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Every day more and more growing popularity of virtual currencies. Modern people really value their time and easy and quick transfer of funds anywhere in the world from the comfort of home 24/7. We are trying to our users to provide the best conditions for a comfortable exchange.


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September 19, 2018 01:05
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Current exchange rates

Payeer Russian Ruble ₽1Payeer US Dollar $0.01410022$1,496
Payeer US Dollar $1Payeer Russian Ruble ₽68.22820000₽25,101
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Payeer US Dollar $0.99127676$1,496
Payeer Russian Ruble ₽1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.01406302$3,757
Payeer US Dollar $1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.98338086$3,757
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1EXMO US Dollar $1.00020000$481
Payeer Russian Ruble ₽1Perfect Money US Dollar $0.01427207$2,637
Payeer US Dollar $1Perfect Money US Dollar $0.98853302$2,637
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Perfect Money US Dollar $1.01060000$2,637
Payeer Russian Ruble ₽1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽0.99127676₽5,396
Payeer US Dollar $1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽69.35700000₽5,396
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽70.12110000₽5,396
EXMO Russian Ruble ₽1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1.01730000₽5,396
EXMO US Dollar $1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.99314728$3,757
EXMO US Dollar $1Perfect Money US Dollar $1.00510000$2,637
EXMO US Dollar $1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽69.52480000₽5,396
Perfect Money Euro €1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽79.19770000₽5,396
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Payeer US Dollar $0.99019705$1,496
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Payeer Russian Ruble ₽68.30420000₽25,101
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.98125797$3,757
Perfect Money US Dollar $1EXMO US Dollar $0.97828214$481
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽69.52970000₽5,396
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Payeer US Dollar $0.01395539$1,496
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Payeer Russian Ruble ₽0.98502758₽25,101
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.01397642$3,757
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1EXMO Russian Ruble ₽0.95822154₽82,509
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1EXMO US Dollar $0.01397378$481
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Perfect Money Euro €0.01219514€13
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Perfect Money US Dollar $0.01405021$2,637

Reviews GoodObmen

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange GoodObmen

Pretty quickly exchanged. Buy 100 WEX USD 30 advcash write:

Exchange instant. Code Eksmo (Russian rubles) to the POISON.

Application # 372501 Hanging application - all silent

Transferred funds yesterday at 18:38 GMT. The transaction was confirmed a long time (3 hours). I wrote to tech support, told them about it. In response, I received nothing. Waking up today at 9:10 GMT I went first thing in the mail, looked that it was a letter from them:"Hello! Application form for exchange on Ethereum 0.02 555.52 Yandex.The money is successfully created. Details:". I find this link: "You refused to pay. (or not paid on time)." And funds that I translated yesterday is confirmed. Here is a link to the transaction:

When entering data saw the signboard just on the exchange within a few minutes of receipt of funds. In the end the payment is received, and the operators are silent and do not answer. I come here and read that unreal delay here in order. Then it is necessary to hang a huge banner on the entire site with the need to put a tick awareness of. Work with half of exchangers bestchange on this approach see for the first time. For bitcoin exchange rate and the hours can be critical, are you kidding me? Then I bring the POISON back, minus a fee, so nobody will be deceived, at this stage, I believe that it is the arbitrariness of the exchanger

Translated from ad and Eksmo... the money does not come! support is silent.. the application 372375.. hat generally((

Instant exchange of Fiat I Love this exchange :)

Very quickly exchanged Adwa to PM . thank you !

Conclusions exmo on Yandex payment came almost immediately)) thank you very much!

Changed Bitcoin to Yandex, a couple of minutes and everything is in place Thanks

Thank you for the fast exchange from PM to Advcash. How many gave so much received. Only paid for a Commission PM.

Sent the money to the currency exchange and all the silence all the silence don't change then not tip exchanger

Exchanged WEX on EXMO, everything went quickly, in the machine. Thank you ))

Bought the ether,until no enrollment

Divorce, and not and!

Exchange Advcash USD 4K -> WEX - almost instantly

A good exchanger. Convenient form. A quick exchange. Feedback also works.

Also it's been about two hours, after two appeals the same, nothing has changed and the response has not been received.

Thank you for another fast trade!

Very fast exchange! Thank you! I'm happy!

Super fast exchange with Rabeeh on Yandex. Thank you!

Exchange Yandex ltc no confirmation

With the payeer to Yandex money transfer went quickly.Thank you!

Exchanger and super support, quickly helped to solve a complex problem. I recommend

Thank you! # $ Advaces instantly!

Exmo exchange Rub to Yandex.Money. All fast, all loud, do not use the first time.

Today for the first time used the services of this exchanger. Conclusions Exmo RUB to Yandex - output passed instantly. BUT in comments to the payment clearly written exchange number such that the sum of the Exmo amount of RUB to Yandex.Money

RM on Yandex - output within 2 minutes, great work guys.

