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The main advantages of the service MonsterChange are its versatility and time saving. Our service will help you to carry out operations with electronic money such as, for example, to fill the purse of webmoney to your purse Yandex money, you can buy or sell webmoney (WebMoney), use the exchanger webmoney and other electronic currencies. If you have problems with work MonsterChange, you can ask us a question via the feedback form in contacts. 1. Select the currency and the currency You want to. 2. Enter the amount the exchange or you want to receive. 3. Complete the application form on the exchange (data protection). 4. Wait a few minutes and check the application. Fast processing of applications, stable reserves. We give 100% guarantee of funds transfer. Cumulative system of discounts and bonuses. We do not disclose information about the operations MonsterChange will never ask You for passwords to e-wallets, e-mail or authorization. The request outright fraud. If You received a letter supposedly from the Manager MonsterChange, with a request to sell or buy in private is a fraud. The exchange is carried out only through our official website upon request. After receiving a suspicious letter signed by the administration, please contact us. Be careful.


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Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Alfa-Bank Russian Ruble ₽0.98765432₽161,858
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Tinkoff Bank Russian Ruble ₽0.98765432₽472,872
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽0.98765432₽549,115
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1QIWI Russian Ruble ₽0.98048828₽4,453
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Bitcoin ₿0.00000231₿0
QIWI Russian Ruble ₽1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽0.88691796₽549,115
QIWI Russian Ruble ₽1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1.00502513₽0
QIWI Russian Ruble ₽1Bitcoin ₿0.00000220₿0
Bitcoin ₿1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽403,200.13580000₽0

Reviews MonsterChange

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange MonsterChange

Application #87542 it's been 48 hours and no money. Yandex.Money 1500R. - Sberbank 1500R

Money exchange 87484 not have done this, 63 hours have passed, support says nothing whiter than 48 hours, according to the tradition, I write here...

Another exchange more than 100k POISON on the BEAC was successful!

Exchange No. 87427 has been more than 48 hours! Drive it already

I write to you for the second time an e-mail do not receive feedback. Want to exchange for the amount above 50,000 rubles.

Application #87466 (1622 Yandex.Money 1622 Sberbank) please, swipe sharing

Day 5 and still no money!

Exchange number: 87403. 48 hours ended. No money!

On Saturday I submitted the translation with Yandex Money to the card Sberbank. It's been 4 days - the money does not come. Payment status: "Error.Your translation is accepted. Unfortunately, in the process, the robot has failed. We have been notified and are already working on the problem." If it is technical fault, I'll fix it. Guys, could you advise what else can you do in this situation.

The failure occurred in the exchange - "Error.Your translation is accepted. Unfortunately, in the process, the robot has failed. We have been notified and are already working on the problem. "It's been 3 days - the problem is not resolved, support is silent! Return the money!!!!!!!

Frivolous somehow relevant, although work with other people's money. The delay for 48 hours, after which you still have to write in the TP and the money will suddenly appear and you think whether they themselves finally spent, whether the letter was seen. Then the error in the exchange, from TP again no reaction. Time goes, money is needed, the existence of TP in doubt. Well, as this exchanger to trust more than the sum of the 1000R? It's all on obmenu POISON on the BEAC, maybe other areas are better, but more is not desirable.

It has been more than 48 hours the money still havent Highly do not recommend this exchanger Exchange No. 87214: 2500 Yandex.Money to 2500 Sberbank

Guide Exchange No. 87427 Wait!!! Thanks in advance.

please list #87308 #87311 #87312

Hello dear,how long can you wait ?!!!money back !

Almost 3 days have transferred the money instead of 2 days. But moved all of them. Minus time. If not done in 48 hours, you do not need to write 48. Write 3 or 4 day. Do not mislead.

The direction of the Yandex-Sberbank. 48 hours have passed. Why aren't you answering tech support? If they don't work weekends, and it is necessary to write, not free schedule.

Draw # 87983. The money was transferred and the exchanger took them. But I money on the BEAC has not received. On letter does not answer.

Waiting for 5 day of his translation of Yandex on the BEAC. Understand that the exchanger blatantly deceiving people. Here is my application number: 87248, money is not forthcoming. This is a Scam.

Thank you. It's all good. Fast, convenient, high quality.

Many thanks for the exchanges. Yes, often detained for more than 48 hours exchange with the Poison on the BEAC, but don't take almost percent. who does not burn, I highly recommend this exchanger! Translated large amounts and is very happy.

Exchange No. 87946 no money.

Traditionally reminded of 87864 request, 48 hours have passed.

The same story POISON-the BEAC from July 5 N87676. Maybe we should try collectively these Scam?...who's ready?

Application No. 87689 from 05.07.18 not met. It has been more than 48 hours!

Application No. 87699 from 05.07.18 exchange Yandex Sberbank is still not done. On letter do not answer, may not work on the weekend. Waiting for my money.

