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Produced exchange from the Private chat PM. Application No. 141256. Money Privat blamed on PM not here. The application status is closed. What is the reason? If technical problems with the translation then put the money Private.

The payment failed. Card private money removed. The money is needed quickly. We will solve the issue

Pereislav Groshi s Privat 24 kV, plate 2758412, CV Groshi not prishli, and the card was not returned, what are Robit

Sharing application No. 2610593 from 19.03.2018 started Sent 172000 Dog and the robot hung help

So. I already waiting about 1 hour and the money never came. Operation number: No. 12130111437. Please see what happened!

APPLICATION#: 142098 like to cancel a transfer?

APPLICATION number: 141658 Error payments. Incorrect card number, gave another room. A zero response.

Change Payza to WMZ, all fine and fast

Today made Yandex.. As the site is written that: Pending receipt of funds. (Translation from Yandex Money to accounts that have not transferred funds through our service are held for 2 working days and take place automatically upon expiration of this period. Subsequent transfers to this account are processed instantly.) No translation Yandex-purse at Yandex purse do not stay any 2 nights, this is complete nonsense written by the admin of the site. Grandmother came to him and he turns 2 days old, it is welded and then just throws us exchange, abruptly conceived we***th. I called Yandex, told me that immediately the money is coming from purse to purse. so the Admin came up with stories all zaderjyvat for two days. I need an urgent translation. Admin does not return, the exchange was never made, it's been 50 minutes since the transfer. So I ask the Administration to remove this bestchange exchanger from the site since they believe that the delay of the money of the people considered to be fraudulent by the Administrator of the exchanger.

Fast exchange from Payza USD to Yandex RUB in for 10 minutes!Excellent!!!

Changed Bitcoin to Privat24. Any technical problem is quickly solved. Great service, I recommend.

On the website there are additional committees of the private, although it is not listed on bestchange!

Application 12.86 Payza USD - > Webmoney WMZ 6.9 Application Number: 138912 Overdue What it means

Sent with the Privat 24 money in two transactions, both not confirmed!!!!! require receipts!but Privat makes them 2-5 days!!!!!! and how to be!! I do not like to wait 2-5 days, the amount up a little! please speed up the solution of a question of application No. 2670951

My transfer was processed on your wallet 41001826390118. Application 139844 all processed. Like this exchanger has long been engaged in fraud. The money he just takes off and no one pays. Do not understand what he is doing in One word thrown at 1306 rubles.

Hello, please tell me how long it takes for processing the transfer operator? Just for more than 3 hours have passed.. thanks in Advance for the answer ?

Changed the $ with perfect money in rubles, Alfa-click. The operation was instantly and correctly. The course is better than many other exchangers.

I exchanged ruble for dogcon not correctly indicated the amount ... but I got the date платежа03.04.2018 22:52 Room транзакции1212873918415

Hello. Yesterday 30.03.18 bought bitcoin at 10000r Payment by invoice: 2648694 transfer to the account 410015669016595 it took 9 hours the bitcoin was not enrolled. Also 30.03.18 bought bitcoin cache 4900r Payment by invoice: 2648708 the recipient 410015485401485 it took 9 hours the bitcoin cache was not enrolled. Please understand.

After 2 hours of waiting the translation was that they have no money. Employees of the TP to answer questions every 2 hours with great reluctance. It is not recommended for transfers for cash!

Produced exchange Privat 24 to litecoin, the money repaid and the LTC has not received, says the exchange is cancelled. Eventually wrote to support and they dealt with the issue. Waited a long time but the exchange was made at the exchange rate at the time of application. Thank you for your honesty!

Produced translation Privat24 on the Blockchain. Application No. 2286940. The money from the card written off, but the purse has not yet come. Admin, please check what it is connected and when the money will come. The timing of the receipt of the cryptocurrency important

The problem with the application 141027. Made a claim-paid-money removed from Payza Privat24 but they did not. The request hung in the processing and then changed to expired. Wrote to the website with the screenshot of the reaction 0000000!!!!

The translation of to wire usd, no payment details, which is important in my case, because pay for specific order. Would not the claim here, if the support site on time and promptly answered via internal mail.

The problem with the application number: 140098 Created a proposal---paid---popped up the error 404--- the money was removed from the purse PERFECT but it is not received on PAYZA... hung application status EXAMINATION is now OVERDUE.. I Wrote with all the screens you already wrote on email in the contact form on the response. I think though there will notice and will help.

The second payment with Payza on Привать24 without problems

C payza USD to Privat24 UAH put without problems will work with this Armenicum

Hello! Discovered another great and, namely NetEx. The operational work of the service, the first time I used this obmenka, and was pleasantly surprised that the money was received even faster than expected. I wish in the future to be punctual and prompt. Translated from I\money to Payza. everything is fine. I read the negative reviews, I hope that this technical problem, and all was resolved.

Translated bitcoin of Ya money. Bitcoin is debited, the transaction is confirmed, the money in the account is not received. Three days have passed. Feedback from the site no. I wrote to the only contact e-mail two letters - silence. Please return the bitcoin. The application number No. 138864

Within 10 minutes from Payza to perfect!Well done!