Great service with low Commission!! Quietly bought bitcoin with the administration on the wallet Binance for As they wrote, the delay was not 2 days and 1. In short the admin Goodobmen and bestchange respect)))

Made exchange, an error occurred, the money is not received. Wrote several letters describing the problem, support the letters do not respond, it took more than 10 hours. Contact email:

Hello, I wrote in the chat, but received no response. Made night order . Payment has failed to implement piselli that, with its supposedly the order amount is not specified. split payments into 3 small parts ordering 360416 came, ordering 360417 still didn't come though and pay off. ordering 360418 came. How to be in this situation?

Exchange BTC->POISON was normal. Can be fast and may last for several hours (or until morning), and can be fast. There are two factors: the First one requires 6 confirmations (usually everywhere 2-3) Second, we have to fit in 30 minutes. If not fit, then calling tech support solve the problem, when it will be online. No rush here to write a complaint, your issue will be resolved by tech support when their status on the website will be online. What's not to like - in the comments to the translation specified exchange No. 123456 0.1 Bitcoin to 40000 RUB Yandex.Money. Such honesty and openness can have consequences for the recipient, because we in the Russian struggle with cryptocurrency.

Wonderful! To make the exchange a second time. Instantly took off and not five minutes ago, is received on the account. I did exchange a month ago, we all had to wait, as it should be in their Position. But tech support assured that after the first check, in the future will not have to wait. All right. Thank You!

Excellent service, instant exchange PM to Yandex money.

Everything went perfectly and quickly. EXMO USD -> Yandex RUB

Instant exchanger, changed advcash to Yandex money less than a minute and everything is in place) Thanks.

Thanks for the quick exchange payer to pm!

The second trial exchange Ya Money on Wex USD. For the first time right, delay. On the exchange page says that the following exchanges "instantly". But the miracle did not happen. On the page after the payment is written - the application will be processed by the operator if it is online. The exchanger is not automatic! The corresponding icon is not.

Wrote to tech support 2 times no response has been about hour the money never came at the request of the Exchange No. 371235

Produced exchange on request 60325. Payment made. The "I paid" is not pressed. The application removed over time, but the payment I had made. When you get paid for the application?

Thank you for instant exchange pm to adv

The exchanger was satisfied!

Warning! the order is executed in 1 minute! Recommend!

Hello dear support! I would be very grateful if you help me to understand one not unimportant question for me. Question. We have in the entrance is the only computer I have, and all the neighbors who have to solve some issues on the computer come to me. My referral link, I pitched on the forums and in the VC, and told the neighbors, and they in turn pass on this link, get on and do your gave. Tell me if they are transferred from my computer, is this a violation?

Dear friends. Created You have two applications. Change litecoin to Yandex money. Large amount. Use Your exchanger is very long, has always been only positive emotions. Now the situation was such that, when creating the application 391137 reserve was, however, by the time the reserve was not enough. It turns out funds are not reserved when creating applications. It's very sad.After some time, the reserve is generally exhausted almost. and litecoin has fallen dramatically. The reserves are relatively small in the exchanger,and funds are needed as soon as possible, with support already not to get involved.All issues were resolved quickly. I hope still to morning, application will be made. Because the money is just arhislozhno. Asking for Your immediate assistance. Sincerely, Your loyal customer.

Last night I went to the exchanger to exchange currency in Yandex -> LTC. Previously I didn't buy cryptocurrencies for Yandex.Money, and because of their own carelessness the information about the delay of exchange for 25 hours, I noticed too late (after transferred the money from Yandex). In order to expect admission LTC for more than a day, I immediately wrote to tech support via the feedback form, asking to cancel the operation and return the money to Yandex, excluding the fee per transaction for currency exchange. Not receiving a reply to the ticket from the online form within 8 hours, I duplicated the message by email to the email specified on the website. Unfortunately, the post office, the situation repeated itself: more than 8 hours of technical support there is no answer. After 8 hours the exchange will be completed automatically, and I bought litecoin will fly no longer relevant disposable address for replenishment. Of course, I understand that I should be careful, but the slow support is frustrating.

Change Yandex on Adwa everything quickly, Thank you)

Went for a meeting. Good exchanger

Very quickly. Excellent, thank you.

Advcash => PM is immediately, thank you!

Changed here for a while live on Yandex money. All arranged. Until I noticed that in the comments to the translation POISON exchanger in plain text says "Exchange X Ethereum to Have a Yandex money". Well, thank you, damn, big. Is that the tax then in case it was easier for me to put through, right? Great. If not for that, would be a positive review.

Very fast exchange ADV - PM. Thank you!

ADVCash USD - USD EXMO, best and fast exchange

And today also we are not affiliated with Andah.Money on Payeer RUB Recommend!

Here you can plunge concludes, ahmo rubles for the POISON, asked amount, generate the appropriate code Kaprow put it in, pay but ERROR, gudeman added to introduced me the amount of .01 I freaked out thought maybe I mistake... was repeated, and again the same garbage, is added to the sum of one penny. BUT! the most interesting is that, ihmo code they are activated! Wrote in support, waiting on mail nothing comes.

Hello. Tried to exchange LTC>POISON, later found that the poison I have blocked. Wrote to support you , to return the payment, but no response to any greeting.

Instant sharing with Andeh.Money RUB to Payeer Exchange first. Recommend!

Changing repeatedly in this exchange, the service is excellent) changed Yandex to Advcash Thanks