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August 17, 2018 08:20
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Current exchange rates

Payeer US Dollar $1Litecoin Ł0.01562928Ł9
Payeer US Dollar $1Perfect Money Euro €0.77290322€28,763
Payeer US Dollar $1Perfect Money US Dollar $0.87378641$79,303
Payeer US Dollar $1Bitcoin ₿0.00013476₿34
Litecoin Ł1Payeer US Dollar $55.79909949$353
Litecoin Ł1Perfect Money Euro €48.46320073€28,763
Litecoin Ł1Perfect Money US Dollar $54.78886000$79,303
Litecoin Ł1Bitcoin ₿0.00854494₿34
Perfect Money Euro €1Payeer US Dollar $1.15279634$353
Perfect Money Euro €1Litecoin Ł0.01900824Ł9
Perfect Money Euro €1Perfect Money US Dollar $1.09660925$79,303
Perfect Money Euro €1Bitcoin ₿0.00016045₿34
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Payeer US Dollar $1.01970000$353
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Litecoin Ł0.01681364Ł9
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Perfect Money Euro €0.85800845€28,763
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Bitcoin ₿0.00014504₿34
Bitcoin ₿1Payeer US Dollar $6,597.60103726$353
Bitcoin ₿1Litecoin Ł112.96746389Ł9
Bitcoin ₿1Perfect Money Euro €5,665.89672962€28,763
Bitcoin ₿1Perfect Money US Dollar $6,399.02605050$79,303

Reviews P2P Change

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange P2P Change

Generally no problems are encountered, the immediate enrollment of lights with RM. And even gave a discount for signing up! Thank you very much!

Thank you for instant exchange PM in the direction of LTC.

Very pleased with the work exchanger P2PChange! Thank you! The exchange quickly and without any verification cards. I really liked it! I will continue to use this exchanger.

Thank you! Exchange RM-VTS instantly, the course is good. And confirmation very quickly

Can not please top rate and the exchange rate. Two minutes with dolla bitcoin! I'm in shock)

Thank you! Changed Btc to PM USD - instantly, immediately after confirmation of Btc!

Support on top! Scammers with RM have withdrawn funds through the exchanger for the purchase of VTS - quickly, it means returned. Thank you!

Everything is very fast. Convinced more than once in that nice working with you! Thank you!

Super fast! thank you

Sent $ 100 perfect money at the rate of 18000.5208 got 0.00285539 bitcoins, had to 0,0055553948. I.e. I've sold bitcoin at the rate 35021,4856. What is the deception?

Translated 28 LTC in BTC, exchanger the best course. The amount I am, worried little if anything. All went well, no more than 10-15 minutes took. RECOMMEND!

PM USD -> BTC = 38 seconds! At the moment, is the best exchanger for me, I Recommend!

Instant sharing without unnecessary problems.

Thanks for the quick exchange,this is just my opinion,keep it up

Good exchange, thank you . A quick exchange bitcoin to peer

Instant exchange PM to Bitcoin. Recommend

All super quickly, affordably, of course) the best course, thank You for being there!

Great exchanger. Work quickly+discount. Pleased great. Recommend

Instant translation! With Payeer Bucks for chops. Fastest service!!!

Great exchanger. Sign up the link and immediately get a discount!

Changed the PTS on RM. Pleasantly surprised by the rate of exchange of 3 minutes. Well done guys. Recommend.

Fraud!!! fraud!!! fraud!!! bought bitcoin at 103 dollars at the exchange rate 16904 got 0.?00239297, that is the equivalent of $ 48. Rechecked, everything seems to be as it should, already in the wallet saw the price of 48 dollars, counted them, they did not disappoint! % for-service not specified not on website not in the application area, the result is a 65 % conversion! admin wrote a response received refer request. Guys be careful I do not fall. Better choose another exchanger!

GIVE:0.06021913 BTC will GET:3.75946903 LTC LTC address: LMzj3nBBerwDjGLqq1bZtnaZc1cx83vZhj STATUS:WAITING for CONFIRMATION UPDATED AT:2017-Dec-12 16:04:49 CREATED:2017-Dec-12 11:44:31 COMPLETED:... Application paid bitcoins withdrawn from the account, and on account of litecoin is still the money never came. After 4 hours, send 2 messages to email - silence.

APPLICATION #359478 will GIVE:0.1 BTC will GET:16.01977659 LTC LTC address: LhPKginXCASHz8xjV3dGEW9jFupurahhsk STATUS:ERROR UPDATED AT:2017-Dec-08 21:52:05 CREATED:2017-Dec-08 21:20:53 COMPLETED:... sorry, an error occurred during the payment, we apologize. Perhaps the payment You already received, but processing is unable to verify the fact of payment. Processing will try to complete Your application in 5 minutes. The administrator has already received an alert about the problem.

Exchange BTC-PM. Everything is fine. This exchanger steep that really captures the course of 30 minutes, and it seems the time of confirmation of transaction in this half hour is not included. That is, if within 30 minutes of the time the send transaction, the exchange rate seems fixed. At check maaaaaaaany give a discount (like 1 dollar with 1 BTC). A trifle, but nice. :)

BTC - usd PM . The exchange within 5 minutes after confirmation of Blekinge. 5+

BTC > PM. The exchange within 3 minutes after the confirmation of Blekinge. At the stated rate. Recommend.

All very quickly of course worried, because the only +1 successful exchange, me 0,1 BTC.

Thanks for the fast sharing!

Thanks, went through several exchanges and only You have agreed to exchange some RM on bitcoin. The exchange is fast, simple and clear.Recommend.