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Exchange transactions are made by the operator in manual mode and takes 5 to 10 minutes in online mode and up to 3 hours in offline status from 7.00 to 22.00. The exchange amounts of more than 50,000 rubles, please contact online chat or contact on the website. We will offer You the best rate.

On-line service is designed for those who want to quickly, safely and at a favorable rate to exchange these types of electronic currencies: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Advance Cash, Qiwi, Yandex. Money, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank Privat24.



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July 19, 2018 05:41
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Current exchange rates

QIWI Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.39695141₴125,690
QIWI Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.39687264₴125,690
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽58.00000000₽1
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Ethereum Ξ0.00166591Ξ3
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Tinkoff Bank Russian Ruble ₽59.00000000₽923
Advanced Cash US Dollar $1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴25.20030000₴125,690
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴24.71150000₴125,690
Tinkoff Bank Russian Ruble ₽1Ethereum Ξ0.00003319Ξ3
Tinkoff Bank Russian Ruble ₽1Bitcoin ₿0.00000209₿0
Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Perfect Money US Dollar $0.01585155$90
Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.01585630$55
Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Ethereum Ξ0.00003370Ξ3
Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Bitcoin ₿0.00000214₿0
Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.38096689₴125,690
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Perfect Money US Dollar $0.03816838$90
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Ethereum Ξ0.00007793Ξ3
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽2.36540000₽1
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Advanced Cash US Dollar $0.03809654$55
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Bitcoin ₿0.00000514₿0
Ethereum Ξ1Tinkoff Bank Russian Ruble ₽27,029.70010000₽923
Ethereum Ξ1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴11,115.05100000₴125,690
Bitcoin ₿1Tinkoff Bank Russian Ruble ₽428,933.65970000₽923
Bitcoin ₿1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽310,809.01000000₽1
Bitcoin ₿1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽310,610.46890000₽84,704
Bitcoin ₿1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴162,688.00310000₴125,690

Reviews BestObmen

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange BestObmen

Everything is fine! 8 minutes and the money on the spot! Recommend!

Change the QIWI RUB to Privat, all went well, the course topic + without a fee (there is a Ukrainian kiwi from the exchanger).

The operation was per minute. Thank you)

Hello. All very quickly Tinkoff RUR to live less than a minute. Thank you.

Used for the first time. Kiwi-Privat... everything quickly, no questions asked.

QIWI -> PRIVAT quickly, clearly, without question. Excellent service and speed of execution of applications.

ETH to Privat24 5 minutes, everything is OK

Deduced KIWI RUB card Private. Good course. Not too big minimum amount of exchange (in most exchangers 5000 rubles, then 3000 rubles). The operator is very quickly processed the request.

Quickly and a good rate

Well done thanks, kiwi Privat big quickly

The savings on the air 10 minutes. Everything is fine!!!! Thank you!!!!

Created an application for exchange QIWI-Privat24. Paid. It came within 3-4 minutes. Thank you for your promptness.

Thank you! The exchange is fast. Eth on Privat

Thank you! Exchange ADV-Tinkof very quickly and at a great rate.

Super fast, keep it up! Recommend

The conclusion is immediate-perfect

The money came, thank you! Course as promised on the website. Not very fast, about 30 minutes took translation KIWI - PRIVATE. The service can work. Respond to messages.

It was quick and comfortable! Thank you!

Exchange Adv on Eth profitable, the minimum amount of exchange very very quickly! Thank you!!!

Quickly and without problems. Exchange Privat - AdvCash. I will still apply.

A quick exchange of thank you)

The exchange took place tight-the staff helped us locate the payment., I will use next! recommend

Thank you! kiwi-Privat - fast, comfortable, affordable! the whole process took no more than 5-7 minutes, including filling out! thank you for the extra clarification for those who translate ROS rubles, but with the Ukrainian numbers below do not include Commission!

Transferred the money and forgot the application to confirm,you guys responded quickly and fixed everything)

Good exchanger, and in Ukrainian kiwi direction is. Quickly exchanged, thanks! The course is in the top.

ETH - P24=3 minutes. Great job, will use!

Exchange Kiwi-P24 for 3-4 min. Plus the fact that there is no additional fee Kiwi, since two exchanger wallet: +7 and +38.

Found a few exchangers with the best course, I decided to choose this one. To be honest here...this exchange rate see for the first time. Yes was there for 5 minutes, a couple of minutes....there really less than a minute! I am podurile cigarette, refresh the page and oooo it's application is completed! I love it) well Done! Kiwi--UAH Privat24

Best rates, minimum payments, very very fast!

All very quickly and correctly... Me. not for the first time. Recommend. Uncomfortable that communication through the mail... Probably not used to... But nevertheless OPERATIVNENKO! Great course and a low threshold. (sometimes necessary)