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Service provides the services of an automatic exchange of Webmoney title units of WMZ, WMR, WMU, WME, replenishment cards, Visa/Mastercard, via Privat24 PrivatBank cards banks: AlfaBank, Sberbank, Russian Standard, Svyaznoy, VTB24 Tinkoff.

All transactions in are exclusively in automatic mode. This applies to both receiving/sending from/to the cards of Russian banks. Service always provides the most advantageous rates. It's not just a marketing ploy, which you write yourself all and Sundry. This really is our fundamental approach to work. We do not divide clients for wholesalers and those who work with small amounts. We provide you best rate even if you exchange 50 rubles. Working with us you do not need to constantly check the courses and to compare our service with competitors. Rest assured: we have always been and will be profitable! There's no other way! Only on our support works 24/7. We listen to each customer, will help and deal with your problem. The service is not in place. We are constantly moving forward. Plans to connect new systems of exchanges, the inclusion of the best multi-level affiliate programs, reload bonuses and much more. We guarantee high quality and speed of service, and are always ready to meet our clients.

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Great! Translated from the WMR on the POISON took a few seconds. Thank you, I will continue to use this exchanger :)

WMZ to Privat hryvnia instantly!

Change WMZ to Privat 24, all went well !support works great, thanks!

Thank you! All Shvidko working!

Everything is fine, money WMR Privat24 came instantly

Once again nice job! Recommend.

Warning! Just traded WMR to Privat24, the money came on the map after 3-4 minutes after payment.

Money deducted from wallet but the card never came!!!

Change WMR on Privat24. The money was gone in a minute. Thank you

've been working. As always - the service at the height! Recommend.

Great exchanger. Worked for more than five times. Everything is fine. Very satisfied. Thank you!

Thank you! All of Denmark! Just nadzvychaina Shvidko!

Change WMZ to POISON. Good service. I'm happy!

Changed just WMZ to Yandex money. Long plagued those support questions, as WebMoney rarely work! I recommend, in addition, also the cash can be in my town to, it's all good

Changed money. Received a letter that TransAsia not met. Wrote in support - responded almost immediately. Mistakes happen everywhere, but the quick reaction of the staff is great!

Ivan, why change at this exchanger if for example the exchanger RocketChange changes at competitive rates and much faster

Simple superswitch! DUZHE dyakuyu!

Longer than filled the money went, all happy. Thank you

WMR Privat24 - the funds have been transferred to the card within 2 minutes, thanks so much, everything is super!

Exchanged wmz>Privat24. Predvaritelno asked the support to clarify the nuances. Responded quickly and to the point. It's OK, the Money came almost instantly. Will to use the services of this exchanger

The money from the purse withdrew, but received the e-mail I'm Sorry, but the transaction ******* was not carried out. And to Privat24 money does not come.

Everything is fine. Money Privat came very quickly. Thank you! Recommend.

The money came quickly. the telegram advised

Sorry, but the transaction #BE-802-327 was not carried out. Why not do the money? Although the account with WebMoney removed immediately!!

My transaction #YX-646-195 , please respond. After receipt of funds claim will immediately be removed.

Really, really fast. Sent the confirmation to the exchange WMR, then immediately went to PRIVAT-24 and the money is already there. The course is one of the highest and sometimes the most profitable of all.

++) Thanks, was worried for a minute))) 500 bachey flew

Fast and convenient service with the best exchange rate. Additional " + " that the application form is filled very quickly.

WMR->Yandex.Money 2-3 minutes. Thank you! Keep continue such courses))

Everything works like a clock! Though the website and hangs after creating the applications, TP is always in the chat and will help you in any situations, in one word the best!

Instant sharing! Thank you. Happy.

When you pay the order, the mail never arrives, the status of the application, the link of such type not working. Wrote about this issue in the chat a month ago. Answer - Yes, Yes, understand, fix. And things there. About glitches with soap and the time you have a problem, we, in the UK, in the country, write makes no sense, because it is a constant problem. You have to write in chat and ask them if everything's okay with the request because to learn more anywhere. Even the phone no one answers. What kind of approach to work?

