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Exchange cryptocurrency on our exchanger is of high quality and reliability. The automatic system allows in the shortest terms to carry out transactions, buy bitcoins for the Russian currency, and also to make the reverse exchange. The customer can specify the beneficiary, then the funds are immediately credited to the account. Exchange with the cryptocurrency exchange is a trusted resource with which cooperate a considerable number of customers across the country. Automatic algorithms of payment allow you to avoid many unpleasant long procedures that considerably allocates the resource among the competitors. The Playground is equipped with regular monitoring of the course most popular currencies. The administration of the site constantly improves the performance and functionality of the structure, so users prefer the exchanger Each financial transaction is processed at a rapid pace without delay. The cryptocurrency exchange is carried out online on the current exchange rate at the time of the transaction. Buying and selling no longer require a long investment of time and resources, the process of customer verification is disabled, so use the services of the website can be anyone. The platform has friendly interface, available to the development of any client. Operators around the clock handles the incoming requests. Manual verification of all stages is carried out in the shortest possible time. Purchasing will not take more than ten minutes, as can be seen immediately after the start of cooperation. Profitable exchange cryptocurrency is accompanied by excellent technical support, which may at any time to answer a number of questions. The team is highly qualified and extensive knowledge in the operation of the system. Answers to questions can be obtained not only on the website directly, but also via most popular messengers, and round-the-clock dedicated line. Users interested in how to buy bitcoin, turn to our system, and find the answer to the question immediately when entering the resource. The site provides various ways of payment and receipt of funds. All transactions are anonymous and protected by httpsl Protocol. There is also the possibility of purchasing cryptocurrency for cash. Where to buy cryptocurrency in Russia, prompt staff resource.


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Service I was more than satisfied. There's a little neponyatka, but the operator contacted me, offered possible solutions and we did! Huge thank you! Recommend!!!

Acquired bitcoin. All clearly and quickly (well, as far as allows old-fashioned brake bookscan). No additional verification and hidden fees.

Transferred to alpha Bank by account number. All quickly! Thank you!

Exchanged the 2 transaction rubles-USDT. Everything went without problems.

All clearly and quickly. No problem.

Changed savings on TRX. TRX came into the exchange in under 5 minutes. faster than promised.

Great exchanger. Changed USDT. Promptly did sent even more than it was in the application!

Changed the BEAC on ADA . Embarrassed without registration but took a chance. After 30 minutes all received as promised, sent TIXD to track. Thank you

All is well, working quickly and honestly

Everything is cool, everything came quickly with no problems! They work well !

Work quickly, well done! Exchange happy!

Rapid exchange with Sberbank on the Ethereum!

Exchanged quickly. thank you!

For the first time, bought the crypt, changed Tinkoff on Ripple, all quickly, conveniently and obviously super exchanger

Fast, convenient. Without verification and other card pictures. Took RIPL, came quickly.

Fast! Full translation zcash for-rubles took 20-30 minutes including the withdrawal from the stock exchange.

Tinkoff - BTC clearly and quickly!

Did yesterday a test exchange. Everything went well.

All it's good for 20 minutes. Although the site is written from 30 minutes to 3 hours. It's a little more rounded in my direction, although the rate fell. Nice)

Bought a ripple. Very easy to use website, intuitive. At first was afraid because I do not need to confirm the identity of the sender. But the online support is very prompt and correspondence with a live person and not a bot. Everything was done quickly, without delay. During the two transactions were having trouble with the Bank (required proof that we sent the money, not the attackers) - the site was on our side and have simplified the process with repeated application. Thank you!

Changed the BEAC on XLM . Payment in the Bank stuck, the application is readily recovered in the same exchange, after sent TXID. Got it.

My SBER their xmr, 30 minutes, Monero on the stock exchange! Thank you.

Long reviews have not been updated for this exchanger. All well and without straining.

Did two exchanges. Took exactly as much time as promised. Up to 3 hours. I recommend to use )

Excellent, everything is exactly like on rails.

Cool the exchanger. Any questions regarding sending monero. Decided in a matter of minutes!!!!well done +5

Bought 12 bitcoin caches today. Everything went perfectly. Reviews here little, so those who are still thinking will say that the exchanger does not cause any doubts and fears for large purchases.

When you question the chat bot when I realized I surgery got the answer-6557b1b61671fe3af6472edb5cc1f8b4babe4ad6e5a3ec7ad6ecda4ef8746459 -Examined and mail mail can't verify the authenticity of your arespacochaga,and so came with Sberbank expensive take

Hello.Please reduce from 16 to 10, or at least 14000 thousand rubles minimum when with Sberbank exchange

Changed the BEAC on ripple. Not for the first time. Everything went perfectly. The exchange where the transfer is a little bit buggy, the tech support promptly sent a hash transaction confirmed the correctness of the payment from the exchanger. After some time, the exchange has processed the transaction. Recommend.

Long output relative to other exchanges,although we hadn't write that up to 3 hours and is.But if there is a another exchanger with the same path it is better to try another.More than an hour to do the translation I believe for a long time.

A good exchanger. Very quickly moved a given amount and in time,all willing to work through them !

Use a second time. All OK, fast, good course. Happy.

Written translation for 45 minutes. But as the minutes passed 10-th. So quickly enough. Cryptocurrencies derive from the exchanges, so there may be delays. Good exchanger!

The exchange took place within the time as stated on the website, the exchange rate is high!

Traded XRP for Tinkoff, the completion passed through the salon within 1.5 hours after the payment. Extremely pleased with the exchange and operational support!

Btc alpha. After 6 confirmations the payment was for 30 minutes Transferred to the account. Confirmations of applications for mail no. Online support works well.