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The exchange of hryvnia to Bitcoin - it is profitable to buy bitcoin, withdraw bitcoin (BTC) via Privat24, UAH

BitCoin24 is a convenient online service for all who wish to start working with bitcoin. The site is functionally combined with a wallet and exchanger. To quickly purchase bitcoins, you can use the exchange calculator on the main page. BitCoin24 has important advantages bitcoin exchanger. Always best rate of sale/purchase of bitcoins. No hidden fees.


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July 22, 2018 12:01
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Bitcoin ₿1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴189,140.93000000₴59,242
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Bitcoin ₿0.00000482₿0

Reviews Bitcoin24

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange Bitcoin24

The course is so-so, enrollment is 11 minutes

The status of the application No. 11449 26 evidence , support is not contacted. 4 hours and no money .

Hello ! That application No. 9924 ? Is your status on the website the expected arrivals ! Blockchain says otherwise !

Today I was vex code yusd UAH to Privat - everything went quickly. Although other exchanger was writing "valid code". Even with these codes is not clear, one exchanger passes, via the other - sometimes not. Nervously these things. Opinion positive. The interface is intuitive, operator available online(which is also very important)

Everything is fine. The only mind that you specify the purpose of payment in Private is no indication of payment, it is nothing

Made a translation from kiwi to bitcoin, application ID 2454 but nothing confirmed , and the support address is not working.

Changed the Privat 24 BTC. Scrip is not large-1000 UAH. Time - 30 min. it took 2 confirmation-not even 3 and the money in my wallet. At the rate everything is clear,how much say - so has come. Personally, I'm happy. Thanks for the work.

Made exchange and not taken into account on the website the price of the miners Quickly got in touch with the online support..operate paid 10 UAH and entered the correct amount...even 0,0003 Satos excess of my wallet threw Wrong in the transaction for the first time and was very worried Because of 0.0005 of Satos just for the wallet then you will not be let down..the transaction more expensive. But the support went to the meeting ..all quickly... Suggest the users of the exchanger

Changed BTK to Privat24. The translation was instant confirmation online. What I liked is the peg. After you create an exchange request rate of all the exchangers have deteriorated sharply, even this. But I was translated at the exchange rate at the time of making the request. It's even a little more than relied. Recommend.

It went for half an hour, no problems there!

The hryvnia traded in bitcoins, the status of the order paid, but the bitcoins in the account or not. What's the deal? The number of applications for the purchase of bitcoins No. 50681

Did exchange BTK - Privat24 No problems arose. The only thing worried when choosing the exchanger, because few reviews on the warhead. It turned out, all the rules

The first time they changed it. The exchange is VERY fast. Probably 10 minutes had passed) Exchanger - norms. Suggest

Hi your purse?? 14rQ3KUVMUemV7P7DGXYz8mNsTgcYhX8yy respond to mail

Deduced 0,028 BTC -> Privat24. Passed all clearly and quickly. Thank you!

Bought a Bitcoin through in the amount of Privat24 UAH 550. The transaction was successful. Time - 20 minutes. Thank you!

Deduced from bitrex from the cue ball to 25800,00 UAH. About 20 min. it came while in the shower I went. From me +

Bought btc in the amount of 2500grn. Come. I note that the Commission is not in %. The more you take - the better.

How do you specify that you would not specify the purpose of the payment ?

Very reliable service, made the exchange through a floor of hour on the old course when he changed to 5%

First traded at UAH BTK, and then read the reviews, and thought will never see them again) but after 10 minutes everything came))))) hurrah!)

It is not necessary to contact the data exchanger.Service btc wallet which they are provided locked, and on it hung 900000 of Satos. Support culturally sends a dick.

I do not advise. Did today an application for exchange of BTC - UAH. A number of chose the minimum to 0.01 but did not take into account the fee in their exchange, Yes, made a mistake myself, but I did the first time! In fact it came to 0,009 and then began a correspondence as to pay me the money, no one was going and no notifications came up: - Ask where the money is. - Answer (literally) - Applications for less than 0.01 we have not issued you have issued a request to at least 0.01 and 0.009 sent - Write - And what to do? Can pay for 0.009? - Answer - Or refund you with all the fees and fine of 0.005 of BTK or paid to the card manually 2355.95 UAH at the current exchange rate, think I'm in shock! Write - Tin how so? Where a penalty? For what? You application says: In the case of the translation is not exact amount of BTC (small errors) the script will determine the exact number of bitcoins received from you and will be recalculated at the current rate. This process is fully automated. And please give me at least 0,005 BTC... and again silence... Write more - ??? What? Where is the return? The response after 40 min. (literally) - Otpravim for an hour wait Returned 0,005 just. Lit shorter for 0.004 BTC or 68$ for no reason! In fact - it is deception or innuendo during apply! Don't know, we can. with a large number of problems there but I have them, they will not pay more. By the way, for yourself learned a lesson - the minimum number a very important factor in the exchange even if the difference is 0.0001 BTC.

All good , recommend !)

First time changed the UAH to btc , everything went well, very fast less than 5 minutes

Did a manual translation P24 > BTC. Transferred the money and after 3 minutes, the cue ball went in, plus 4 minutes to confirm the transaction bloccano.

Did not conclude the money came chops on Privat 4149 6293 9378 **** map 5 confirmations already

Bought cue in manual mode. The translation is instantaneous. The only course not small. And all the rules.

No. 56178 date: 2018-02-05 20:30:21 Paid: 0 UAH Status: pending receipt of payment... What is it and how long should I wait?

The exchange of VTS-P24, the money at stake came immediately after the third confirmation(20 minutes after order). Recommend.