Good exchanger, used in many areas, like everything. Recommend!

Translated from WMR to Privat24 passed instantly! Thank you! Recommend!

What happened with the site? Don't you care? The smartphone is loaded for 5 minutes and in the end a black screen. Although previously worked perfectly. With the company also does not load the payment page. Trying to go back, write "awaiting payment". So how do I pay, if you have not loaded the page? And there is no button to re-jump! Maybe you should fix your site or until you remove it from the list? Well, honestly, so much time all worked like clockwork, and now once again razocharovala.

You guys are the best! Exchange in cash works great! All suggest.

The exchanger WMZ to Privat 24 come means immediately and a good rate. Recommend

Excellent service, always a good course

Agreed on the phone to change in Kiev cash USD to MWZ. Arrived on the scene, gained said to wait and I will type the cashier. Waited 30 min and left.

This morning on the website issued a request for exchange 950$ 958,55 wmz (switcheroo was added to the initial amount of cash +0,9%). Came in cash, gave cash. Without a call, without warning comes to my purse just 950 USD, i.e. a rate of 1 to 1. This happens not for the first time. Why your website is counting the same amount in the request for exchange, but in reality comes less?

Good courses and quick exchange. Thank you!

The second year together. Normal flight...))

Everything is fine, I use constantly.

A lot of times to withdraw wmz in Odessa. The exchange is one of the best.

Consistently the best rate of exchange WMR to POISON. Immediate flow of money (a few seconds)

Great course, responsive support. Changed WMZ for cash and in Private. Everything is OK, thanks! Strongly recommend it!

Metabolism VMZ-Privat proykov duzhe good. Recommend.

Application delivered on Thursday morning. Tuesday evening, the silence and the claimed 24 hours on the exchange.

Thank You! Once again - well done!

Change WMZ on POISON. Good service. The best course of momentally.

Good exchanger, often used and always happy.

Good exchanger, I recommend it quickly and clearly.

Lions WMZ to cash in a hurry, made the payment on Sunday,though Monday didn't pick up , but as promised the support of that on Tuesday can pick it up and it did.Overall satisfied! suggest

The course is gorgeous! Instantly the money is available. Just updated the page. WMR tied POISON.

Garni obmennik, vzhe deaky hour coastwise, narikan not Bulo. Recommend.

A good exchanger. And a good rate on the private exchange is quick. All suggest.

Exchange instant! Thank you!

There is always change. Like everything, and the courses and attitude to customers and fast work. Thanks guys!

Garni obmennik long coastwise myself I recommend him.

You guys are the best. I like everything here.

A very strange exchange. Already the fifth time trying to withdraw WMZ in cash dollars in Kiev. And for the fifth time hear the conclusion the next day, the amounts were different, even today, at $ 900. Everything is constantly in reserve :(( people, this is just ridiculous , you're operating a business professional. No $ 900 in Kiev at the box office?? seriously?? Change the business, obviously you have the attitude to clients and business not at that level. Also changed in 2018 a couple of times, waited for the conclusion the next day - in the region of 2K, and once sat in the office at krasnoarmiys'k 3-4 hours waiting for extradition. The accountant went to eat, the consultants are stupid, just broken telephone of some kind. Himself with the business for 17 years with this attitude to customers and business processes is ridiculous. 21 in the yard. More appeal to you will not change through the permanent exchange - Yes, the course is 1.03 for the withdrawal of WMZ-USD cash. But the whole process takes 10 минут7 Called/wrote - asked - pulled up took. in the 21st century - the speed is one of the key factors in business. _________________________________________________ This is just a note for your leadership "to think" - decision-making and survival in business.

Good and reliable exchanger, not for the first time deduce WMZ on the card Privat24. My recommendations!

Another great job. change WMZ to cash RUB. support at high level.

Once again changing WMZ to cash UAH. Simple, great!