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Online exchanger performs operations with electronic currencies 2 years. Electronic money is a convenient tool to pay for various goods and services. Therefore, our customers make electronic exchanges at the different payment systems.

Every person who works online, wondered how to get e-money. Recently it was problematic, because the electronic system was proposed conclusion with great interest and transfer was long enough. There is a need to create a comfortable and advantageous service to exchange electronic currencies.

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The application removed the money never came. What the problem is.

Concludes with the qiwi rub to Privat 24 , says the application is removed , what does that mean ?

Responsive operator,quick set for every penny Appeared problemy with kiwi on my part in connection with the limitation of the purse,the operator is helped in resolving the issue,waited until I eliminate In General handsome,the feedback works perfectly!!

Thank you,came quickly recommend this service

Change WMZ to Sberbank. When you create the application indicated that the exchange time 5-30 minutes, working time 10 to 23 hours. The exchange was carried out in 19:07. It's been two and a half hours, the money was never received. Tech support ignores and online chat and email.

Thanks, first time I use, before that, I never noticed your service! I liked everything, exchange for 2 minutes, done

Change WMR to QIWI RUB all well for 5-7 minutes it came.

Today is the first time I used this exchanger, changed kiwi to Privat24, the payment went through almost instantly! I will use this exchanger more often! Recommend!

In the direction from Privat24 any Bank of the Russian Federation (in my case MCB) has successfully carried out several translations. Despite the fact that according to the regulations such transfers go to two days, basically came almost instantly. Support for this optional requested card number. Thank you exchanger for quality and fast work, will use and further!

Exchange from Privat24 to the account of any Bank of the Russian Federation came quickly - within half an hour (although for the transfer to my Bank needed additional information). Thank you!

Happy. It came in 5 minutes. Suggest

Did translation 09.08.18. The application was accepted . The receipt of money confirmed, wrote that they have failed to transfer money on our order. Promised to return the money. it's been almost a month. Money still not returned!!! Do not recommend!!!!!!!

Application removed each vivodin my money with Yandex money, Privat24 on what kind of game?

Deceived! Would like to exchange Kiwi on Privat24 and Nadur: money - went with Kiwi, Privat24 did not come, and the application status is "deleted"! Look for "the wind in the field"! For once earn... Took it and threw disabled...

Changed kiwi on private, it is very convenient that the system itself created al.a receipt for payment, after confirmation, the money arrived on the account within minutes. Super speed!

Write the claim because for a long time to translate and not respond to messages. the money will come clean!

The first time you changed the image at all. Peremudrili was notable, but everything is fine! Within minutes (or even less) it's charging. Operation: kiwi -> Privat24 Thanks for the debugged work.

Exchange kiwi (Ukr. room) on Privat24 - literally 2 minutes (the amount of 3,000 UAH). Super!

Waiting for exchange 40 minutes!!! Is this normal ? If you don't work at the weekend. then so specify.

Very quickly made the exchange in the direction of the kiwi/private. Great exchanger.

Everything is fine!!!

Super service, chat support instant problem payment was due PrivatBank figured out, you can definitely work

Everything works well and without problems. Changed different directions and different amounts. Responsive answer and advise. Thanks to Anastasia.

18.07.2017 first time I tried to withdraw WMZ to the Bank account of Sberbank. Money deposited as promised Anastasia in the chat, the next day, i.e. today, 19.07.2017 G. Good exchange, honest! :)

The last time I use this exchanger is often the Most profitable course for $. Change WMZ QIWI very fast and support thank you for your promptness in VK

A big thank you to the support, was a problem on my end with the transfer of funds, suggested a solution, completed the exchange. Very nice guys in the chat.

Creation time: 12.07.2017, 02:13 I Give you: 14500 KIWI Ukraine RUB Waiting more than 50 minutes. No money, no response from support.

All quickly and clearly, within 3 minutes the money was already on the map, changed from kiwi to Privat24, thank you for your service!

Qiwi RUB => WebMoney USD in just a few seconds!!! Did three exchanges. The first trial 500 rubles, to ensure the fairness and efficiency of the exchanger. And certainly did not expect such a service. The money received for the purse instantly, I did not even have time to press the button with the payment confirmation. And yet, the normal rate. Recommend! PS Before night did exchange to another service, waiting for arrivals from 5 am to 10 am!!!

Very fast and simple exchange of the ruble and hryvnia: WHACK - and the hryvnia on the map)). Happy. I will use and RECOMMEND!

Today, 11.04.2019 at 17:00 (GMT) created a proposal for the translation from kiwi to Sberbank Online. ID 66816. The application status of the Application is paid. According to the regulations, the processing time to 30 minutes. It has been more than. Tech support do not answer. When should I expect my money?

Everything is fine. I've used the service and sincerely recommend.

All the rules! First time used this way, it's all good! Today appeal for the second time. It quickly and still as if kiwi were transferred with interest kiwi. There were hitches, but that's only because of glitches Kiwi. Recommend!

For an hour waiting for the money transferred to kiwi on private ,amount to about 1300 rubles,help

Application ID 67304 Give Qiwi RUB you Get: Sberbank Online RUB creation Time: 18.04.2019, 20:21 Status: the Application is paid Confirmation of payment accepted. Your request is being processed by the operator. The money was never credited to the account. It's been more than 40 minutes.