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Discounts on Put the difference in his pocket. Your account gives You access to the discounts that You can get a discount on exchange transactions from 5% to 25%, depending on volume.


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September 19, 2018 01:43
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Current exchange rates

Peercoin Ᵽ1Lisk LSK0.26527148LSK64,824
Peercoin Ᵽ1Augur REP0.07299678REP0
Peercoin Ᵽ1Ethereum Classic ETC0.08661722ETC1,980
Peercoin Ᵽ1Litecoin Ł0.01675217Ł246
Peercoin Ᵽ1Zcash Z0.00811164Z8
Peercoin Ᵽ1Dash (Darkcoin) D0.00466126D53
Peercoin Ᵽ1Dogecoin Ð155.96595745Ð98,180,256
Peercoin Ᵽ1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.00212280BCH9
Peercoin Ᵽ1Ethereum Ξ0.00434913Ξ135
Peercoin Ᵽ1Bitcoin ₿0.00014212₿61
Peercoin Ᵽ1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.94643019$4,137
Peercoin Ᵽ1Payeer US Dollar $0.94643019$4,773
Peercoin Ᵽ1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $0.94643019$167,701
Peercoin Ᵽ1Perfect Money US Dollar $0.94643019$167,701
Lisk LSK1Peercoin Ᵽ2.88427453Ᵽ122,684
Lisk LSK1Augur REP0.26394315REP0
Lisk LSK1Ethereum Classic ETC0.30996341ETC1,980
Lisk LSK1Litecoin Ł0.06057284Ł246
Lisk LSK1Zcash Z0.02933019Z8
Lisk LSK1Dash (Darkcoin) D0.01685429D53
Lisk LSK1Dogecoin Ð563.82606383Ð98,180,256
Lisk LSK1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.00767484BCH9
Lisk LSK1Ethereum Ξ0.01556355Ξ135
Lisk LSK1Bitcoin ₿0.00050858₿61
Lisk LSK1Advanced Cash US Dollar $3.38684092$4,137
Lisk LSK1Payeer US Dollar $3.38684092$4,773
Lisk LSK1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $3.38684092$167,701
Lisk LSK1Perfect Money US Dollar $3.38684092$167,701
Augur REP1Peercoin Ᵽ10.44965633Ᵽ122,684
Augur REP1Lisk LSK3.47506307LSK64,824
Augur REP1Ethereum Classic ETC1.12298988ETC1,980
Augur REP1Litecoin Ł0.21945393Ł246
Augur REP1Zcash Z0.10626257Z8
Augur REP1Dash (Darkcoin) D0.06106269D53
Augur REP1Dogecoin Ð2,042.72808511Ð98,180,256
Augur REP1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.02780578BCH9
Augur REP1Ethereum Ξ0.05638636Ξ135
Augur REP1Bitcoin ₿0.00184258₿61
Augur REP1Advanced Cash US Dollar $12.27044208$4,137
Augur REP1Payeer US Dollar $12.27044208$4,773
Augur REP1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $12.27044208$167,701
Augur REP1Perfect Money US Dollar $12.27044208$167,701
Ethereum Classic ETC1Peercoin Ᵽ8.96870110Ᵽ122,684
Ethereum Classic ETC1Lisk LSK2.95181906LSK64,824
Ethereum Classic ETC1Augur REP0.81227455REP0
Ethereum Classic ETC1Litecoin Ł0.18835229Ł246
Ethereum Classic ETC1Zcash Z0.09026249Z8
Ethereum Classic ETC1Dash (Darkcoin) D0.05186842D53
Ethereum Classic ETC1Dogecoin Ð1,753.22680851Ð98,180,256
Ethereum Classic ETC1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.02386506BCH9
Ethereum Classic ETC1Ethereum Ξ0.04839513Ξ135
Ethereum Classic ETC1Bitcoin ₿0.00158145₿61
Ethereum Classic ETC1Advanced Cash US Dollar $10.53143988$4,137
Ethereum Classic ETC1Payeer US Dollar $10.53143988$4,773
Ethereum Classic ETC1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $10.64728572$167,701
Ethereum Classic ETC1Perfect Money US Dollar $10.63675428$167,701
Litecoin Ł1Peercoin Ᵽ46.03201949Ᵽ122,684
Litecoin Ł1Lisk LSK15.30807960LSK64,824
Litecoin Ł1Augur REP4.16901371REP0
Litecoin Ł1Ethereum Classic ETC4.94690834ETC1,980
Litecoin Ł1Zcash Z0.46327388Z8
Litecoin Ł1Dash (Darkcoin) D0.26621558D53
Litecoin Ł1Dogecoin Ð8,998.46808511Ð98,180,256
Litecoin Ł1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.12248785BCH9
Litecoin Ł1Ethereum Ξ0.24838884Ξ135
Litecoin Ł1Bitcoin ₿0.00811680₿61
Litecoin Ł1Advanced Cash US Dollar $54.32306834$4,137
Litecoin Ł1Payeer US Dollar $54.05280432$4,773
Litecoin Ł1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $54.64738517$167,701
Litecoin Ł1Perfect Money US Dollar $54.59333236$167,701
Zcash Z1Peercoin Ᵽ94.67747674Ᵽ122,684
Zcash Z1Lisk LSK31.48526540LSK64,824
Zcash Z1Augur REP8.66404044REP0
Zcash Z1Ethereum Classic ETC10.17467415ETC1,980
Zcash Z1Litecoin Ł1.98832806Ł246
Zcash Z1Dash (Darkcoin) D0.55324899D53
Zcash Z1Dogecoin Ð18,507.81829788Ð98,180,256
Zcash Z1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.25192986BCH9
Zcash Z1Ethereum Ξ0.51087978Ξ135
Zcash Z1Bitcoin ₿0.01669443₿61
Zcash Z1Advanced Cash US Dollar $111.73029329$4,137
