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GoldObmen convenient, fast and safe exchange website. Always best rate and efficiency of data processing. For regular customers the accumulative system of discounts and partnership program. All operations are carried out manually and therefore guarantees the security and integrity of every exchange. The average processing time of 5-60 min.


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Please respond to the application ID of the application 98031, your technical support is silent.

All very quickly

Thank you,very good service. All operativnenko)

Just changed kiwi code. All is well

Happy with the exchanger.Quickly. Thank you

Very happy with the exchange. Quickly, reliably.

Again exchanged. Thank you

It quickly and clearly

Aired on the ruble fast, cool!!

Exchange code penguin BEAC, fast and small %. Thank you.

Everything is fine

Very happy with the exchanger

Thanks for the quick exchange!)

Thank you for a quick exchange.

Thank you for your quick exchange

A quick exchange of payer alpha. For 10 minutes. Thank you for the good work!

Exchange is secure. Recommend.

Dear administration please bestshange affect the service that gives pseudovadonia course and works in violation of attendance rules listing: 1. To establish reliable exchange rates, on which exchange will be carried out, specifying all additional fees and commissions payment systems that do not account for monitoring. Quickly adjust courses, reserves and all of the additional label and an additional fee in your export file. The data in the file must be updated immediately as soon as any changes occur on the website of the exchange office; 2. Not to offer pseudovadonia terms of exchanges with the purpose of unjustified exit of the exchange office on the first positions of the ranking; In napravlenii SBER-Adva USD they charge unjustified Commission of$ 1 prikryvayas Commission this system, but this system Advancedcash does not take a fee for the transfer, such a Commission takes service and should install the corresponding label %. screenshot:https://pastenow.EN/56PVY

Changed Aguadilla alfarabi. For 20-30 minutes exchanged

The translation is instantaneous. Don't have time to go to the exchanger and money on Qiwi.

Application 98164 Error was on my part in the card number,wrote in the chat,all! Thanks for sharing!

Good exchanger, very fast. Thank you

Sharing reliable, every time pictures do not require. The security Council, loyally.

I will always use exchanger. A quick exchange and the reserve good

Brought the crypt in rubles, everything is fine.

Very happy with the exchange.Quickly,reliably. Thank you.

Quick application for exchange PM - Yandex money. was processed within minutes. Thank you for your promptness. Reliable exchanger.

But judging by the reviews online the consultant has not changed . Or habit or bitter enjoys. Okay not lit....and 2 hours expectations in General is not ADVISED.

What's wrong with you? in the exchange to request the data as in the passport and is in the exchange of the crypts, you have a cuckoo flew?

2% dopom is removed for exchange with a penguin on kiwi. Sucks and not the exchanger. [insults removed by the administration of monitoring]