Currency Exchange Point Real Exchange service automatic and manual exchange of electronic currencies. Our exchange makes exchanges from 11 September 2015 to this e-currency: Privat24, QIWI, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, WebMoney. And input-output webmoney hryvnia, rubles, dollars on card/account in PrivatBank and any Bank in Russia (AlfaBank, VTB 24, TCS, Sberbank, etc). Mode of operation technical support: Mon. — Fri. from 10:00 to 23:00 GMT., SB. — Sun. free schedule. service automatic and manual exchange of electronic currencies. Our exchange makes exchanges from 11 September 2015 to this e-currency: Privat24, QIWI, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, WebMoney. And input-output webmoney hryvnia, rubles, dollars on card/account in PrivatBank and any Bank in Russia (AlfaBank, VTB 24, TCS, Sberbank, etc). The direction of the exchange in automatic mode: Qiwi RUR Privat24 UAH, Webmoney USD, Privat24 UAH, Webmoney RUB-UAH Privat24, Webmoney UAH-UAH Privat24. Exchange directions in the manual mode: Privat24 UAH to Webmoney USD, Privat24 UAH to Webmoney RUB, Privat24 UAH to Webmoney UAH, Privat24 UAH Qiwi RUB, Privat24 UAH Sberbank Online, Privat24 UAH Alfa-Click RUB, Qiwi RUB, Sberbank Online

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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange Real Exchange

Thank you, everything went fast and without a hitch.

Thanks for the lightning fast online support and a money transfer in 20 seconds

Norms exchanger , instantly transferred the money .. Привет24 VMZ--

Sent money through the exchanger , before them was all cool. Now created the application kiwi on Privat24 paid for it, and they just deleted everything. tech support hangs online no one answers

I liked everything)Consulted,explained to all))Money come fast!Will definitely use the service again!!THANK you

The application ID of the application 45761 Not paid. Chat is empty !

Translated from kiwi(ROS) in the private (uan). Immediate translation. Very convenient. Support always. Thank you.

Me WMZ to Sberbank. at 11:35, now 17:08, the money has not yet come, although the stated 30 min.

Great exchanger. There are a lot of ways for the exchange. The money is gone instantly. Adviser, Alexander conducted an in-depth consultation was conducted through the steps, explaining each action. Although I did everything very slowly, and asked many questions. I checked on the website of the exchanger, and will recommend it to others. Many thanks to the consultant to Alexander !

Works great even without registration! Very quickly changed, and a good course! Thank you )

It's been 6 hours, no money. When will be and whether at all - nobody knows. The first and last time I use this wretched exchanger. Never and do not advise anyone to contact. It is better to change course worse, but save time and nerves.

I do not recommend!!!! Shone the exchange rate Privat24 VMZ - 27.2 (including on bestchange). Yes, low, Yes, I agree. But he was! Issued, paid. The course was 28.1, according to the statement, "this is the best course and the other can not be and could not, and how all this could be...", frost full. Prior to the transfer written to the operator, quick translation completed. Very, very recommended! Extremely dissatisfied!

Warning!!! Fast!!!

Decided to exchange WMZ to Sberbank and was pleasantly surprised. The exchange was night and quickly, just a couple of minutes exchanged $ 160 for a nice course. Thank you very much.

If my referral exchange Qiwi > P24 5000rub how much will I get ?

Approximately 15 minutes there was a translation, thank you very much. Things quickly change.

Quickly, well done

Exchange WMZ to Alfa-Bank without any problems. At first I was afraid to send the full amount, only sent 200WMZ, while rummaging in the other exchange within 5 min. on account of received funds. Then he sent to the exchange 560WMZ in 10 min chunks transferred funds. The whole amount received, the operator was in place. I'm happy with.

Exchange WMZ to Privat24 quickly and without problems

Application ID 47565 Stated run time: 30 min. operator Status: online. It's been more than an hour - no money, no answer to messages. To call - no phone support. Wrote in the chat - no answer. If you have any problems - we can at least inform the customer. Here is the money transferred - and the fact that not all will get them back. Lousy service.

All Gud! I recommend everyone, who need money urgently, you can safely apply about minutes, the money to Privat 24 VSW was down.

The normal flight. Privat24 -> wmz -- success

All is well here for the first time, quickly and on a connection, the operator

Privat - WMZ, as always, quickly and profitably

15th the created and paid for a bid to exchange WMZ to VTB. Today 18E number, the application status is "processing operator", the account is not received. 17th of wrote support(via the form on the website and on email), received no response.

Traded from Privat24 UAH to Qiwi took 10 minutes. Thank you

Bad, very bad, thrown on the money. Ordered exchange WMZ to Alfa. Transferred not the full amount, threw ~15K RUB. Support is bad, respond to emails once a day. The money was needed two days ago I didn't get it.

Many thanks to the exchanger for the course and speed of translation . Special thanks to the operators tupanul with a map ) but a cool operator, all done quickly and the money arrived where it is necessary )

Very quickly did the transfer, the online chat just as quickly answered. All happy, next time I will contact you

Wrote about problems with the loading of the website, in the answer received "That you have clumsy hands". I do not recommend!

