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On-line service is designed for those who want to quickly, safely and at a favorable rate to exchange title characters. Within the framework of the project, there is a loyalty program, a cumulative discount and an affiliate program, taking advantage of which you can exchange electronic currencies on more favorable terms. To do this, you just need to register on the site.

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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange Menyay Pro

Great service, quick and easy!

Responded to the request immediately..( about "lost" money) but after treatment the issue of conversion decided instantly .. I will use the service more ! thank you !

Molodsi/ eth otpravila / spasiba

The exchange ended, all very cool and fast

Good service, great course. Recommend.

Excellent service, all quickly, clearly. Thank you very much. coool

Thank you very much to all the staff for a quick efficient work

Exchange AdvCash to PerfectMoney. The money is received. Thank you.

Great service, quick exchange.

Guys operators rescued! For the first time be no Bueno before the recipient has not indicated the letter U............... all the operator quickly decided

Offset. fast

Nice that you are working with small amounts

A good exchanger. came in about ten minutes

All right, thank you very much. Scoring service with an attractive rate.

All OK!!! Recommend!

Fair rate. Keep it up!

Great service, I recommend! Added to bookmark.

A quick exchange!After the second confirmation in a network payment came.

Reliable exchanger, All quickly and efficiently.

All very cool exchanged quickly

With the cue ball on the kiwi quickly. thank you very much

Good exchanger! It quickly and clearly

Spasibo ogromnoe vam

Exchanged some money with Advances on Perfectman. The delay was an hour and a half, but tech support responded, all right. I recommend to all, the percentage is small.

Where is the connection with the operator? it's been more than put time, money advcash took, and perfectmoney is not transferred still

Almost instant

How to get a job at the highest level!!

Clear work! Thank you!!!

The thugs All came

Good course excellent exchanger!

Did the ADV exchange RUB to BTC. After receipt of payment exchange rate was changed twice in the worst side screens attached, friends do not advise./Users/Petr/Desktop/screen Shot 2018-03-29 in 19.26.31.png/Users/Petr/Desktop/screen Shot 2018-03-29 in 19.38.22.png/Users/Petr/Desktop/screen Shot 2018-03-29 in 19.31.40.png

Excellent exchange service! The exchange takes place instantly and at a great rate, problems never arise.

The first time used the exchanger and was not disappointed, they work quickly and professionally, thank you!

Bolshoe spasibo frends

Great service! All quickly and accurately! Will use again!

Used the exchanger for the first time - have bookmarked. Still happy with everything.

Cool, thanks a lot. Everything clearly.

Thank you for the excellent and prompt work! Well done+++

Changed the air in rubles, the exchange was held in a specified timeframe (5 to 30 minutes). + operational support on the website.

Warning! Change small amounts. The exchange very quickly. Thank you very much.

Everything is fine Thank you

Funds paid, everything is OK.

Reliable exchange, make exchanges on the not large sums, transferred quickly and accurately, without any delay, etc. I recommend the exchange!

Thanks for the quick exchange, nice to work with you!

These guys somehow believe that he can take the exchange rate, what they like at the time of payment. Exchange BTC to YM: the Fixed exchange rate 455 857.73 Payment and 3 network confirmation. Silence, no money. Then the course BTC is falling, there is no money. After 2 hours comes the translation, but at the new rate – 439 931.55 highly recommend the Exchange office, Minipro.Russia, if it doesn't matter at what rate to change

Thank you,dear.Very reliable and fast. The main conditions are very suitable. Again,thank you!

Made PM on ADV Written the treatment time from 2 to 10 minutes and eventually an hour passed, the exchange never implemented. Support no. Everyone is silent. It is not recommend this service!

Taking into account the Commission of payment system Perfect Money (1.5029 USD) , you get 98.6875 = this is the promised of 100.19 ( exchange ADV 100 on PW )- Support told thank you for your attention fix. Calculating inattentive ?))

Application 26472, made a partial payment and was gone now for three hours, and do not respond to emails

Do your first exchange, Me about and was very pleased with the efficiency and responsiveness of operators. Now only here!!!