54 hours have passed, request the POISON on the BEAC No. 87775 not met.

Hello in my application No. 87590, it took more than 70 hours.waiting for the translation

Exchange No. 87583. So far there is no information. There is no money. The problem is not solved. Its delays are very framed person

The next transfer was successful!

Draw # 87604. It's been more than 48 hours. The money has not yet come.

Please transfer the Poison-the BEAC

I do not understand. money with the poison when you go to the BEAC after the claims on the website, bestchange?

Came money exchange No. 87382, it's been more than 48 hours

The promised money "in the evening" no. Write the claim. With the claims you have faster turns, so we will act like that.

As always-all super! Kivi-J. D. didn't have time, as they say, to blink.

Number: 88157. Paid nearly on time than required. Please complete the exchange) 2 day wait. And so, the exchanger is really like)

Translation of Yandex in the exchange Sberbank No. 88176 writes crashing the robot .The admins will solve the problem .

Reply Eugene. Twist your funds 2-3 days into your goals, this "trick", I guess) Immediately warned that up to 48 hours "delayed" exchange, though in fact usually more. Using the form on the website we will remind about yourself and money will come. Good exchanger, if not to panic ahead of time.

Exchange Yandex. money to Sberbank. According to Your calculator give 1000R. and get the 1000R. on the BEAC! 0% Commission ??? What's the catch?

Exchange Yandex.The money in the savings Bank are made only after the claims here. From the moment of payment on my part it took 65 hours. Conclusion - on the exchange in the direction Yandex.Money to Sberbank exchanger does not work in automatic mode and performs the transfer only after receiving claims and third-party sites (here, for example) Because the claim is deleted after the payment is only positive and neutral comments. Citizens pay a more fair opinion on the reviews - for example on MyWOT

Exchange No. 87402 POISON->Sberbank, committed more than 60 hours ago. No money, support is silent. Complete, please transfer

Application No. 87421. Sent the translation with Yandex money to Sberbank. The translation is kind of like 48 hours, and the money still no. It's a shame. I hope support solve the problem.

Application No. 87107. Sent the translation with Yandex money to Sberbank. On June 30. Weekend passed. According to the rules is 48 hours. Weekends are not considered, but the weekend passed and after the weekend has passed 48 hours. Write to tech support - no answer. Money hung in the air. I left on vacation without money. Hard and sad....

exchange #86862 money is not forthcoming within weeks, two of my letters of support did not answer

Exchange Kiwi for a POISON made in less than a minute.

Money exchange 87185 not received, 48 hours passed, support again says nothing whiter than 48 hours.

Application #87253 took 4 days, the money in the direction of the Yandex-Sberbank did not come.

Draw # 87647. Exchange Yandex. it's been 3 days, no answer not a greeting. If you want to save time, it is better not to get involved. Please transfer funds

48 hours have passed, request the POISON on the BEAC No. 87713 is not executed. Traditionally, I write here a complaint. Waiting for the money!!!

Understand thrown? the application for 40 thousand rubles, 48 hours is long gone

Application 87616 Yandex. Money to Sberbank 65 hours - Money is not perechisleny and no information. This obmennik?

Thank you, often change Yandex, Kiwi, all zaschibis, most would have been filled with the reserves of the kiwi, and it would be great!

Application #87508 it took more than 60 hours (the site promises not less than 48 hours) money in the direction of the Yandex-Sberbank did not come. Don't know how in other areas vary, Yandex-Sberbank is not recommended. How long will arrive is not known, support to email: not responsible and action is taken.

Kiwi changed the POISON, everything went quickly. Commission of 0.5%!!!!!!! Recommend!!!

Exchange No. 87490: Yandex.Money to Sberbank (July 3, 2018 5:10 PM) still not done. The money is needed urgently. Technical support as in the comments below silent. Comply with its obligations!

Exchange No. 87401 POISON->Sberbank, committed 60+ hours ago. No money, support is silent. Complete, please transfer

21.06.2018 was made exchange for 5000 roubles from Yandex.Money to Sberbank today 05.07.2018 (it's been much more than 48 hours), the transfer was never executed. Wrote to technical support, no reply received. When will the translation? (application #86427)

It's been 9 days since the payment exchange POISON on the BEAC. The money was never credited, in short if you do not write pritenzy of money you can forget

Expect your translations. Kind of like 48 hours have passed.

Application No. 87264. Do not carefully read the conditions in the exchange Yandex money, and a day later wrote to support. Replied fairly quickly, within the hour, stating that under the terms of the exchange should take 48 hours. After this period the money never came, and the support stopped responding... And here I sit on vacation in Kaliningrad, without the amount hoped for. Sad...

If you create the application Yandex Sberbank, within what time the application will be processed.

