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Great exchanger! Everything is clear and fast, the money comes quickly. Thank You!

Instant exchange, thank you!

Today produced the output from wmr to privat24 at 11:50, the money was removed but the card is not enrolled, immediately wrote to the support and only at 15:05 gave the answer: - the Card is inactive or blocked. - Please contact technical support at PrivatBank for clarification and specify an active card to transfer. I immediately wrote in support of PrivatBank where I immediately gave the answer: the Card is active. - From the Bank there are no limits! - Not any technical work is also not carried out. Again wrote to support those obmennikws and are waiting for the answer for exactly 2 hours. The Foundation of choosing what kind of service withdraw funds use, was the fact that obmennikws it instantly. But as now seen in practice, it lasted the whole day and continue to lose a lot of time. As on the main site there is online technical support but only email. Ready to spend on waiting one hour, after which create a claim in arbitration webmoney. I see that I am not alone in this service has lost a lot of time. Not very happy with the situation...

Good afternoon. Application number 1669389. Money WebMoney gone, but on the map private Bank, which is tied to your account on the website exchanger, was not credited. The Bank said that there were no translations. In support of the exchanger do not respond. Enjoy the exchanger a very long time, always the money was credited promptly. Help solve the problem.

Happy,everything works fine!

Cool the exchanger. After registration and confirmation of the application for the exchange of money came a minute. Available small amounts of exchange in $ 2-3. Immediately after the exchange ustanavlivaetsya a discount of 5% for small amounts exchange. When large amounts - more discount. This service is ofitsialny exchanger webmoney that there is a guarantee of safety.

Still not had the money on the card in the exchanger application is completed, please fix this problem I need my money

Help to return the money and was able to translate on the map

What is the difference between the real and virtual course

Application number 1648294 writes as completed but the money to PrivatBank card not received.

The money left the wallet and on the card didn't come!!!! Guys, come on!

Hello, wanted to ask whether today, in the reserve of the hryvnia, an urgent need to exchange dolar, but in the exchanger has no money, how long will wait to apply?

Warning ! Cooperate with him for about a year. Has accumulated a 20% discount and now exchanged with a more loyal course. Make exchanges about 20-25 times a month and of these, only about 3-4 are produced with delays. The support has always solved my questions.

Automatic application has not passed, and no one can manually send...

Nepresso money on the card заявка1628380 weighs as completed and the money on the card did not come why?please help me

Money on the card is not received. Plus email support is impossible. What to do?

Not received money on the card???What are Robit

And so the problem like most !the funds never credited to the card while the application is hanging like made!!and if you contact tech support never came.please do not write them a complaint!!!the funds never came!!how to fix it??

Today as always I applied to transfer WMR to Privat UAH and something went wrong, the money from WebMoney discarded, and the card is not enrolled. Application number: ID 1678071 earlier there were no problems with the exchanger, but what he disappointed me this time.

Today ofrmula a request to withdraw money on the card of PrivatBank. Received a message that the application is made, but the money on the card privatebanks have not received the application number 1666692 payment Id in payment system: 1666692 support already written waiting for the decision problem. please put me on medication the money they need.

When you attempt to withdraw money fails (before confirmation). This says that the connection is UNSECURED! Acted prohibition VM in Ukraine or is it a technical problem? Thank you!

Yesterday I changed money on the card did not come with web money the money is gone and the exchanger says that the order is carried out 1655079, to the Bank account the money has been received. Solve the problem, please.

Tonight changed the money with WebMoney the money is withdrawn,wrote that the application is made 1648863,private money did not come,and in the private Bank saying that the money they have not been,such still nebylo!!!Can understand or not?

1646027 30.04 banked the money through the exchanger of the armed forces,WebMoney money is written off and no revenue,I don't know where the money at all

Application number 1643309 writes as completed but the money to PrivatBank card not received please help me URGENT... money on the card is NOT RECEIVED

I haven't written a negative review, my previous request is not processed. Once wrote here that as soon as the money was transferred. Now again the same nonsense. WebMoney is written off, the money does not come.

Good day! Last night sent a WebMoney to PrivatBank card money and they still didn't come. Id request 1638629

Made application for withdrawal No. 1636416, the money from the purse withdrew, and the card has not been received. Wrote in support, but no answer. When will be the enrollment?

Applications 1627452 and 1627442 not the money came from. plz check. I do not understand form works for you or not. A letter arrives in the mail that the email could not be delivered because duplicate here.

Exchanger super! Very quickly and most importantly was not the limit of, which is very important for small transfers. Thank you!!!

