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Exchange of electronic currencies is a system created based on modern software and contains all the necessary functions for convenient and safe conversion of the most common types of electronic money. During the work we gained a reputation of a trusted partner and make every effort to make your experience of our service was favorable.

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Prospective exchanger! Always a good course and speed of execution!

Changed every day, very happy: support , course ,speed .I wish the Switcheroo continue to remain operational and responsive business ( in a good way)

Change is not the first time. As always, everything is perfectly and instantly. Recommend!!!

Thanks a lot for sharing and advice, solved my problem within 5 minutes. Well done. Work quickly and accurately. Thank you again!!!

All is well! Thank you! Recommend!!!!!

Great exchanger. Today to check threw 100, came through 3 minutes. Then the amount of solid, came through 8 minutes. Convenient. During registration, all data is re-enter is not necessary - the wallet, the card number. any unnecessary fuss. All clear, clear just. No wonder the service is praised.

Pleased with non-stop operation. As always available and clearly described the sequence of actions for the exchange.Great service.Recommend!

Beautiful! Privat24 -> RNCB Thanks to the switcheroo! A bit confusing UX design of the site, I for example, got tangled in it.

Very fast exchange Privat24 USD, about a minute. Support is quick and polite. Thank you for the good service).

The money came from. Thank you?

One of the best! Always the exchange of intelligence and the best support. Now the money is stuck because of an error on registration on Transfer.After an online chat with support obmenki (always in tech min answer), Yandex(for comparison, Yandex answered 5 days) returns the payment on obmenku/online.After switcheroo offered me options of return, and after 10 minutes the money is in my account!!! Thank you very much guys for your responsiveness and good work!!!Will definitely be back!

Great and reliable service! The operator immediately responds to the questions posed. The translation is instantaneous. Recommend!

Are not for the first time, all very quickly and at a very favorable rate. Today change Privat24 POISON, enrolled in a couple of minutes. Thank you!

Everything is super! thanks for sharing

Thank you for your promptness and professionalism. The operator Catherine, thank you. :)

As always, excellent! Translated from the ruble WebMoney on Privat came instantly and without problems!Thank you very much! You are super!

As always, excellent! Translated from the ruble WebMoney on Privat came instantly and without problems! I take a year. Thank you very much! You are super!

Checked everything several times, often have to exchange and withdraw. Convenient, fast and most importantly safely.

Everything is perfect: fast, clear. The translation was from Privat24 QIWI. Many thanks for the excellent and fast work all took place within a few minutes.

Wonderful service.The exchange quickly and perfectly.Special thanks to the Administrator,he's just super good!Professionally and perfectly does its job!I recommend this service.I am very happy with the service and work of the service. Thank You very much!Prosperity and success in everything!

Translation of "WMZ -> Sberbank" carried out quickly, no more than 5 minutes. Thanks for the prompt translation and instant answers consultant!

Everything is always fast. Love is there to change money. Today made a mistake with the numbers when doing the card number, then quickly understood and transferred me the money on the right card. Well DONE!!! Thanks for the quick response

Decided to buy now.and silence the second day.Online operators are extinguished immediately.I e-mailed you called on the phone,he's in the unit that is on the website.Application is supposedly obrabatyvatsya.

Not fulfilling its own rules of procedure. They write that the exchange will take place from 2 to 5 minutes, in fact it took more than 10, and no money. The opportunity to write in support chat and no.

Again change all satisfied with the course, and tech support and of course the timing of the transfer of funds, which is important for anyone who is worried about their money!

Great exchanger, I use his services all the time the exchange takes place instantly and easily, the course is also always optimal. I recommend to all!!!

Very happy with the service, friendly consultants, the exchange rate is beyond praise.

There was a slight delay on the application, but operators are well done, not given to panic! In the end, all come! Thank you!

Love this exchanger! Good course, wmr to Privat instantly translates! However, you need to register, but after that exchange others to not even look like!

Great and reliable service! A quick exchange on any day of the week and at any time of the day. And the course is often one of the best. Recommend!

Great. Fast exchange from WMZ to Privat 24 UAH.

Despite the incident occurred through the fault of the site, the operator is professionally correct situation. I was not injured. Exchange is made in full.

Great exchanger. Just exchanged WMZ to Privat24, the money is credited to your card within 5 minutes. Would recommend.

Jewelry quality exchange!Thank you!

As always, all simply and quickly, a pleasure to use

Good exchanger! Never failed! Keep it up!

Never been let down. Thank you!

Exchange instant! Bravo, well done!

All very quickly without any problems! Recommend! Changed Sberbank Privat24

QIWI - Privat24 Exchanged in 10 minutes. Thank you

Tell me why you sharing the scans of your passport ?

From Yandex to Privat 1 hour and 20 minutes transferred the money. Changed many times before and had instantly. Deteriorated. Support said that "This operation takes from 15 minutes to 2 hours in the manual mode"

Great exchanger. It quickly and clearly

Good switcheroo - profitable and very fast. Glad I found, I will use

Everything is fast,smooth,well done!!!Recommend)

Perfectly and very quickly. The exchange rate at the time of transfer was much higher, and the translation came in 5-10 minutes

There was a delay in transfer was experienced. In the end, everything was OK. Thanks to the Manager Yaroslav that was in constant communication and moral support.

Exchanged money with kiwi on private, everything went very quickly. For any questions, Marina from Saporta, will answer and help

Thank you. The exchange was carried out by the direction of Kiwi - Privat for five minutes. Recommend.

QIWI - Privat24 Traded in 45 minutes. but everything else was OK!

Thank you for the quick translation

Changed in 15 minutes. During the first exchange with the POISON had to wait 24-48 hours like on other exchange office

Had a great application , so I decided then to praise . Excellent work , no expectations , everything is clear and to the point . Be sure to come back again.

Transferred the money from Sberbank to Privat !!! Complied with a request for 5 minutes !!! I recommend , use data services for the first time.

Work quickly. If any question is answered immediately. Will continue to use

The review is not positive. If not specified, the exchange in manual mode, it is technically cheating. I need to exchange right now, and not wait for the operator 14 minutes, while he will process the application. If there was a sign about the manual exchange format, no word be said.

Great exchanger!!!

Once again, all rovnenko ) Thank you! People know how to run a business !

All quickly and without problems!! I recommend to all!!

Well done! I will use, the course is great and the exchanges made within 15 minutes