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A-Exchange is an automated web service to exchange electronic currencies. To clarify the mode of operation it is necessary to watch the status of the operator.


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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange A-Exchange

Thank you! A few exchanges made within 30 minutes. Fast! Reliable! High quality!

Exchange Tinkoff to poison. 60K changed. For 5 minutes of administration. Norms.

Hello! The exchange took place within 5 minutes. Excellent service, recommend to all

Status: HOLD - 2 business days tough... and here drank a fucking beer...))

Osushestvit translation of cue in rubles on a card of Tinkoff, the transaction is confirmed three times, but the money on the card never fell

Transferred the money, but as 4 hours have passed and no receipt. The operator was online.

The exchange went quickly and clearly!!!Thank you

Exchanger no operators don't took more than an hour-the wallet is still empty

Every month I use this service for sending SWIFT transfers in USD. Excellent support, prompt processing of applications. The best course. Everything is clear and precise. Very satisfied with the cooperation!

Translated from Sberbank to Payeer for the first time in this exchanger. To exchange verification at the map on the background of the site. Waited a long time, but probably less than an hour (distracted) (it was written in a few minutes). Read the reviews that the exchange is closed on weekends (which is sad). When transferring money met about this warning (probably in the rules (do not read)). Translated in everyday life. It was the only warning before the translation that the translation is possible at a certain time, like until 01:00 (can't remember exactly). One is one plus. In the translation I was spared from the tedious communication with the employees of the savings Bank to unlock the translation. The transfer is super fast, almost instant. Recommend to transfer on weekdays until midnight. :)

Application sharing hangs for more than a day. The creation time of the application: 03.03.2018 12:50 (Moscow).

Twice changed rubles, the order was fulfilled very quickly. Thank you. Keep it up!!!

Change Perfect Money USD to cash in the office very quickly and without problems.

In smart money and conduct current in everyday life are I Ah

Waiting for about an hour with AdvCash, no money. long wait means?

Quickly and without problems

The exchange went quickly. Tech support is working fine! Recommend, very helpful operator!

Got the money pretty quickly - within 5 minutes. The only thing I would like to wish that after the application you receive notification by e-mail.

Thank you for sharing! Convenient and fast!

Use not first time, before output to the card VTB, but the amount was very large, decided by the Moscow office to cash it, contact the operator for clarification of nuances within the hour after the payment came to the office and get some cash. In General the service 5 out of 5!

Id 3792 translated Qiwi - Bitcoin 20.04 2018 10:38 account 36 hours later, I never said the consultant Vladimir (only twice during this time wrote : how can I help) respectively on account of bitcoin did not come , the return of funds to Qiwi was not , and in the application status "application paid".

Yes all write good reviews she bought it. Over the last month spent eight exchanges but never received payments. The system is not working you have to buy affiliate program. In total was required to pay the amount so I have to pay . Staff testing his program, I think brought to the desired amount.In the end, the money is there and no payments Written to put the numbers exchanges set for this month and for March I have but the same ISA март122986, 65182,775411, 273375,

Verification is very fast - only a couple of minutes! The translation itself with Sberbank,RUB on Peeer/RUB almost instantly, even on manual mode! Class!!! Thank you!!!

The money transferred, support is silent. Writing that the application is made, and in fact no money!!

The exchanger works fine. I had the problem my fault. The mechanical closed the site and was unable to confirm the payment. Wrote a letter to the e-mail on the successful payment with your order number. After 10 minutes I had funds in my account.Thank you!!!!

EXCHANGER FAILURE. On weekends, the exchange does not produce, but applications will be accepted. But in everyday life can deny a claim due to lack of funds in reserve that misleads their customers. In the end, the client loses the Commission the translation, which, with the return of the funds is not taken into account.

Application No. 78103 not processed. Almost two hours passed, but says "the Exchange is made by the operator in manual mode and takes 5 to 30 minutes around the clock" - please understand

Excellent service with immediate processing!!! with EDV on the BEAC

I have many and all have received! Like exchanger!

Today I was cash yusd on Adwa, in their office, everything is fine, the money was transferred to me. Low Commission, one percent. Plus.

Changed bitcoin to quickly. and lost 30% of the amount. when began to find out, I just sent. said you be careful. sent a copy of the application and gone forever

Thanks so much guys!The exchange took 3 minutes, which is fast and reliable!!

Thanks so much guys!The exchange took 3 minutes, which is fast and reliable!!

Changed bitcoin to quickly. and lost 30% of the amount. when began to find out, I just sent. said you be careful. sent a copy of the application and gone forever