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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange NaKartu

A good exchanger. Applications run, but we have to wait. The course is always good.

Changed last time a week ago. Minimalny the amount of 50000. As written here many times - you need to wait, the application was executed in a day. Tech support answered. The rest you can say is that the exchanger is reliable (so far, for me), but you need to have some patience to work with him. Completely kompensiruet best course (and most importantly - honest, no commissions).

Please reply in the address #3815 (support at your site)

Checked on their website. The email did not come, he wrote in saport 3 days no answer. Well, how then to work with them

Good exchange, but with a minimum exchange of $2,000 of course tipped... the Option of $1,000 was optimal for the consumer of course. Hope for reduction of the minimal wage, and yet we have to use a less favorable exchange, as well as some of my friends.

Is not highly recommend. the exchanger makes the operation more than 24 hours.

This is not an exchanger but what is sharashkina office what is the limit of such 2000долларов you ebanulsya, one can see that all the reviews wound no support on the website there is no nichrome,which is exchanger for millionaire despite the fact that it's empty not a thing.affiliate program they have where to find such milionera that 200тысячи dollars will change.

Warning! Don't know how they manage to give such a course, but the dollar here is much cheaper than all the other obmenkah. The money comes long, sometimes you have to wait more than a day. In this case, you should write to support.

Guys, no need to write negative reviews, written as "claims processing manual" mode, write to support and after a few minutes the money will be in your account! Enjoy the exchanger for a long time (read carefully the terms and conditions)

Well done guys, feel free to exchange, always the best rates!

Great service, the guys respect you!! Exchange complies with the rules!

Made the first exchange through this exchanger. From the pros: best exchange rate In the regulation of the 12 hours the exchanger does not fit. Had to contact support to complete the exchange. High minimum salary for exchange of RS 50,000.

More than 2 days is not executing the application. Do not respond to emails.

Often make exchanges, is always the best course, but by the time you need to wait. Who is willing to wait, this exchanger for you. Who is not ready, then don't even try to change and then throw tantrums.

1.5 more days ago made exchange No. 105964. the exchange reflected that the funds from me they got, but me still not received. On the support request and email you full ignore! Che kind of nonsense??

All class "ointment goes," all clear and not for the first time, I recommend!! Who can not wait, change for 100wmz, doors everywhere open))

Honesty, Reliability, Responsibility, here's what I can say about this exchanger during the cooperation

Good and conducted a replenishment at $ 4000 everything is fine, but will have to wait a bit , but the course is good

Exchanger not hysterical - write in support of schedule 8 to 23 :)

A little patience and everything will be OK!!!! Really cool exchanger which allows you to earn money beware

The site is buggy. The exchange does not occur. Posted in tech support - more than a day and no answer greetings.

Great website (but need to wait a bit), but in General - well done!

The exchange happened , all is well , but sometimes have to wait a little longer

Enjoy the exchanger for a long time, I can say: pros: - applications run - good rate cons: - especially in recent times the applications are executed only after a call to tech support, goes for 18, 20 hours of no money, I am writing in support and the money comes in for 5-10min. ie the limit of 12 hours do not ukladyvaetsya. second, minimum exchange amount 50000.00 UAH. also installed recently that is not very convenient and makes it hard to share (for me) a sort of exchange for millionaires. In General, if the money need is not urgent, it is a normal exchanger. PS But limit horse))

Warning! Already 15 hours cannot receive payment on the exchange #104692 Support is not responding. By the way, it is not possible to create a support request is not yet registered, is also very convenient!

Money was exchanged. It turns out I tried to exchange money 2 times. The first time was denied,but the second time everything went fine. The money came at a map today at 7.30 am. Everything is fine!

Took WMR to exchange 21.02 ,and the denial of exchange. Where's the refund?

Normal support , the course is excellent , sometimes it may be delayed , it is possible to change large amounts , my exchange was bole 2000 VMZ

Carefully read the specifics of the exchanger ( the exchange is in manual mode). If you write negative reviews exchanger will fall off the front pages. The exchange occurs in a daily period of 24 hours, you may have to wait to email our support team

Exchanger which is trustworthy. I have no comments.

