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Obmen24x7 provides automatic exchange of electronic currencies.

The application may be rejected in such cases. You did not make the payment within 30 minutes from the moment of registration of the application; You listed the wrong amount and the system will not recognize Your payment; You provided incorrect details on which the system fails to make the payment. All returns are minus 5% Commission. What are the conditions in the exchange Yandex.Money to Qiwi? If You use our service for exchange Yandex.Money on Qiwi for the first time, Your application will be made after 12 hours or 48 hours (the amount of 15 000 - 12 hours above 48 hours). Subsequent exchanges with the same account number Yandex.The money will be instant upon registration before the first exchange. Sharing registered user with a new account number Yandex.The money is delayed in accordance with the terms of the first exchange. The early funds will be refunded minus a 5% Commission. If the first exchange has not passed 48 hours, and the total amount of exchanges, the details of more than 50 thousand rubles by the decision of the security service can be installed additional testing up to 48 hours.


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