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Our exchange office is open every day, holidays and weekends. The operator time from 07.00 to 18.00 weekdays and 07.00 to 17.00 on weekends and holidays. On weekends and public holidays working hours of the operator is free. Operations for the e-currency exchange does not require operator intervention, are running around the clock, 7 days a week. Operations requiring operator intervention, strictly according to the schedule of work of the operator according to the rules specified on the request page, on average from 5 minutes to 12 hours. Applications decorated out of hours operator (night, weekends and holidays, the status operator offline) are processed after the beginning of work of the operator basis, about once every 1-2 hours. Guaranteed execution time paid application 24 hours. ATTENTION!! The operator works on schedule. However, during the working time, can have breaks. Also, not working at night. Please carefully follow the status indicators showing the status of the operator!

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Use not the first time. Always fast, clearly! Thank you for your excellent work!

Thank you for another fast trade!!! changed the BEAC on CASH ADV $ , the exchange went literally within minutes!!!

Thanks for operativnosti!

Thank you for such a quick exchange! Changed the BEAC to ADVCASH $ literally within 5 min)) Success to you

Very quickly was able to exchange for Satoshi. Well done!!!

The very fast translation! So fast no one has yet enrolled

Everything went fast and then. ADV at Tinkoff, 350$

Translated today litecoin on the map VTB 24 rubles. Having problems with translation. The Bank blocked for 24 hours transfer. The operator of the exchanger contacted by mail. Reported the problem. Chat clarify the situation and proposed several solutions to the problem. In the end, I have provided the details of the card of the savings Bank and I have transferred money to it instantly. All this was done at lunchtime when the exchanger was closed. The operator did everything but by his time. And very quickly. Plus I'm still in the creating of the application indicated the same amount of lights and moved less. Did not consider the Commission network. But this problem is also solved. Thanks for the help.

SUPER!!! Quickly and efficiently!!! To bitcoin Qiwi

Hi! I want to write about it a FAIR AND HONEST exchanger! Why do honest and decent? Let me explain! July 4 wanted to trade ETH on the BEAC, but the Ethereum go, apparently the network broadcast was overloaded. For Etherscan transaction appeared, but then disappeared and esters remained in the purse. On the exchanger and the exchange went after hours, but as my ether was in my wallet, I wasn't worried! Today I discovered that after some time ETH still went to the purse of the exchanger FastExchange. I panic write support thinking I'd lost my money, but no, I replied, and after hours, restored an exchange order and sent the ruble on the BEAC! Respect, will change again!

Used for the first time-all quickly and clearly. Recommend.

I changed the RUB on the chops. 20 minutes from registration of the application pending the receipt of the account. Happy, thank you! Recommend.

Once again convinced that this exchanger is the fastest, I RECOMMEND

Everything is fine !! 4 minutes to the BEAC

It was very quick 11 minutes. Chat live. The consultants are very cold in communication. But but quickly.

Great! So fast that I did not expect such

Great work! Fast convenient. All clearly!

Quickly for 10 minutes, changed ETH to Sberbank

Everything is fast ETH on the BEAC. All suggest. Hedgehogs transcripts)

Everything works and fast! Good course

The exchanger is just SUPER!))) Traded sooooo fast!!! 5 points

I do not advise to apply to this exchanger. Faced with the boorish inadequate tech support. I will get round.

Have been using the exchange, decided to leave a review. Support is responsive and competent, the rate of exchange happy, the best exchange rates. Negative points for a long distance is not seen. Definitely

All quickly and at the highest level!!! Use constantly. Thank you!

Well. Good service. It would be good on the run page of the application in addition to the total amount of exchange also indicate the course. More information can not hurt.

It's all good. Fast enough. Thank you!

I use this exchanger is not the first time,applications are processed quickly,no more than 15 min. the Simple intuitive interface.Recommend.

Use constantly during the last few months, even consciously prefer the loss of some hundreds of rubles from the competition the speed and the reliability of this exchanger. Thank you for the quality services. Good luck.

Translated today 117$ on the card of Sberbank (RUB). The exchange occurred, I'd say, very quickly - 4-5 minutes. Convenient service. No left navigation, the status itself is changing without refreshing the page and in notifications and reports of change of status. I would put a score of 10 out of 10, but.... no insurance as in some other exchange (call operator checks the name of the recipient of funds). It's not a gut, suddenly made a mistake or I (when typing), or a receiver, while providing me with the payment details.

Excellent, all done quickly, within 5 minutes the money came into the account.

Good exchanger, exchange made quickly, almost instantaneously and at a good rate. Respect!

Change for many years,see for yourself... the exchange Rate: 1.1 zcash for ZEC -> 12398.8977 RUB SberBank exchange Amount: 0.5 zcash for ZEC from the account -> SberBank RUB 5635.8626 in the bid amount for 0.5 ZEC was 6000r+ in the growing rate,not a second of dips,instant payment from my side and podtverjdeniem payment from the exchanger..end - 400 roubles for a very modest sum....but the main thing would not be writing this review ,finding the chat with the operator -not.So careful here.

Whoo! Today I met with this exchanger. I love it. Traded the cue ball to RUB for 3 minutes! My nickname since 2000 is associated with sonic the hedgehog (Sega character), the fastest hedgehog in the world. The guys in the exchanger is also around hedgehogs like Sonic and supersonic exchange too! Respekt :)

Very happy with the service of the exchanger. All accurately, quickly! Pleasantly surprised by the display of change status of the application in the process!!!

Ethreum to Sberbank. The upper class, the money came quickly. Thank you!

Great! BTC on the BEAC instantly. Thank you!

Great ! BTC to VTB24, the funds received in five minutes

Thank you for instant exchange ! Your request 19833 done .

Excellent work !!!!

Very happy with the quick exchange! Thank you!

When creating the application, the rate of ETH was 27500 with something and sent 27482. But fucking fast (8-9 minute after the appearance of the status "sent" on the exchange)! Without any e...sneeze couriers and other frills. While considered details in, it was already 18 confirmations are (and this exchanger is sufficient 5), and SMS from the Bank came.

All quickly and without problems. Thanks for obscn!

The exchange was done very problem.liked.

Do not recommend this exchanger.Does too low a Commission for the miners, from which the transaction will hang for a very long time compared to the other.Been waiting for more than 5 hours at least one confirmation.

Most likely more beneficial for the client rate is displayed to attract attentions; after clicking the button create bid it again 20 rubles decreased. But phone banking SMS roared through just 4 minutes after changing the request status to "paid"! (The last was about the same with the course and speed of the translation.) ETH -> MasterCard

Instantly, polite, nice). Great exchange rate. Grateful!

Used the exchanger for the first time. Everything is clear and simple))) transfer not more than 30 minutes! Everything is super! all the advice!

Thanks for the quick exchange of kiwi on RM keep up the good work and more clients

A quick exchange Sometimes of Sep. Pleased with the service, would recommend!

Quickly and without the hassle brought broadcast

First, the transit stuck on the exchange and my application was removed, wrote to the operator of Anastasia, the transit took place within 2-3 minutes, I received the money, thanks for the service, but at first thought all was lost)

Deduced exmoUSD on QIWI ,within minutes processed was a request,everything is super!!!

A quick exchange of PM on the Dash. Thank you!

The transfer took 1 minutes, Great! Thank you. With ADV/Qiwi

The transfer from the savings Bank RUB to ADVCash USD was instantly! A couple of seconds and the bucks in the wallet and at the normal rate.