This exchanger has already deceived many people! at the moment they are busy with the national police in Ukraine and opened a criminal case! if there are also victims with Russia serve well as statements to the police and join in group telegrams - coordination cheated "on the map" , then you will be redirected.

Are you guys idiots? Belching should monitor the course? To compensate for the loss? It's just the monitoring that is taking to himself exchangers with reputation! That's it, turn the brain! You must choose who to trust funds, the warhead had nothing to do!

Application No. 106291 18.10.2018 14:39:47 withdraw WMZ on the site application is not fully implemented

Here published "Response : the Owner WMID 775905430976 suspended the right to use the WM funds to the purses of the defendant for satisfaction of claims do not exist." Then you need to involve the defendant and the system webmoney since to me they gave an answer here: [img][/img] And it was at the time of the partial blocking of VMID on debit transactions(22.10.2018 g) Propose to communicate here:

Guys , calm down, the pyramid collapsed. Think of yourself, whether you are who give the money. Esoi b negative Tasymov was 2-3 pieces then maybe, but right now if we imagine hypothetically that the exchanger will pay all the debts of the trust to him will be gone. And the guys who was in charge of this exchanger not crooks and of course understand that you have to repay all makes no sense. For SA I will say more if even attract cyberpolice chance is almost 0 because it grew money like WebMoney, poison or kiwi will never share a user base of their customers so never provide tranferee chain representatives of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine. And to loss track will be enough to do the transaction for example with WebMoney on Yandex with Yandex money, QIWI then the output on the map. Such transfer chains it is not possible to track faster than all these accounts are fully cash even if it wants Russia's FSB

So hurried, wanted to convert the currency ruble - hryvnia on the map Private Bank 06.01.19 to contact them you can not, not in the mail not in support of the site, according to the regulations, the money had to come not later than 12 hours, it's already been 4 days :( will Try to return the money and I will have to block it support services with Yandex Money.

Guys, what are you hoping for? Elementary matimatika, expelling the money back and the same money back I was in the black 50-60$ I could not understand the mystery until I received an offer to leave your exchange in the form of a Deposit and receive each week a certain percentage to the account. Here then I understood everything and asked to complete the application (well that it was completed) And after that it took just a couple of weeks and the exchanger is going to be Scam. Someone else came by these proposals?

Application No. 106347 20.10.2018 15:10:26 Privat24 - WMZ. Initially said that perhaps the application will not perform and will make refund on the card, but time has passed and things are there, neither WMZ nor return to the map. While support is still answering, and they say that try as quickly as possible to settle all the problems.

Here now I have a dilemma. I trust WM-Privat. Trusted For A Card. I worked with them through In the future I will need to again commit such operations. What do I do if how it turns out except in words does not give any guarantees? For a card do not solve the issue. All hung. BestChange promised on Friday to the end of the day to transfer all the data, including from customers of the second exchange office, the users and law enforcement bodies for excitation of criminal cases about the fraud, but for some reason was moved to Tuesday. I hope they still will fulfill his promise and will contribute to scraem the resolution of this issue. To date, obsluzhivanie WMID for a Card suspended. Are funds on the purses there. Who is affected by the actions of a Card join:

People! You idiots? Have obmenkah the problems started back in the 20's of October. What you need to be to continue to be money there so far?

This exchanger is cheating, application 106457 not met. Support is not responding (the screen shot: ), the letters also do not answer.

Long past 12 hours, no money on the card is still there. In the letter, tech support is not responding. I knew it was necessary for others to use

Alexander and Andrew, the authors of two recent posts, what side here BestChange is to blame? The card worked seamlessly for a long time, confirm this personally, because my circulation through it were thousands of WMZ. Accordingly, For A Card.kom deservedly remained on the list of exchangers, until recently, until people started complaining about non-payment. "I worked with them through" what??? BestChange just a convenient service that lists courses relevant exchange and not a guarantee of some sort. Charges out of nowhere. Guys, I understand that you are burned and you are looking for the return of their money, but keep yourself under the adequacy. PS I Wonder what information you expect to get from BestChange that she was able to help law enforcement agencies to prosecute fraud... Remind that in Ukraine the use of WebMoney banned who had gathered there statements to the police to Lodge, and himself a Card.kom registered in Russia.

