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On-line service is designed for those who want to quickly, safely and at a favorable rate to exchange their non-cash rubles on the card of Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank, etc. in Thai baht and digital currency Yandex.Money, QIWI, Webmoney. Every day we monitor the market and try to make you the best offer. The exchange takes no more than 15 minutes provided that the operator of the network. If the operator contact viber for faster processing of your application. The larger the exchange amount, the better the rate we can offer. To establish an individual course, please contact the technical support. With a shortage of reserve, we quickly it will fill up. To do this, please contact tech support. You don't get the money out of the country (Russia, Thailand). All translations are carried out among individuals exclusively inside banks of those countries whose currency you are changing. We work only with white money.


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Handsome! 5 minutes and RIPL prepared. Nyamkhuu rubles))) Thanks guys!

Very quickly exchanged, recommend)

All smartly! A little more expensive but time is money! Thank you.

Everything is fine. Fast and with good support. Thanks guys!Recommend!!!!!

Quickly, qualitatively, reliably!

Great. the application was performed for 2 minutes! thank you

The application was carried out for 5 minutes, changed ETH to alpha!

Warning! accurately, quickly, without delays and problems

Very quick exchange on ripple, thank you.

Beware of this exchanger the speed of the fly, the first time so quickly within 3 minutes and the money on the card!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND???

Super exchanger aired on Tinkoff 5 minutes thank you

Also for the first time did the exchange very quickly.

Everything went very quickly and the course is very good. I recommend for efficiency.

All well! took 30-40 minutes, but the money in the wallet.

All very quickly, thank you Michael. Recommend! The course is excellent.

It's just trash, deleted the application there is no type of payment, although I pressed the pay button and the transaction is https://etherscan.Io/tx/0xb451a1da9129a9768f723398c67589304c8b385b4a9025404c32dfea17d5ef9d compare the creation time of the application and the transaction id 13251 from 2018-07-03 08:44:10 exchange rate: 1 ethereum eth -> 29135.94669697 Sberbank rub exchange amount: 0.4039 Ethereum eth account -> Sberbank rub 11650.328782 one minute calllll!!!! even if I wanted to cheat exchanger, the transaction I did when life won't return, these are the rules of the blockchain

Excellent service, very quickly received the money on the card! And the polite staff is always nice!

Thanks for the quick exchange, and at the best rate!)

Changed the ether (ETH) in rubles on the card of VTB. Very quickly he came but just the translation itself, but a confirmation (we have no confirmation about the increase in the account fee is charged). So in 20 minutes the money was already possible to withdraw from an ATM.

Traded eth to Sberbank, the rate most favorable at the moment, afraid to pay the first time and a considerable sum of money, but the money all came within 5 minutes. thank you very much. will work with you on.

Thanks, traded a ETH on-Tinkoff, it was over in 8 minutes. Quickly and conveniently

ETH changed on the BEAC. 5 minutes, I have not had such quick exchanges! Thank you for your service. Recommend.

All clearly and quickly :)

Changed YM XEM. Everything is fine. The money came in a few minutes. It is important that YM was identified passport!

Great service! operational applications,I recommend!

Thanks for the quick exchange, nice to work with you!

Very quickly exchange Advcash to a Thai Bank.

Everything is fine

Changed the air to Tinkoff. quickly. less than 5 min.

Several times changed the BEAC on Ripple , quickly and without problems.

A quick exchange at a good rate. thank you.

Oh the first took place in my school at the exchange and I am very happy to such a great exchanger and the operator. I first wanted to translate the crypt, but my wallet mew blunted and wrote that the crypt was not sent, so I calmly removed the application from the exchanger. And then I saw that is with the mew money is gone. But the operator immediately went to the meeting, decided to issue immediately. As and translation. Everything quickly. Thank you very much, I will change You.

Everything is fine! And discounts there! Thank you

Quickly working. Check whether the card belongs to you. Support is responsive, solid 5!

Translated for the first time. Everything went quickly. The operator responds instantly.

The first time I used this exchanger. In the case of registration and frequent exchanges can amass a discount. During the exchange have problems with the Bank and not met in the allotted time to send payment. The application was uninstalled, the system. Contacted the operator. Answer quick way not have to wait. The application was restored and transferred the money within 5-10 seconds. Happy with this exchanger, processing speed and responses of the operators at a high level !

Exchange rubles for dollars took exactly 5 minutes, I recommend

All quickly, efficiently and delicately. Thank you for your work! I will seek another.

Operational support and quick work for a reasonable fee! Very worth it!!!

Fast, convenient, pleased chat, I'm bored, but I reply to everyone's comments politely answered)) Thank you guys keep it up, I will use!

Used this exchanger in June without any problems from the exchanger, but with some tategami from the Metamask purse then low gwei multiple transactions hanging as "pending". Today, in August, adding to this the purse Metamask it was discovered that the wallet happily worked for the old transactions hanging as "pending" somewhere in the browser cache (but not in network ETH, etherscan they were not) and threw a coin to the purse of the exchanger, of course, without any requests to the exchange. Contact the technical support of the exchanger the issue successfully and promptly resolved. Thank you, for delving into the situation and returned the funds!

All excellent, fast and reliable.

Working quickly, help with questions. Very happy, and most importantly QUICK.

Everything is fine! BTC to Tinkoff

TCB - > PTS , moved 2 minutes

All the way home LTC>AlfaBank

Produced Tinkoff BTC everything quickly and accurately Thank you

Everything is fine

Great, quick service.

Great service!Have been using them more than once!All clearly and quickly!Recommend!!!

Twice now have used this exchanger. Once again I want to pay tribute to the support in all matters. Reliable.

Great exchanger. Receipt confirmed by machine and after a few minutes the money came into the account. Advices at AlfaBank.

Everything is fine! in this exchanger changed for the first time. bought Dumb for rubles Sberbank. after paying for a couple of minutes was Dumb on my wallet. thank you for your promptness!

Excellent service: fast process payments, operators are helpful and will always go forward. Often change they have always quickly and efficiently operate.

When filling out the application, at the stage of formation there is a lag of 3-5 seconds. if you quickly fill in (using login auto-completion ) and had 3-5 seconds to press the button "create application" the probable risk to create the demand at the rate of 10-100 times higher. screenshot from 28.08.2018 (course 7600) be attentive and careful

Good site,I bought a Neo. they called me and said that no Neo pieces are not sent, they said that would not be profitable to get the coin on the floor less than I paid..... they came within 10 minutes, I recommend

Very quickly, super quickly, trust 100%

Thanks for sharing! Made a transaction in 3 minutes, very quick response to communication.Respect!

Exchanged Advanced Cash 1700 USD on the card. All quickly in just 6 minutes at a favorable rate. Thank you very much! I will use!

As always, everything is great! I will continue to use Your wonderful exchange! :)

Changed the BEAC on ripple instantly and without problems

Warning! Suggest :)

Changed today Thai baht to advices.... all without question changed. Support works just fine! recommend!