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The service of electronic currency exchange. 24/7/365 designed for those who want to quickly, safely and at a favorable rate to exchange these types of electronic currencies: Webmoney, Yandex. Money, QIWI, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank , Privat24, RNA Bank , Visa/Master Card.


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Produced exchange WMZ on YandexMoney. Easy and simple form, the presence of warnings and instructions for sharing (linking of accounts, identification) and of course just instant sharing. The money came instantly. Overall pleasant experience with the service.

Use for the first time. Today change wmr on Privat24. Quite a large sum. Money appeared on the map after 5 minutes. Nice. Thank you!

Service without any problem takawira can say so!Simple and easy,the guys are very enter your problem if that! So I advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have!!!!

Bothered at two in the morning the operator verification and other things. Thank you for the warm welcome! : )

Thank you for the prompt work! I recommend never failed! Keep it up !!!

For the first time have used the services of this exchange office. I was pleasantly surprised that there is no hold. With Yandex.Money on Прива24 exchange done in 4 minutes. I will use again.

Everything is fine))) And very quickly, literally within 3 minutes were exchanged Private UA to WMZ! The first time I use this service.

The application was performed, but for 2 hours! Plus: there is no delay in 48 hours with Yandex to Privat - a definite plus. Minus: I would recommend the website (according to operator chat), instead of 15 minutes - 2 hours waiting for the money. Mixed impressions of the exchanger.

Quick work! Exchange is happy, it is the best. Thank you! Recommend!

Have used the service twice in a month, while still clearly work like clockwork

Always have the correct amount in the reserve, very quick transfers, best rates! 5+

Awesome You guys are the best! Recommend!!!!

Everything is always wonderful! Exchange WMR to Privat 5 minutes. You are the best!

Made 2 transfer from Yandex. Money to Privat, exactly a minute after payment, the money credited to my account!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK you!!! VERY quickly! I recommend to everyone!

Needed help support. To my amazement, responded instantly. Figured it out, given the proper hint how to fix my mistake. Thank you.

Changed many times and never disappointed!!!!!!! Keep it up.

Very cool exchanger. Entered an invalid card data. Support team was immediately contacted to clarify. On the right card number the money was transferred within minutes. Recommend

Guys the exchanger is simply super! Did the exchange in less than 3 minutes! It's cool, changed WMR to Privat 24 everything very clearly and without time thing! The reputation of the guys on top and the service too, well done guys keep it up! And this is the proof about their honesty to customers: BL: 917 Who understands what it is, he will understand me! I recommend everyone, especially those who came the first time to do the exchange!

Excellent service, the CE comes instantly! so many times rescued))

Good afternoon. ( It's been more than a month, my application was never done!!!) due to the fact that this website has not complied with my request at the appointed time (24 hours). Moreover, the exchanger does not deny that the money in the amount of ( 35400 RUB) them on the card came in but they decided to arrest unauthorized, arguing that for some of my previous exchanges they have had problems. Accusing me of blocking their accounts and claim that it's my fault, and that they will not exchange . At my request to provide at least one proof that it's my fault, throw obscure the screen, and claim that it was after this translation was blocked. All correspondence is available on email, and I can provide upon your request. I ask you to take action in relation to this exchanger.

Change Webmoney Rub to Yandex - no delays even at 3 am. Very good service - I recommend.

All went well! Recommend!

The best exchanger ! Quickly and accurately perform their work, very responsive support. Translated from WMR to Privat 24 snapshots. Thank You !

As always fast and efficient! Keep it up, wish you success and prosperity!!!!!!!

Were exchanging wmr to Yandex money. The operation took no more than 5 minutes. And the money was already on the wallet. Plus then chose the best course, where they received more money. I recommend this exchanger.

I really like your service , is exchanged quickly, conveniently and without problems. Thank you for your work!

This certified exchanger of WebMoney and when I click on the button at the bottom of the website it is possible to verify this. And if so, it means service you can trust. Warning!

Everything was up to par! You can use with confidence and not be afraid that you can throw!

All as always on top! Well done!

Lighting and most importantly great rates. The guys quickly answered my questions. The exchange took place in due time and without delay! Recommend

Well that saved me a comment below , that's what rules are these , if the person did not see what the stitching in your fraudulent rules , you assign the money ,it's just a robbery

With a quick exchange and good rate!!! Now I use only them) Recommend!! ) I Express my gratitude!

Take a long time, have never been let down. Exchanger reliable.

Super support. Accidentally entered the wrong card, quickly decided on Friday night! 5 points!

All went well, would recommend

Everything is fine. Thanks for the good and fast service.

The best service

Super! The page couldn't close in time, the exchange of already produced! Change wmz on wmr.

All quickly and clearly coming back in !!!

Conclusions almost two in the morning. The operator of the Marina was not asleep, instantly responding. Once it is clear that people work. The output in manual mode only took 11 minutes. It's very cool. Thanks lads!!!

Thanks for the great service, J. D. -> Privat 24 worked perfectly.

Thanks to the services, they often do translations in the direction of the savings Bank.RUB - Privat24.UAH, and the exchanger was pleased with the speed and quality

A good exchanger. Used a couple of times, but I liked it, the money came in for 5 minutes, Everything is convenient and understandable. Online support responds quickly. I will use further.

Exchange 14тыс rubles ended that exchange took my money legally !!! Your rules no laws no one has the right to take other people's money, even the Bank for any mistakes !!! My money I earned it and you simply took in such cases, you need to make a return !!!

I take a long time only positive impressions. separately, I note a fast and efficient support !

Disgusting support. Do not respond adequately to the questions put to them, and some are ignored. Responses in the online chat you have to wait for 10-15 minutes.

Thank you quickly even in the morning

Great service, fast payment!!! Recommend!

Great service - very promptly and was produced by the double exchange that shortage of time is very valuable. I use this exchanger is not the first time, and I think not the last time. Respect!

All it took less than 5 minutes, all quickly and clearly, would recommend

Dolgovato of course, but the exchange took place. For residents of Ukraine in the system of Kiwi will need to pay additional interest for the translation into Russian card Kiwi.

The best site translated grandmother for 2 minutes!!!!!!

About an hour of can't obtain money from the exchange in the exchanger. Wrote in an online chat on the website, said that the money was gone from them, but the Bank has not yet processed the payment. Don't understand what they're saying, and I changed the money in 8 of the exchangers - all came instantly on Privat-24. Have requested a screenshot of the payment from the Privat-24 - keep silent. Something here not so...

Friendly support, turned on the status of the application to the operator Tamara, all come quickly, frequent customer.

The application was completed within the specified time (30 min.) Before that, when he made a mistake with the card details - the operator checked and moved where I need. Thank you.

APPLICATION ID 129670 More than an hour application is being processed. You can find out my application status?

ID REQUEST 129664 the Money is still not credited.

The transfer occurred very quickly and accurately. I think the best site for such transactions is not met, so I will work with you in the future. Thank you for such a job)

The consultant, Olga, turned out to be cattle, at my request, that she would check my translation, because they have a test button charge is not active, she replied that I'm not going to entertain, it is generally how to understand?

Had a great application , so I decided then to praise . Excellent work , no expectations , everything is clear and to the point . Be sure to come back again.