Super fast service everything is done thank you

Send money from WMZ to Sberbank. No money and a half! The second time I come across this service sucks. They can NOT count if the money is needed quickly to change.

Change WMZ to Sberbank at 12:51 now 14:46 no money ,although on the website specified information to 30 minutes. Support is not responding

Change wmz on Privat24. The exchange took place in a few minutes, despite the holiday (be sure to look for the status of the operator). Recommend!

All very quickly, as always at a good level. Creation time: 16.02.2018, 19:55 Status: the Application is made

I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!! Made 1.5 hours ago, no money. It is claimed 5-30 minutes! Support is not responding.

Sluggishness exchanger, is misleading: the site operator status - online, actually no one there. No question about the exchange in 5-30 minutes! Strongly recommended!

Quickly exchanged, safety is taken care of) thanks

A bad exchanger. Change WMZ to Tinkoff. The money came only after 8 hours. If there was online chat or at least my letters have responded, saying that the game is delayed, I would negative review wrote. But because of the total ignore, definitely a bad review. I do not advise.

Pleased with the presence of Ukrainian QIWI wallet that enables exchanges without a fee of 1%, very convenient. The exchange took 5 minutes.

Application 50545, exchange wmz to QIWI. Been waiting all day for no money, support is not responding

Moved for 50 minutes, everyone is very happy, we will continue to work.

Everything went OK) I provtykal translation found money fast and back with no problems)))) I'm happy

Exchange Privat24 UAH to QIWI. Went amount is 0.5% less than it was stated in the application. Switcheroo replied that the Private rented Commission. Can be removed, but switcheroo is supposed to INFORM. Other obmenkah when you create a requisition to pay attention to it. It doesn't specify. Support communicate not friendly. Be careful.

Changed kiwirob Ukr wallet on Privat24, the standard procedure is processed after clicking the button, paid, took 4 cycles of 30 seconds up to 2 min, particularly pleased with the same course of ru and Ukr kiwi. In the end bystry exchange without a fee and with best exchange rate.

It's been more than a day the money never arrived!!!

Exchange 51438, 8 hours have passed, if the exchange is not completed in full within the hour, will claim to wmid.

Exchanged 100000 UAH to QIWI rub, for 12 hours it came.

Traded 10 thousand kiwi for Privat24, exchange all cool for 1 minute. The service is good and best course, everyone would have to work !

The website is manipulating the exchange rate during the exchange, deceiving customers. At the time of exchange of one course (best), after creating the application, the course changes dramatically to much less profitable, which is the exchange. Formally, the course may change, deception. But in fact is a fraud which occurs, as I understand it, at each exchange. Strongly recommend to use this exchanger.

Had to exchange 30 to the kiwi on PrivatBank, the status of the core, so had to spend 2 exchange to 15 K. for the first time (50484) exchanged at the rate of 2.4508, in a minute made another exchange (50485) and she was already at the exchange rate of 2.549, although I knocked that the rate will 2.4508. another per minute rate on the website was again 2.4508. in General, when re-raised the exchange rate. here, too, people had the same situation: . So be careful with this exchanger. More of them will not use.

Application form for exchange 50543, VMZ 200 letters, it took more than 5 hours and I'm still waiting for kiwi rubles on the wallet, yet none of the exchanger did not allow themselves such, wrote in a support, there is silence, what's the matter guys?

There are questions to the exchanger. First, on the left, as I understand it, the clock hangs a banner that the operator is online. When you create the application says "This operation is performed by the operator in manual mode and takes 5 to 30 minutes during working hours (see operator status)." Logically, I looked at the status (online) and created an application. In fact it turned out that the exchange is open from 10 MSK. Where is it written? I only found that support is open 10 GMT. Secondly. When output to the BEAC first written "on the map", and after the creation of the application "the account". So on a card or account? You'll have to determine where. I did not understand what is required, the card or account because just in case and he wrote a card number, and account number. I hope that will fix it.

Quickly efficiently .Support responds instantly)I recommend

Uncomfortable for a long time, I do not advise

Everything was just super, was my "herd" was wrong by one digit card, the operator wrote to me so quickly that I even not have time to ask), everything was resolved so quickly that I'm amazed at such a late time online assistance "funtsikliruet" at 100% ) my rating 10/10

Through this exchange changed already 5 times P24 - WMZ. Always procedure took less than 10 minutes. Support is available and responsible at the time. Good course, good exchanger. I liked it. Thank you.

Exchange QIWI-Privat24. Quickly, successfully, without problems. Thank you.

Made using kiwi to Privat 24,nothing complicated here,the main thing is not to remove the review to be paid ,and I did. But the operator in split seconds decided everything and denyuzhku came to my account. I'm happy,thank you.

Made exchange Privat 24 - MCB, did not have time to take the call - in service is denied, even with the deduction -31 UAH received osvat. Now even with a card and phone her husband cannot pay O_o