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Specialization exchange WebMoney to PayPal (and PayPal to WebMoney).

All the operations of the exchange, purchase and sale of electronic currencies we process quickly and accurately in a timely manner. Exchange Webmoney to PayPal will take from one to several hours (max 24 hours). Replenishment of Webmoney occurs instantly after the receipt of funds from You. The flow of funds to your account after the withdrawal Webmoney takes from 24 to 48 hours depending on the method of payment. We are an authorized exchange office Webmoney payment system more than 10 years, the exchanger guarantees the security of operations with title signs Webmoney.



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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange My-XChange

Well done guys! Support on top, helped to get out of a stalemate situation immediately! Recommend!

Ordered a withdrawal 109,99 euros to a Bank account in Cyprus using SWIFT, for it gave 9352.76 WMR + Commission WebMoney. The guys did the transfer quickly, within 2 days the money already received on account. The Commission is of course great, but also in banks for the same service it is the same.

Working quickly, the online chat at the height of everything you need to know and advise how best to do the translation and to obtain as quickly as possible. 5 minutes and ready translations into the hands of go to the Bank and get that money. Well done

Great service! Withdrawal of WMZ to the Crown. Work quickly, answer all the questions. Within 15 min after transfer WM sent the Crown. Recommened!

The service is just the BOMB, your transfer experience as their own, all clarify 5 times every time and it's great, I'm very happy! Definitely Like & Paid Programs I!

Bestchange issued the exchanger as an option output WMR through the service Golden Crown. When you try to make withdrawals - the exchange said that the implementation of the transfer in Your country (Russian Federation) is not possible. Why this exchange offer as the requested output if it is in fact this operation is not able to perform?

Very high quality exchanger, and help in the flesh before small problems with the payment, the only negative high % commisi but what they do is worthy of the money.

I go to the monitor and see that the rate with the Commission 1 WMZ to RUB 64.11 map, go to website, choose and this trend is 63.22 course , is the humor???? or is it still the most intelligent decided that I will go and make the exchange , what for I waste my time with these wise men who cheat, need to remove such obmenkah.

Always use exchangers .. In large amounts ! Everything happens quickly, even on weekends ! Glad I found this service !

the service is DECEIVING people! The transfer fee for a Visa/MasterCard dollar is about 7 (SEVEN)% !!!!! DO NOT BELIEVE SCAMMERS! RIPPED OFF ON HIDDEN FEES! Everything is in screenshots! Will upload all later!!!!!!!! AVOID THROWING!

Thank you for the good service really fast exchange with the normal Commission rekamenduyu this service all the support is always in place and quickly answers all questions politely .

Exchanged bitcoin to paypal/Everything quickly and without problems.Thank you very much!

It quickly, conveniently,will come back

Was very pleased with the service! Last night filed a request to withdraw 325$ WebMoney via Contact. In the morning I got money in the Bank. Support was quick to respond on Skype and answered all my questions. Service fee the best on the market. First class service! I will use in the future.

Urgently needed to send WMZ to Western Union - the guys from the soul pleased! Sent more than I expected, as Western took less than the stated fee. Thank you!

Changed PP EUR to WMR, was a little delayed, but helpful TC all quickly changed

Wonderful service. Making the translation from WMR to the crown. Got the transfer code just a couple of minutes. The online chat works very quickly, told what and how to proceed. What about support special thanks for their professionalism!

Wanted to send more money.. But decides to check the little things.. well now.. very glad I was to do that They and 1000 steal campaign( Waiting from 2 August their money. Concludes wmr on the card ru the Bank. Treat about the fact that the Bank is not open))

In fact, steal personal data. I wanted to buy their WMZ by Bank transfer. On the order page is not written anywhere that such transactions are not suitable for a formal certificate. Fill out the form, but the lure of my phone, email, other personal data - then stop, you only need a personal passport. Well, they have the right not to work with formal certificates, it's not a problem. I asked for a caliper to remove my personal data from their database - well-founded requirement is MINE, not data, and I decide what to do with them. Plus, we never worked - they're after stealing my data said that they do not fit. Why should they store my personal data, which you can use to give me in the network of another person, or in order to spam me? Response of position: "unfortunately the deletion is not possible" I Wonder where this data comes up then?

Sneaky exchanger. Would like to exchange bitcoins to perfect. Here bestchange rate of the 555, and when you go to the site 476. Awesome arithmetic I lived.

Great exchanger.Withdrawal of WMZ through the service Golden Crown.The application was processed in just a few minutes. Spoke on Skype. Answered all the questions.Thanks for the quick and efficient work. You are a super.

The direction of the pm exchange$ for bitcoin not, take this exchange, though not an eyesore to its left rate and most importantly the absence of any such direction of exchange in principle; PayPal and Webmoney, any more than it does not work

Did the withdrawal to Visa with this WMZ exchanger three times. The first time everything went well, the small amount within half hour the money came from. The second time after 4ри hours after confirmation of payment WMZ. Without seeing his money, asked to support - and received the answer that the visa service is not working. Notify they did not wish need. Now, on the website the status of "work". The money I paid with WMZ , the payment is processed. But for the visa, no one handles my order. Passed 8m hours, support is silent, silent Skype, ICQ not responding. Here's how they work.

Very high quality service, currency exchange, concludes WMZ Visa, RUB More or less large sum of the money received very fast within 30 minutes. Shall work ;) good luck to you! PS a Huge thank you to online support, respond quickly and to the point

Despite the night, the service made the exchange in a matter of minutes.Recommend!

The amount on this site and in the exchanger do not match. The amount is and the amount on the website I'm tired of these lies and I don't want to spend their time in their detection. Admin belching, for you normal this situation? Because your resource will also write negative reviews.

Thanks to this exchanger. Before him was trying to cash out on other exchanges, but failed. And then support at height, answered all my questions, and helped, and money via Golden Crown quickly moved in for 15 minutes. I'm honestly worried, I do the kettle...but that's fine.

Thank you very much for assistance in operation and professional support of consultants.

One of the best exchange in my opinion :-) Very happy with them.

best service My-Xchange