Zcash Z1Payeer US Dollar $111.17442118$4,773
Zcash Z1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $112.39733981$167,701
Zcash Z1Perfect Money US Dollar $112.28616539$167,701
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Peercoin Ᵽ164.98761516Ᵽ122,684
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Augur REP15.09819883REP0
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Ethereum Classic ETC17.73067133ETC1,980
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Litecoin Ł3.46491600Ł246
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Zcash Z1.67775923Z8
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Dogecoin Ð32,252.24106382Ð98,180,256
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.43902001BCH9
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Ethereum Ξ0.89027338Ξ135
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Bitcoin ₿0.02909217₿61
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Advanced Cash US Dollar $194.70432955$4,137
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Payeer US Dollar $193.73565129$4,773
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $195.86674345$167,701
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Perfect Money US Dollar $195.67300780$167,701
Dogecoin Ð1Peercoin Ᵽ0.00490720Ᵽ122,684
Dogecoin Ð1Lisk LSK0.00163190LSK64,824
Dogecoin Ð1Augur REP0.00044907REP0
Dogecoin Ð1Ethereum Classic ETC0.00052736ETC1,980
Dogecoin Ð1Litecoin Ł0.00010306Ł246
Dogecoin Ð1Zcash Z0.00004990Z8
Dogecoin Ð1Dash (Darkcoin) D0.00002867D53
Dogecoin Ð1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.00001292BCH9
Dogecoin Ð1Ethereum Ξ0.00002675Ξ135
Dogecoin Ð1Bitcoin ₿0.00000088₿61
Dogecoin Ð1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.00576589$4,137
Dogecoin Ð1Payeer US Dollar $0.00576589$4,773
Dogecoin Ð1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $0.00583061$167,701
Dogecoin Ð1Perfect Money US Dollar $0.00582472$167,701
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Peercoin Ᵽ359.93887976Ᵽ122,684
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Lisk LSK119.69870286LSK64,824
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Augur REP32.93840430REP0
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Ethereum Classic ETC38.68143661ETC1,980
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Litecoin Ł7.55910061Ł246
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Zcash Z3.66021884Z8
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Dash (Darkcoin) D2.10330722D53
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Dogecoin Ð68,940.40851064Ð98,180,256
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Ethereum Ξ1.96246221Ξ135
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Bitcoin ₿0.06480398₿61
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Advanced Cash US Dollar $432.84860752$4,137
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Payeer US Dollar $431.55394568$4,773
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $436.30103908$167,701
Bitcoin Cash BCH1Perfect Money US Dollar $435.86948514$167,701
Ethereum Ξ1Peercoin Ᵽ179.49546285Ᵽ122,684
Ethereum Ξ1Lisk LSK59.08262973LSK64,824
Ethereum Ξ1Augur REP16.25821750REP0
Ethereum Ξ1Ethereum Classic ETC19.28978157ETC1,980
Ethereum Ξ1Litecoin Ł3.76959628Ł246
Ethereum Ξ1Zcash Z1.80666415Z8
Ethereum Ξ1Dash (Darkcoin) D1.03818102D53
Ethereum Ξ1Dogecoin Ð34,730.23212766Ð98,180,256
Ethereum Ξ1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.47757460BCH9
Ethereum Ξ1Bitcoin ₿0.03132737₿61
Ethereum Ξ1Advanced Cash US Dollar $209.45515271$4,137
Ethereum Ξ1Payeer US Dollar $208.62067003$4,773
Ethereum Ξ1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $210.91549740$167,701
Ethereum Ξ1Perfect Money US Dollar $210.70687673$167,701
Bitcoin ₿1Peercoin Ᵽ5,554.27085728Ᵽ122,684
Bitcoin ₿1Lisk LSK1,847.08864289LSK64,824
Bitcoin ₿1Augur REP503.19468419REP0
Bitcoin ₿1Ethereum Classic ETC596.89905187ETC1,980
Bitcoin ₿1Litecoin Ł115.47915954Ł246
Bitcoin ₿1Zcash Z55.91657232Z8
Bitcoin ₿1Dash (Darkcoin) D32.45644925D53
Bitcoin ₿1Dogecoin Ð1,063,829.78723400Ð98,180,256
Bitcoin ₿1Bitcoin Cash BCH14.48241131BCH9
Bitcoin ₿1Ethereum Ξ29.98021822Ξ135
Bitcoin ₿1Advanced Cash US Dollar $6,358.03702500$4,137
Bitcoin ₿1Payeer US Dollar $6,326.40500000$4,773
Bitcoin ₿1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $6,433.95388500$167,701
