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A local Bank presence in more than 40 countries. Thanks to the reached agreements with leading payment providers, we are able to send and receive Bank payments in 40 countries in local currency.

eCashMe is a flexible and convenient service for operations with the most popular electronic currencies. Having 9 years of experience in the market trading, Internet currency, we have created a new unique platform that combines all the necessary components of a modern financial service. The resource is placed on two domains: and The first one performs operations with electronic currencies, which are included in the list are allowed to exchange with Webmoney Transfer system, the second - with other online currencies. Make transactions with a guarantee! The service works for you 25 hours a day out of a possible 24 ;). Our staff is constantly analyzing the situation on the market of e-currencies and set the most attractive customer operating rates. The specialists of the customer support are available virtually around the clock, carrying competent support in English, Russian and Spanish. We have signed agreement with all systems on the Internet calculations presented on the website, which allows us to perform operations of purchase, sale and exchange using these systems.


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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange ECashMe

Very satisfied with work service! Thank You the development of your business promptly!

I ordered exchange WMZ on PayPal (no operation EC607601). It took more than a day, and writes me that the operation is still in process. Money with Webmoney was removed, and on PayPal they didn't. I need it on PayPal.

Traded WMR to USD Contact. The exchanger works well and fast. support responds quickly and solves issues. Recommend

Great guys, the only one found with on contact. The guy from support nick and Sergio special thanks. Saved my day just needed at least a penny, but very urgent and other options nebylo. 10 minutes tinkering with the website designed, 5 minutes was the translation. Everything is OK. Recommended!

All good quickly and accurately, support works great)

Hello, I transferred money with Yandex money, QIWI but the money did not come I have all the screenshots that I've osushestvit transfer but the money does not come, please understand

Great service! Attentive managers! Recommend!

The exchanger works well-a quick exchange about 1 hour after application money came were exchanged 107,05 WMZ to PayPal USD but there is one problem for some reason, when there must send me the amount on PayPal, the Commission is very big on 103,20 USD took a Commission -5,36 USD in ostolnom all is well

Exchanged Contact WME to USD. On the same day received payment. Support responsive. Recommend.

Thanks for the work. Everything is fast and support is always available.

The guys are working on 5+ Located in Estonia and is doing through them, the output Contact transfers. Fast cheap and more than adequate. One word can not get enough of them.

The horror! The operation number EC605159, WMZ withdrawn from the account, but the PayPal money was transferred. Sent a request to tech support H3V-7RN-QAZA. Waiting for an answer, I hope that money is not lost. Very unhappy !!!! Why not warned ?

yesterday changed PM for Pay pal. payment received, though not quickly, but clearly. Today me again))) good luck exchanger

For the first time successfully converted all. Paid translation in Euro for WebMoney. I will work on

The money from the account removed, but the operation EC604859 was cancelled. Already sent two emails to support but no response! Hope the money is still not lost...

Sent wmz to paypal usd, account indeficiencies and the same data, time has passed almost a day the money has not been received, the ticket is not sent, very sorry EC607804 ticket number

Wanted to know why it doesn't work exchanger at the moment

The exchanger works well and fast. Very helpful and attentive consultants. for a couple of hours money has been transferred to the Bank branch)))

Super speed, super service. Withdrawal of wmz to cash usd through a Golden crown. The money was transferred in 30 minutes! After 40 minutes I was already at the nearest branch of the crown and received dollars. Very impressed with the speed gave a discount on the exchange 10%, eventually gave 1000 wmz - received 964 USD. The operation number EC606015.

Traded WMR to Golden Crown (400usd), all successfully. Thanks +5

the payment went in minutes - I can say that not every exchanger working. well done!

I have long advised the exchanger, resulting in his favor by a variety of arguments. I have long believed, but soon decided to try, and was pleasantly surprised. Recently made the first exchange. ЕС605048 - all done quickly, without delay and with the minimum percent of the Commission, for which very grateful. The interface is simple and pleasant look, you can understand very quickly.

I often have to work with this exchanger, and from practical experience I must say that this exchanger works well, has a very fast money transfers and low interest rates, even if you have questions, they can tell instantly compared to other exchangers. In one word - it works for me, I will continue to use it.

Working with this exchanger for quite a while, more than a year. Do you buy items on the English site for the purpose of resale. Basically changing Webmoney WMZ to Paypal. The translation come quickly, without delay, and the Commission is acceptable, better than some of the other exchangers. Once applied to a support, respond quickly without problems. I advise everyone!

If the exchanger is orders reviews his script on the exchange of freelancing, with the exchanger even to have Affairs don't want to. And also requirements comment: to write in English and post from foreign IP. Are not all clean?....

The exchanger can be trusted. I use it on a regular basis. Basically, change Webmoney to Paypal. A little less in the Bank account deduce earned. The course was quite happy. The exchange time from 15 minutes to an hour. Sometimes there are delays, but no more than two hours. Support is very competent and helps to resolve disputes in the shortest possible time. Everyone is happy.

Often use this service as I have my own shop that I need to transfer money from one purse to another, and here's how I use this exchanger, because there is a small fee and a quick translation, I at least am quite happy with it,and interfais quite clear I figured out in the future I will continue to work as before as there all suits me.

Very serious service. Long ispolzuyu it and decided to give opinion on the work, since now a lot of appeared schemers Ala Bender, who sit on large forums on earnings in the network and catch newbies in this business. Here, everything is secure, he ran through those guys is not a small amount, without worrying about the fate of my money. Yes, there are sometimes slight delays and those failures that are resolved quickly, within 3-4 hours max. Read the comments below, and see the response time on them. Well done, keep it up!

There are often situations when you need to transfer money from WebMoney to PayPal, mostly for payment in the foreign site because the Commission on both wallets different. PayPal less, pay him more profitable. Exchanged in 15 minutes, no complaints and there was no deception. Before the first exchange was a little afraid, asked clarifying questions to technical support - answered and explained everything quickly. Anywhere would do so )

The operation number EC604856, WMZ withdrawn from the account, but the PayPal money was transferred. Sent a request to the support team LBY-9T3-PNT9. Waiting for an answer, I hope that money is not lost.