had to buy bitcoin three times. All my orders were processed fast. Thank you!

All very quickly! Well done! I even doubt that it has been declared 5 minutes to do the exchange! Change a second time and it looks like I will change all the time! Keep it up! Basically change the POISON for bitcoin.

As always, the exchanger on top!!! Money on the card come in 5-10 min. Thanks !!!

Exchange made despite the error and it is not clear why the arisen! Thank you still the operator communicated that would not be nervous would be best )

Thank you. Without further gamarnyka, everything is simple and clear. bitcoin at MCB = 5 min.

Super fast !!! Bought bitcoin for KIWI fruit, application processing two minutes !!!

Bitcoin to card Tinkoff. 5 min. and the money on the card!! Faster just does not happen. Thank you, just needed the money quickly, You don't even know how You helped me. Thank you.

Of receipt by the exchanger more than 50,000 rubles. a week has passed! THE MONEY NEVER RETURNED!!! Beware you will lose your money in this service :(

Your web developer should be hanged)) Tried to change wex usd to Sberbank, in field "from account" POPs up when you hover hint "Email" But there it is necessary to introduce wex code.. I was Afraid this website is)))

50 minutes, 0 confirmations. saving on Commission?