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Service to exchange electronic currencies Payforia offers fast, safe and profitable exchange Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Sberbank Privat24 and Bitcoin. Our modern software is the perfect and safe tool for financial transactions. The service runs an affiliate program which allows to earn on exchanges other participants together with our service. We have individual approach to each client, we are always ready to offer the best rate to customers with large sums of money. Change Payforia!



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July 19, 2018 06:04
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Current exchange rates

Bitcoin ₿1Tinkoff Bank Russian Ruble ₽431,755.42332000₽2,737,931
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽15,114.92200899₽3,544,834
Zcash Z1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽12,221.00840000₽3,544,834
Bitcoin ₿1Gazprombank Russian Ruble ₽423,233.35589000₽300,000
Bitcoin ₿1Promsvyazbank Russian Ruble ₽410,318.00000000₽90,674
Bitcoin ₿1Raiffeisen Bank Russian Ruble ₽419,665.99350000₽964,367
Bitcoin ₿1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽433,153.39030000₽3,544,834
QIWI Russian Ruble ₽1Ethereum Ξ0.00003371Ξ0
Bitcoin ₿1Contact Russian Ruble ₽424,426.93105000₽500,000
Ethereum Ξ1Tinkoff Bank Russian Ruble ₽27,891.75843500₽2,737,931
Ethereum Ξ1Alfa-Bank Russian Ruble ₽27,466.08200000₽2,021,133
Ethereum Ξ1Visa/Mastercard Russian Ruble ₽27,844.86392400₽1,685,626
Visa/Mastercard Russian Ruble ₽1Ethereum Ξ0.00003334Ξ0
Bitcoin ₿1Wire Russian Ruble ₽430,885.58652200₽500,000
Bitcoin ₿1Kukuruza Russian Ruble ₽444,460.17050000₽500,000
Bitcoin ₿1Russian Standard Russian Ruble ₽429,961.93715500₽149,255
Litecoin Ł1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽5,037.30400000₽3,544,834
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽47,225.60820000₽3,544,834
Bitcoin ₿1Alfa-Bank Russian Ruble ₽431,012.17710000₽2,021,133
Bitcoin ₿1Visa/Mastercard Russian Ruble ₽433,570.74510000₽1,685,626
Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Ethereum Ξ0.00003571Ξ0
Ethereum Ξ1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽27,694.04180000₽3,544,834
Bitcoin ₿1QIWI Russian Ruble ₽437,764.10000000₽15,783,249
QIWI Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.39373179₴630,739

Reviews PayForia

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange PayForia

Very quick exchange, very glad we went here! Thank you so much!

Did the exchange, bitcoin - Tinkoff keshin, before the exchange 10 times said, that this keshin, kiwi and everything else does not interest me. with operator agreed. after receipt of funds is not enough that the amount was less so they are still kiwis sent money. account Tinkoff Bank blocked the money of theirs kiwi came dirty Support is dead, they do not care that they are exchanged is not something that is needed, kiwi have clean say Affairs don't know. That's the whole support, and the fact that kiwi I didn't order they don't care. Beware of this exchanger will be left without money and bills.

A very long time. Changed btc to the BEAC. 2 payment. created a proposal and sent money with high Commission at 12:57. 16:46, status completed, there is no Money on the card.

Changed using this exchanger for the first time, got money on the card rather quickly but the amount came in lower than expected, it turned out that the course has changed in the last moment given the fact that the application has already been created. Is not constant, the exchanger , the impression that the claimed high rate in ranking is made especially to put on people. Be very careful.

Thank you for the good work. Quickly, clear.

The fastest exchange I have ever seen. The savings on the air for a couple minutes!

The site stated the transfer of funds from 5 minutes to 3 hours. Now comes the 7th hour, of the means still no.

A quick exchange 1бтс on the BEAC, polite operator in the chat)

Good exchanger! A quick exchange.

Thank you, all very fast success exchange item!

Great exchanger.everything is very fast.

Kiwi on private ,quickly and efficiently! I hope this will continue. Thank you

Everything went fine. Thank you for your service.

Thank you! The best exchanger! Did 3 applications each has processed no more than 20min, it is also wonderful recommend)

All really works. Satisfied. Thank you.

Hello!!!waiting almost 2 hours long?Thank you!

The conclusion of the cue ball on the BEAC was held for 1 hour and 5 minutes long or not - everyone decides. Tech support is dead.

All quickly and accurately. Thank you

Good service, friendly operators, helped to make the exchange!

The exchanger was surprised: the money came in 5 minutes. Often use exchanges, but do not recall. Another liked the fact that the operator respond quickly and competently. Don't trust an exchange without operators and online support. Here everything is on top. Thank you!

For opinion below Obmenkah to help Himself with Kiwi full identi... translation was done and at one point get blocked , and the sums and the translations were often not Kiwi blochat when translated into a normal account ,the card (but the account and card Yes) rasbokil after that my Kiwi

Well done!working quickly

Made 2 orders, one did not entered the correct amount, the second they removed for some reason. Support promptly fixed the situation on both applications. So working fine!

Regularly used as one of the fastest services (record - about 5 minutes). Everything is always clear and punctual.

Everything is fine! The exchange made, the delay was, but the fault of the Bank. Support is polite, responds quickly! The exchange is one of the best! Don't understand panicking below. Read the terms of the exchange first.

Sent the cue ball more in the morning in Moscow there is still no receipt.

It was an hour after he had made a request for an exchange, 6.74 Ethereum to Sberbank, it came in the mail about that request fulfilled, but the funds on the card never ARRIVED.

Changed the air in rubles, the air moved at 9 a.m., a check of the savings Bank for transfer by courier in 10-54, the course is not changed, just a little nervous that the money arrived at 17.00, the exchange had nothing to do with this beloved the BEAC, in General, all went well

Have put on 2K rubles. Then went to the comments to see that for them it is a normal practice. The course changes at the last minute and you pay them more. People, beware. Please bestchange to deal with it. As can be seen, the exchanger is practicing the fraudulent scheme, under the guise of "failures".

Changed the BEAC long transfers when cash is transferred, but better so than to go to the Bank to unlock the account, because often block cards, especially after those exchangers being sent to kiwi. So it is better to wait, but no problems.

Without creating the application, the error is transferred to the account money, 6700 rubles(9.07.2018), through kiwi, eve used their exchanger and the room was left, tried to get through to the operator/administrator or whatever they have, without a result, wrote everywhere and on the website and in the messengers and in the VC, put pictures of the check. In General, this fellow has appropriated my money and keep silent