Bitcoin ₿1Perfect Money US Dollar $6,427.62748000$167,701
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Peercoin Ᵽ0.85162468Ᵽ122,684
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Lisk LSK0.28321022LSK64,824
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Augur REP0.07793312REP0
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Ethereum Classic ETC0.09152128ETC1,980
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Litecoin Ł0.01770064Ł246
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Zcash Z0.00866017Z8
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Dash (Darkcoin) D0.00497648D53
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Dogecoin Ð164.79638298Ð98,180,256
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.00219674BCH9
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Ethereum Ξ0.00454750Ξ135
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Bitcoin ₿0.00015017₿61
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Payeer US Dollar $0.96050000$4,773
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $0.99150000$167,701
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Perfect Money US Dollar $0.99550000$167,701
Dash (Darkcoin) D1Lisk LSK54.86710281LSK64,824
Payeer US Dollar $1Peercoin Ᵽ0.83406541Ᵽ122,684
Payeer US Dollar $1Lisk LSK0.27737084LSK64,824
Payeer US Dollar $1Augur REP0.07632625REP0
Payeer US Dollar $1Ethereum Classic ETC0.08963424ETC1,980
Payeer US Dollar $1Litecoin Ł0.01751626Ł246
Payeer US Dollar $1Zcash Z0.00848161Z8
Payeer US Dollar $1Dash (Darkcoin) D0.00487387D53
Payeer US Dollar $1Dogecoin Ð161.43319149Ð98,180,256
Payeer US Dollar $1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.00219674BCH9
Payeer US Dollar $1Ethereum Ξ0.00449963Ξ135
Payeer US Dollar $1Bitcoin ₿0.00014859₿61
Payeer US Dollar $1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.95000000$4,137
Payeer US Dollar $1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $0.95000000$167,701
Payeer US Dollar $1Perfect Money US Dollar $0.95000000$167,701
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Peercoin Ᵽ0.82528577Ᵽ122,684
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Lisk LSK0.27445114LSK64,824
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Augur REP0.07712968REP0
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Ethereum Classic ETC0.08869072ETC1,980
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Litecoin Ł0.01733188Ł246
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Zcash Z0.00839233Z8
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Dash (Darkcoin) D0.00482257D53
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Dogecoin Ð163.11478724Ð98,180,256
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.00217362BCH9
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Ethereum Ξ0.00449963Ξ135
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Bitcoin ₿0.00014859₿61
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.96050000$4,137
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Payeer US Dollar $0.96050000$4,773
Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $1Perfect Money US Dollar $0.98010000$9,999
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Peercoin Ᵽ0.82528577Ᵽ122,684
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Lisk LSK0.27445114LSK64,824
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Augur REP0.07712968REP0
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Ethereum Classic ETC0.08869072ETC1,980
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Litecoin Ł0.01733188Ł246
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Zcash Z0.00839233Z8
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Dash (Darkcoin) D0.00482257D53
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Dogecoin Ð163.11478724Ð98,180,256
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Bitcoin Cash BCH0.00217362BCH9
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Ethereum Ξ0.00449963Ξ135
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Bitcoin ₿0.00014859₿61
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.96050000$4,137
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Payeer US Dollar $0.96050000$4,773
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Perfect Money e-Voucher US Dollar $0.98010000$9,999