That of course is delaying the time that would be harder to track then VMZ

A known scammer in the search throws people for money :( data from Yandex Money on professional account: 410011725227367 name: Bobrovsky, Alexey Evgenievich Address: Ukraine, Odessa region, Odessa, PR-t M. Zhukova, 14-G-45

Nikolas is immediately obvious that a idiot can see that so if You can just insult people. More than just what applications people continued delte from bookmarks in the browser and not through a monitoring, therefore did not see that the site is engaged in fraud.

Fucking website. Filed a complaint in the Federal service. Before the New year threw at 10,000 RUB Money is still there and the caliper is silent.

Night wanted to trade.. still nothing. Wrote in a support. Waiting for an answer. If so , the claim will be removed.

[Opinion deleted by moderator]

Here's how to be to lie in a single text? "You can safely carry out exchanges at exchange offices listed in the active state on our monitoring." And a few sentences there: "Therefore we will not be liable in case of loss ...." If not for the finding nakartu in Your rankings I think one of the victims agreed to exchange for nainam online sum of $2000-$10000, if not Your empty words about "proved resources". As you can see now the last day of the exchanger WMZ bought at the 28.20 and sold at 27,20 working at a loss, cash collected for kidka. You generally do not monitor about hosted exchange? You in reviews more than half a year there are reviews about the constant delay of payment in 2-10 days on hand nakartu (subject to rules 1-12 hours) and You didn't? Any warning from Your side of the exchanger. No warnings to customers that the limit of one exchange of $1800 and a delay of 10 days bells of possible fraud. If I saw this or read the warning stopped working with them instantly. Every second opinion - a few days passed, no money until you write to support. Is You allowed to work a few years exchanger which could permanently delay payments from 1-2 days to a week or two. And You have privalo. You have helped to bring the situation when they are from 8 to 22 November collect a huge Desk and give only to those that began to write complaints. If You don't promise anybody nothing and don't guarantee what "... can safely carry out exchanges" I understand You have no guilt and responsibility from their part? You the main drain situation down, what would ustavna majority of customers didn't even know about the fraud with Your help of $100-200k at least written and officially apologized poterpevshim for the fact that they threw using You. And compensating at least a small part of the losses of the people, having received a Commission from nakartu to vyplata victims. It is a few years obviously made quite a decent amount, which I paid, and others were deceived. Although why the money has not smell? Cool to be a respectable and responsible online and never have to answer. Good luck. PS Two Пр24 exchange-WMZ. Kidok 140K UAH

To the wise guy Sergey! I learned about the existence of only thanks On the exchange page they have emblazoned the following information: "the safety of the exchangers You can trust any of the sites exchangers, which are provided by our monitoring. In the ranking of our monitoring can be shown secure only exchange items that have been checked by our Manager. They all have high levels of BL, TS, decent reserves and a long experience in the exchange business." I as the injured person, after reading this information trusted and made the exchange. If I noticed the warning that ANY of the exchangers can deceive me and the exchange I'm talking about surju at your own risk, I would think 100 times whether to provide me the exchange here, or you can go to the exchange from my window!

Where is the promised statement for a card? Forward information about a card from the Bestchange.

If this is a planned action, the money for the bag are long gone. I understand were all those who translated wmr UAH hence all claims on the other side of the fence.

Administration BestChange also on full ignore for calls - what could it be?

On the website missing button I/o webmoney. Tomorrow I go with the statement to the cyberpolice on Grudinina Vassily card number 4731185601925305

Support site works and responds. But no specific deadlines.

Sasha, do not escalate the situation, that's just because of people like You a bunch of misinformation! On the contrary if the exchanger will solve the problem, then its credibility will be even more! recently received a:: 24.10.2018 19:15:54 Admin Hello again. We do everything we can to have everything completed soon, despite the continued opposition of certain interested otherwise. -- it is likely they have problems!

Application #106332 for 19,10,2018 g has not transferred nor WMZ, asked to return the money on the card, there is also no reaction!

1) Paid applications № 106038 08.10.2018 23:13:05 2) Paid order No. 106319 19.10.2018 10:35:04 Both are not met

You can file a lawsuit and try to return the money but the price of the claim is $ 200, and if the money in the wallet he has no then return you nothing and the service limitation of service will have to pay