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Current exchange rates

Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽2.49499800₽13,265
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.36231000₴260,509
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1.96078400₽0
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.35928000₴260,509
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney US Dollar $0.03521100$7,570
Webmoney US Dollar $1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴28.20000000₴260,509
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽0.94496500₽0
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽0.94551500₽0
Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney US Dollar $0.01315800$7,570
Webmoney US Dollar $1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽60.81700000₽0
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Alfa-Bank Russian Ruble ₽0.95807900₽0
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Alfa-Bank Russian Ruble ₽0.96120000₽0
Webmoney US Dollar $1Alfa-Bank Russian Ruble ₽63.01040000₽0

Reviews NaKartu

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange NaKartu

Used for a long time. Best exchanges and reliable service. Thank you.

Constantly change the Poison in Private. Without problems and hold. Everything is simple and fast.

8 WMU/UAH 1? Are you really gone mad?

What kind of exchanger, the minimum exchange amount 1000 USD?????

Exchange WMZ -> Privat24 UAH took about 1 minute, everything is done perfectly.

Thank you for reliable service.

Why not running a secure connection on the website?

Everything is fine!

Did not have time to piss, grandmother came, respect dudes!

Very good exchange, thanks for sharing!

Exchange wmz to Privat within minutes,at a good cups suggest !!!

Yesterday changed at 1K.e. Paid tech hours 7. Today it is still ordered. The course above the competition. Thanks, everything is OK :)

Good day, I withdrew money from WMZ it's been about 5 hours, and the money is not credited, support silent operation number #103226

As mentioned earlier, for the best exchange rate you have to sacrifice time. As a rule, your rules guys fit, but sometimes there are delays. The support always solves these problems. Exchanger not hysterical)

Pleasantly surprised that the charge came in late Sunday night (expect to no earlier than Monday-Tuesday). The money went day. Recommend.

Thank you! The processing time in manual mode was a statement from 1 to 12 hours.The money is transferred in 3 hours! Thank you recommend!

Does not the continue button after entering personal data.

I enjoyed it. Thank you.

Exchange wmz to Privat within minutes!!! Thank you!!!

Exchange Privat24 to WMZ in the best course within 12h. Thanks, working on.

The transaction went quickly, but came in on second time. Waiting kompensiruet course! Exchanger recommend!

Thank you, the request was fulfilled relatively quickly, sorry that will not lower the amount of 1K VSW, at least 500, would be more applications

After 16 hours, the money was never transferred.

Guys that was quick! You just struck me))) Super in General, fire! Thank you very much

Admin why the link on your website is not protected ? Just because of this, I immediately refused to work with you, even the best rate.

Fast, reliable, no problems. Thank you.

Change is not the first time to WMZ Privat24. Everything goes within the rules. Tonight there was a delay on the side of Private. The support helped very quickly to solve the problem. Thank you! We will continue to cooperate.

Hello! Transfer Privat WebMoney has been more than 20 hours, the application is not executed.Please understand. Wrote in tehpotdergka, the answer is no. application #95742

The same thing was waiting for withdrawal more than 15 hours, at least fulfilled the request, but such service I personally do not need. The most interesting has made a request for a smaller amount brought instantly, in General, do not know what they have going on there not respond to messages. I am unhappy, although I enjoyed and everything was clear.

UAH - the POISON I'm all messed up in the application ... card no, name :) They are probably aware of some of the old inflated delivered But payment came faster than we have time to understand it.

The exchanger is not running. Failed to exchange wmz to Privat 24

The exchange happened , all is well , but sometimes have to wait a little longer

Money was exchanged. It turns out I tried to exchange money 2 times. The first time was denied,but the second time everything went fine. The money came at a map today at 7.30 am. Everything is fine!

Took WMR to exchange 21.02 ,and the denial of exchange. Where's the refund?

As always great course. Worth it to wait 12-15 hours (there is sometimes a delay in excess of regulations)). Long live the project!

Excellent service with the best rate! Be sure to read the conditions before applying. A long waiting period (up to 12 hours), due to the course upon application, significantly above market.

In the last couple of days have made several exchanges in the amount of 3K $, I Liked the fact that fulfilling their obligations, fulfill requests, which is very important for me, therefore I use again, But from minuses - dolgovato have to wait, sometimes you need to potreplyut after 12 hours (maybe collect the funds), but to me it does not matter, the main thing that is performed under contract by Savkov and not making childish/silly excuses for something else and so on ( I've done it all) So honestly, transparently, reliably, recommend.

Probably three years are already changing here. Really no commissions were not. How much is written on the website when filling out the application, as and comes. The students below with vague comments that apparently do almost nothing changed - just frenzy :)

Before to exchange my WMZ to Privat, decided to contact. but for several days no one answers through feedback and through correspondence WebMoney. think 100 times before you withdraw your WMZ.

Application No. 103986 it's been 17 hours!!! Within a specified time (1-12 hours) the money never entered the map, please understand.

Thank you! The application was carried out in the specified time, we will be friends. More customers and prosperity.

Awesome exchange :) the Course is always much better than the nearest competitor up to 2%. Introduced quite a large amount, and no problems. Well, except for the time - get used to it, in large amounts, maybe two days. Don't know where these days revolve my money, WMZ but still coming :) How to write a opinion earlier, the exchanger is not for hysterical. Not for those who need a WM Already.

Everything is super! Quickly and at the best rate! Recommend...

Enjoy the exchanger for a long time, I can say: pros: - applications run - good rate cons: - especially in recent times the applications are executed only after a call to tech support, goes for 18, 20 hours of no money, I am writing in support and the money comes in for 5-10min. ie the limit of 12 hours do not ukladyvaetsya. second, minimum exchange amount 50000.00 UAH. also installed recently that is not very convenient and makes it hard to share (for me) a sort of exchange for millionaires. In General, if the money need is not urgent, it is a normal exchanger. PS But limit horse))

Warning! Already 15 hours cannot receive payment on the exchange #104692 Support is not responding. By the way, it is not possible to create a support request is not yet registered, is also very convenient!

Normal support , the course is excellent , sometimes it may be delayed , it is possible to change large amounts , my exchange was bole 2000 VMZ

Profitable, reliable. Adequate support.

For me it's no longer just the exchanger, and a reliable partner. Thank you.

Waiting for the payment till the last half hour,read the reviews and was a little scared,I hope the payoff will come in time,as the money is needed urgently

Cool exchanger recently all the cool, higher rate than others this is important) the Only drawback is the time that the application is processed, but it's tolerable if not where do not rush))

Don't know the exchanger suspicious. Chose 2 different exchanger introduced the same amount and got VERY different figures. The point is that this exchanger is a huge Commission in spite of the low price.

Once again, waiting for more than a day. Wanted to write here, but apparently without this negative exchange can't work. Yesterday 10am was issued ticket # 104150 in the direction 6936 WMZ to Privat. For more than a day payout no. Addressed mail promised within 2 hours to solve. It took 3 hours - the result is 0! Draw your own conclusions...

Hanging first in the list because a good exchange rate, but in fact on the website you can't change money, just does not work like a lure, I because of this misinformation lost a decent % (

Application number #103689 within a specified time (1-12 hours) the money never entered the map, please understand.

Application form for 800 WMZ done on time. Thank you.

Great website (but need to wait a bit), but in General - well done!