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Qiwi, Privat24, savings Bank, BitCoin, Perfect Money and others. The exchange operation is performed automatically and takes about 5 minutes to 12 hours, depending on the direction of exchange. All operations are performed anonymously. Mon. — Fri. from 6:00 to 24:00, Sat. — Sun. free schedule.

The exchange operation is performed automatically and takes about 5 minutes to 12 hours, depending on the direction of exchange! All operations are done anonymously!



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July 19, 2018 05:43
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Bitcoin ₿1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽433,102.19803000₽8,000,000

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Here I read the reviews and wonder. All write that work quickly and efficiently, and advice great. But I tried to find out from the earlier mentioned consultant Sergei, during which time the average or even maximum will be exchanged? Alas, within a three-minute dialogue did not hear at least a rough answer to your question. Maybe 30 minutes, maybe an hour, maybe two..... ? Depends on the queue of my application, from sharing from card to card - what's the problem? Don't understand. Absolutely do not want or anything bad to say about guys. Maybe a really good exchanger, since so many positive reviews? But that's something I like that I was confused, doubted? Unfortunately, I have. :(

Super! Respect! Quickly. No problem! Recommend. Special thanks to the operator Sergei.

Quick, operator made 2 of the translation, without any problem, the course is excellent.

Successfully within a few moments, exchanged Sberbank card, bitcoins. Liked the quick work of a Manager, I recommend the service to everyone!

A quick exchange. The operator gave details, sent details, got to Btc wallet.

All arrived promptly, the operator quickly responded to all questions. recommend!

Worked quickly. Customer-oriented service. Like!

Very good service, all quickly, efficiently, and comfortably!

Warning!!!! Worked quickly!!!! Special THANKS to Constantine! All functions work very convenient!!!

The exchanger is great,it quickly comes to enjoy repeatedly.

The exchange of air was in manual mode, the money came from the savings Bank within the hour. Support answered very promptly and courteously. Delving into my request quickly do the translation, in General, I recommend!

Great exchanger)all quickly and efficiently)I Recommend!

Good exchanger! traded a decent amount,you can quickly tell approximately within 3-4 hours. all happy, thank you!

Everything is super fast and seamless, well done!!!!

All cool! In 40 minutes has translated into SBER, 43 min appeared transaction on entrance

Very good service!!!!! the transaction went off without a hitch !!

Great service. Just super.

Everything is fine! Exchange almost instantly!!! ALL SUGGEST.

Great exchanger. I liked that the consultant connection. Very happy customer. Suggest, and Rate good!

Quickly and honestly, changed several times. everything is always clearly and quickly

Exchange Sberbank to BTC, after payment in few minutes to perform the operation.

Everything is fine, give the link for tracking the transaction

Efficiently and quickly, super exchanger! Recommend!

Excellent service, with Sberbank on the bitcoin per minute of it,surprised,honestly. Keep it up.

Already time 7 I use the service... was always happy!

All very quickly - immediately saw in the wallet waiting buy now!

As always, major translations are done perfectly. Quickly, with minimal commissions. The staff is always ready to meet, actually in the top 3 of the best exchangers.

Changed 3 times in small amounts, everything is always clear and honest, the course is usually one of the best

Bought Btc on 82к, instant! Thank you very much!

102.000 R BEAC with bitcoin. Pretty quickly it went, happy)

In the process of translation has been nice with the operator, and Sberbank are quickly made. The course has a very good catch. Excellent Thank You!