Reviews Changer

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange Changer

Exchanger in the payment of exchange rate changes on less during the first exchange of underpaid 3000(doge) in the second 8100(doge)-this is ridiculous!until today, this was not.Do not use this service!!!!

Exchange number indicated arbitrary, since the exchange was not issued. Exchange ETC to USD PM. It took half an hour, the application number no letters in the mail, no money. Support is not responding.

Support is not responding!!!! sent 0.1 BTC money hanging!!! sent from BTK on BTK cache! accidentally entered the address of bitcoin and not bitcoin cash!!(((( and support still !!!!

Don't know how I it goes quick. The timer is constantly updated and gave me extra minutes for payment. My wallet withdraw funds with a slight delay, but it's not a hindrance. The application was processed immediately after the transaction. Thank you!

Concluded with EXMO 7146 DOGE in exchange cue there is no money. Naeb whether.... I do not advise. room exchange came

For the first time confronted with the fact that the exchanger and the application is not completed and support is silent, although using the services of the exchange offices often. Did exchange 1.5 ETC to Perfect Money, e-mail even notice no it's not, TP wrote is silent, the application number is not, therefore, indicate transaction number.

Sent the air for dollars and volume for the second day and not the money go, all expenses paid, but your payment is not received although the money is immediately removed. what is the problem?

Application #849056 LTC - Perfect Hanging in processing after confirmation for over an hour.

The translation was received within the hour, but not instantly as promised. Got a little nervous.

Stuck Processing...

Please guide my application for a very long time! Exchange #844177

Instantly change , thanks ! I recommend to all.

Please, process my application faster 840476

Made the exchange aired on ADV, it took almost half an hour the application in the mail and not Pricilla money too. waiting for

Made sharing ETC Perfect means sent,and the application did not appear

Everything is perfect, as always.

Made the exchange, through this exchanger. Here is a copy: Sent Payment: 4995.00 USD to account U10133803 from U15590328. Batch: 220470941. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Exchange LITECOIN to LKx7bCbb16ZQHCigG5cdR8zYNeWJ81TGup No action for a long time. money and nepresso, support potechet. What to do?

Today changed Advances., sent an email Hello, We have just received your exchange: Exchange #851719 FROM: $5.00 ADVCASH: U852236940329 (batch: 6e1fb7fb-9a9d-49c1-81fa-0be1ee4746a3) TO: $5.00 PM: U3455249 Server Date and Time: 2018-07-06 08:34:29 Link to this exchange: ie, the money exchanger got through the 2 hour message in the office,your transaction is not found!!! Where to go? The caliper has written 5 letters,do not reply!I was just in shock!

The funds are received

And again all the same. Translated to AdvCash USD ETC and again no response to any greeting. The money is gone, evidence of more 14, support is silent, the room sharing no. When the administration finally block, this resource is full of problems and not even the smell of automatic exchange?

Sent ETC is 84 confirmation network where instant sharing?

113 network confirmation... and silence. And was really instant).

Sent broadcast to the payer the money does not come

Support does not respond, the transfer is not produced.

Instant BTC - Perfect Money USD at the moment lasts for 17 hours. Confirmations for transaction 70.

Support does not work,do not answer for more than an hour. The exchange does not provide the application ID number. Not clear and very dubious exchange process

Created an application for exchange and paid for. ETC - automatic e-mail did not come... ETC 2 took 30 PM and not until then!!!! Here is my translation Address 0x0f33832f629a754a9d97317f81c7f79d4343b090 0x0e00ddddfcfc45f6b187087be695f472848815a749eced2153a64b9aa957a817 Mail

Send the ETS on RM - there is no money, the application number is also no, the post written, the answer is no.