Good evening. I 2 APR with via WebMoney and sun. to PrivatBank card transfer the money. It took 2 days and the money never entered the map, even though it appears that the application is completed. my application is Application No. 1638503

Change WME to Privat, all almost instantly. thank you

Hello!!!! since yesterday there are no funds in the reserve for sharing in your exchanger. What's the matter?????????? the day I'm waiting to transfer money, I'm just sitting still hungry!!! Why should I suffer from the fact that You don't want to work?! I'm going to complain! and all my friends to unsubscribe from your exchanger.

Have requested payment 2 days ago, the money is still there, wrote in support there is no answer!

Good afternoon. When you try to withdraw money, this message appears: the card Number/cetane managed to get the test result from the server Webmoney. Try again. Make a request again. What is the reason? Just a few days ago, doing a translation on the same card. I use it for several months and everything was fine, but today here is... How to be in this situation? It can be expected that this problem will disappear?

What is going on? Withdrew the money today on Privat. The machine says "Application completed". Money still on the card not received. Not only that, the day you have to wait for the reserve for exchange will appear, and derived the money does not come.

Application 1689981 hour, the money never went to the map, what is the reason and how long to wait?

Again 25 . When will be deposited into the reserve??? Why do I have to wait???? What is the exchanger such

Zdravstvuite , the first time I use Your exchanger and transferred from Sberbank in the cue , the consultant said to wait 15 min , in the end waited for 3 hours the money was never credited to the crypto , and consultant all gone

Help please how to replenish the balance on the website

Application 1691262 In the status says that the money on the card has not been received.

Thank's for support guys responded quickly and payment came to Privat24 thank you.... for your work..

Privat24 is transferred to the exchanger,and the money stuck on WebMoney is still there.Looked at the archive transfers Privat24 -application posted.Application number 1691300

Hello, money on Privat24 never came, after sending 2 payment from them was the only one..

Hello, when will be added to the reserve for translation of rubles into Private session? Or have to wait after the holidays? Thank you.

Hello .when will be available the hryvnia exchange to wmz

But what is, again, zero reserve for the third day. When you withdraw money? Or not hope for the completion?

Hello, I use the exchanger for a long time, everything was always fine, in the last year, always some errors...Now that WMZ to Privat??? Why not swap it? When fix the bug?

Https:// Exchange EX-code for Yandex. Webmoney. Payeer

Application: 11327122 Error sending pay with no phone is not clear - someone even sees this situation ?

The application is completed and paid for, but in the exchanger was the status of waiting for payment, in General, the application has been closed and the money never came

Good afternoon. you have lost the service to exchange money from dollars. wallet on Privat24, it's only temporary or ....?

Application 5986 not met, the money to PrivatBank card is not returned, the status is closed in the technical Support answered the 1st email where I explained that you didn't write a comment in response instead of solving the issue is instructive-pretentious " what you do not understand? there everything step by step with pictures!" then the answer is no! a question for the site: why do you have the rating in the first place unreliable exchanger?! second: обменник.Ua ! return the money!

Exchange Privat WebMoney instantly (via autoplacer). Recommend)

I will choose another exchanger.When you need to withdraw on 24 private no funds and it has not once!Sum guys especially during the holidays.

Hello, after switching to a new engine, problem with transfer rate. Previously, within a minute the money came in, now half an hour's waiting, the money does not come, application ID No. 14622, what's the problem, the application status is "Completed". What's the problem?

Application 1697562 not done! Says that is closed, but my credit card was gone and at the expense of WebMoney not come! Understand!

Enjoy the exchanger 3 years today are unable to produce exchange writes to update the password in the mail but I never received. long to wait? 've written here can I get an answer what are they doing?

Illegal Ukrainian exchanger requires the download of scans of the passport for webmoney.On what basis?

Exchanged quickly and without problems.

Wmz->Privat24 normal Flight! Very quickly. Recommend

Exchange wmz to Provat24 in the day, instantly. Thank you

A week ago I attempted to exchange through danisnet.Nick 15$ wmz for hryvnia Privat of Bank.It would seem all is well..Money from wmz purse removed..Admin.The exchanger wrote a report about sending funds.But the money never came.Contacted the representative of the private Bank to determine the payment status. A:payment has not been received. Wrote several times to the administrator of this exchanger is about solving a lot of question. In response to:the silence and why I am inclined to think that my payment was lost by the fault of the exchanger. Because ,honest service at least would have responded to the request from the client. It is not recommend this service,viz. Obmennik ws

All very quickly and efficiently~ Recommend)

WMZ->Privat24 instantly. Zero problems. Thank you!

With my discount of 20% for the direction WMZ->privat24UAH almost always get the best rate. Running machine.

My mistake, the money was sent to an expired card after contacting support money transferred to another card.(Good exchanger with the appropriate exchange rates) thank you for the quick response