Translation of "Draw # 87583" on 50 thousand with POISON on the BEAC, has been more than 48 hours, there is no translation. Wrote to tech support and silence. The transfer status changes to "Error in processing the robot has failed". Guys, when people read about 48 hours, they're counting on these deadlines, and you have them sacko's comments do not comply with the principle

Everyone decides for himself that for him the priority. I have a priority - low Commission on the exchange. Exchanged the order of 400K through the exchanger for a couple of months, thus got a benefit of $ 15K rubles. Yes, there are delays for 2-7 days, no one is arguing that. But in the end its obligations exchanger performs to the fullest! Once again grateful for the work done, thank you.

People, a miracle happened! After 6 days completed exchange from 24.08 for a decent amount (literally an hour ago). Admin wrote back - "we ran into the limits and the funds were frozen until the 1st of the new month" and was asked to remove the negative. "We are not scammers and always fulfill their commitments, although such problems :(" If you don't cheat and the others, there is hope, expected September 1!

People, thanks for this exchanger was a feeling from the moment you install them of course from 0,995 BEAC for 1ЯД., i.e. may this year. Logic in such exchanges, zero, because they still have to pay some % for your savings. MMM clean water. However, if you scroll to 1 month ago you will see that at the end of July was brewing kallaps and even then I wrote that if they correct the situation and give debt some people believe that they are really "cool" and fetches them in droves. Apparently they did (judging by the amount of red reviews). however, by analogy with the end of July do not exclude that by the end of the month, they do choose what limits (nonsense probably) and 1st in the number of trample. However, in July there was one major difference - they were not disabled on Bestchange and I believe it is not important enough. PS if you liked (not loved) my opinion, write chenit that I tried in vain ))

People, don't waste time, submit complaints through the services of Yandex, so it will be at least some chance to cancel the transfer back. As well as write in reviews wallets exchanger, where the transfer to the admin is not able to use them further, replacing "the sign".

Exchange No. 90896 not met. It's been more than 48 hours

Application No. 90871 8000 Yandex.Money for 8,000 Sberbank been 48 hours. Complete exchange.

Wrote an email that urgently need a POISON, literally, and I quote: "sharing Time with no more delays 48 hours." 5th day came no answer, nor greetings.

Application #90880 C Yandex money for Tinkoff, make a translation) 48 hours have passed

August 21, ordered exchange, the money does not come. Written in 48 hours to them in the mail. And there is no answer.

Hello, let's complete the exchange. Thank you.

Exchange No. 90798 not met. It took 63 hours

It has been more than 48 hours. The exchange is not performed.

Applications 90675 and 90676 Third day passed, support promised to pay, but nothing yet. After receipt, the claim will remove

A week later the money arrived. Thank you. So don't lose hope.

Thank you, the translation is complete . It's nice that the conscience of the admin woke up. Although a big delay. Translate, but keep in mind that there may be a large delay. As they say miser pays twice

Alexander, I read all the reviews (soo) and not once have me there 25.08 they worked and if you read the reviews a couple of days earlier, you would have done....lucky

Wrote them long and hard, because the money was needed urgently. Finally completed the exchange. Bang) never finds itself in such an exchange.

I was advised this exchanger because of the best course. But after reading the comments, I decided not to use its services. A lot of unhappy customers. I advise everyone, before you use this exchanger, read the reviews!

19 Aug hangs exchange No. 90505 (Yandex money->Tinkoff). Complete the translation!

Many times exchanged through the mail, wrote that the urgent need of Yandex. Made through mail exchange, said that the train exchange in 48 hours, it took more than 80 hours, the mail is not the answer.. the money on the card is not sent..

Exchange 90847, it's been 48+14=62 hours complete please.

Application complete please ! #90690

Complete the exchange please. More than 3 days have passed already

Complete exchange 90822 from 23.08.2018

Application #90613 (10000 Yandex.Money 10000 a savings Bank) adopted in 20.08.2018 17.46 GMT. At the time of writing the review in 21.28 25.08.2018 the exchange is not made. Complete ignore customer service. Complete exchange.

Application 90700 (29297 Yandex.Money 29297 Tinkoff), do not pay from 21 August 14-20! That is already more than three days!

Application 90667 Yandex. money to Sberbank three days for the money to come

Application No. 90622. on the card Sberbank. It's been more than four days, and the money to me never came. On the website there is an announcement that an error occurred, crashing the robot, fixing. Wrote a day by email - silence.

I understand the exchanger has thrown us....And exchange orders and take

Hello, patience is exhausted for 3 months money is not card wrote tech support is silent, complete ignore wrote 3 times full zero. I do not recommend this otmenny. If the admins will read will be at least happy for the return of funds already prepare the documents to the court that the money was not transferred from Yandex to the BEAC. By requezt to issue a check do not give a complete ignore.

Not completed a exchange from 24 August to 19 thousand poison-SBER was changed through the mail.

Write already the third is money. Exchange 90822 from 23.08.18

Complete my exchange for 30 million, promised the 1st day for any of the limits, the application hangs with.. 24.08 changed through the mail..