Everything is fine, getting all his! Relief yde duzhe Dovgy, and everything is OK

Tried to exchange Ethereum to Payeer USD but the amount Ethereum was a little smaller on the exchange and not passed my money Where it hung, help their return.

Sent BLACKCHINA live translation, rabeeh USD 10.06.2018 Today 12.06.18, all that money that didn't come has already passed 2nd day TRANSACTION NUMBER: 0xddbffe179dc2c22f4c979c5ae5319bc77450985181e186cd9e09f31e758717ae

The money does not come to payeer. Waiting for an answer

Paid and the application is stuck waiting . there is no money. run the application

One of the most lousy exchangers WITHOUT support, also only in English. The website says there is Live Chat, but it's missing. Also, do not specify the number of confirmations (in particular for ETC) required to complete the exchange. Still does NOT work in automatic mode and does NOT indicate this information on . Translated 1.89 ETC in ADV cash USD. It's been over 100 confirmations, but the money to ADV cash never came. Here is a link to the transaction . People, don't waste your time, the service is NOT running in automatic mode, now for my application to work will not even be able, as at the time of transaction on the reserve was about $ 29 ADV cash, and now that money's gone. Time is lost, the course will count that is convenient to them. And then after half a day to write, I apologize and request executed. Very irresponsible people! Do not hesitate! Yes, as the post Scriptum. When completing the claim form requires you to specify the number of the exchange, but it is not itself the exchanger it does NOT form, so indicate room sharing ETC - 0xf316a3e741.

The funds are received in Perfect

Performed the exchange,but the funds never arrived

Excellent service, once again convinced in this

Something to Daiki sent and the hour passed nifiga not recorded (( id891389 eobotина (((

How to know IN application? (money came)

105 PPC sent, no money, no support and do not respond to emails.

An hour passed, and ether and no...

Not received funds

Hi Exchange #883678 HI ORDER

Exchange zek on chops. Not what IPY that where left at the post office silence. The money went towards the sea!!!!

Exchange the dog for perfectman, money uptravel,and the application ID is not given and the mail is not what it is, how do I get their money?

Again all clearly Eth->Adv

Exchange AdvCash ETC on it quickly and simply, recommend.

Instant exchange! Thank you!

The money is stuck!

The best exchanger! Very fast exchange! Recommend!

Hello, I would like to hear support(Administrator Changer)! When will processed my application #899951.

Application 889036, several hours passed and silence... the Support is silent...

Exchange #896806 Application why is there still no exchange? Have all that can be confirmed

Traded bitcoins for QIWI money is not prishli

Exchanger PowerChange not working? Or what is the problem? Moved #7770145 and waiting for the translation for more than 2 hours? Is a divorce on the headstock I take it?

Sent 1 hour ago the funds were sent, they came on account of you! But I do nothing to the balance and not received!!! What's the matter!?

The exchanger is frozen ! money with the PM blamed the exchange did not happen. Sent Payment 49.8 USD to account U10133803. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Exchange to ETHEREUM 0x67502daf216c6ae516426c6bee017d0f90cc96d2 189878. Payment ID: 1337421

Changed PPC to ZEC. transferred to the exchanger 7.20 16.49 PPC and PPC, they have written off the exchanger and disappeared. No information no where in the post the silence and the account is on exchange there such an operation. where's my zec?

Decided to exchange for the first time, when the exchanger has gone rogue. But it went all right, despite a bunch of negative reviews. Unlike other exchange ended quickly and automatically, just like old times. I hope that their problems will rake in the near future.

A good exchanger. The only thing - if you see that the end of the reserve - seems to hang quite often in these cases. I am writing in support - decide. Before a few hours or up to a day, now, right, before the hour often decide.

Two times exchanged almost instantly. And today a floor of hour waited, no response . nor greetings. Money on the exchanger transferred and disappeared.

Thanks for the quick exchange of zec in adv

I understand it is... not a Money back? Worked my favorite dollar store?

904386 unpaid

So far, the best service from everyone that tried it. As automated as possible. The application is processed very quickly

The request is automatically processed.

Exchanger as always on top! ETH->ADV

Exchange #877559 b?

DOGE - advcash a Quick exchange!

Excellent service, once again all clear