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We are glad to offer You the best exchange rates in the system: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Privat24, Sberbank Online. The application process is usually no more than 5 minutes. Exchange carried out by the operator, which is constantly connected. By saving the Commission merchants You receive the most favorable rate in comparison with the automatic exchange. In private you can request an additional discount to order the right amount for a convenient time, to consult on work with payment systems. Thank you for choosing us!


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September 19, 2018 07:40
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Current exchange rates

Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.36363636₴15,291
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽2.44000000₽57,521
Sberbank Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.39800995₴15,291

Reviews 5Min

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange 5Min

Great exchanger. I use it when needed.

Less than 5 min. Sberbank-Private 24.Love the speed.Recommend!

Very happy with the service, fast and convenient. No complaints. All super

Privat - the savings Bank works great! Use not the first time and very satisfied!

I only use this exchanger, always quickly and clearly, guys please)

Thank you. . Online savings Bank - Private 24

Translation Sberbank Privat24 for a couple of minutes on a good exchange......

Privat24 -> Sberbank went well.

Rapid exchange Privat24 - Sberbank of Russia, thanks:)

Good course. Quickly. Recommend.

Again +1. Everything is stable!

Garni Omni item. All of Denmark.

Very quickly and accurately. Chat operator, resolves all issues. Recommend.

Thank you very much for sharing , always quickly the money comes in.

Warning! Always clearly and as the title says 5 minutes).

Very fast, great!!! I will use , I liked it!

The translation works fairly quickly. 5-7 minutes. A bit annoying enter your personal data. but in General everything is OK. Sent 1500 RUR to P24 UAH

Привет24 -> savings Passed do in 5 minutes

As always action on top. Sberbank online is a Private 24 Thank you.

Great exchanger. Quickly. Reliable. Convenient. Although payments and manual mode - sharing instant. Success to You

What a great service! Even the tea did not have time to finish it, but the money has come from. I will only be exchanged here, no financial loss, and that to this change and lost 50% of the amount. I recommend a wonderful service where polite and skilled managers!!! Now we WebMoney live)

Do not report the cancellation of application and refund. If you have no time to monitor the order status,it is better to another resource.

Worked very quickly and right before closing 22 45 satisfied! the rate was the most profitable BEAC - Privat

For verification called the operator, asked to confirm the data. the surgery went very quickly, the service is 5+

A circus with the application (application ID 49084). Gave his name and the name of the recipient. No middle name of the recipient refused to comply with a request while in the design and in the description was nowhere stated that I need to know the first name of the recipient. In the end had to call a man in Russia, to clarify. First encounter with such

Did not like that call and require the name of the recipient. Dumped the money on the card to an acquaintance, not knowing of her passport data (I think you can be friends or work with a person for many years and does not specify his patronymic for example...). Call and say "you have to be sure who transfer money". Yes I am bloody sure who I translate :) waste of time

Quickly securely have been registered on this site constantly good course in great touch with the operator which is very important in this matter as the money ?

Sent a bigger amount after the test. It all worked out. Fast enough again.

Thank you very much! very grateful, I thought that some kind of Scam, but I blame myself for that thought.Very helpful"

Well all quickly ,reliably Recommend the Exchange Privat to Sberbank

All went well. Direction: Sberbank RUB -> Privat24 UAH

It quickly and correctly done!

Strange rules 12.Disclaimer. The contractor has the right to refuse to sign the agreement and execute the application without explanation. This paragraph applies to any client.

Good exchanger, the course is happy, use 5 times a month! All the advice

The exchanger is very convenient and reliable. Take a few months regularly, for 3-4 exchanges per month. The name speaks for itself - 5 minutes. The money actually enter the map from the exchanger to a maximum of 5 minutes. Today so do for 2 minutes. I haven't even went to Privat 24 to check your account, and I have received a notice of acceptance. Suggest, good exchanger and it is always the best course.

As always everything very quickly and efficiently

Privat24 -> SBER passed quickly and without incident.

The super speed even in the evening)I Recommend

The money came within 20 minutes, good service, great bargain

Great service, best and fast exchange. Private BEAC

SBER-Privat less than 5 min. would Recommend

Everything went fine , people got 3-4 minutes, surprised even, but operativnenko.

Everything is OK well done

Excellent and reliable service, I use a few times a month for a year and a half. Everything is always fast and punctual, many thanks! Recommend.

Did exchange Privat24 is a Bank, everything is fast ! Thank you, would recommend !

Strange exchange said in chat to do the exchange, the answer is Yes, the time is 5 minutes...created the application, and the operator is offline/ written application will be processed in half an hour

Use not the first time, everything goes well! The money comes quickly. Still give a discount for regular customers - a trifle, but nice)))

Great exchanger. Fast and reliable. At first alarmed the timing of surgery, but it ended very happily. Thank you)

Great team, great course. Highly recommend! And STRONGLY) forward direction SBER-Mono.

Sberbank-Private 24. Very quickly and efficiently. Recommend!

Were Exchanging Privat24 - Sberbank. All very quickly - Thank you ! I recommend everyone to use this service !

Went quickly Privat24 -> BEAC

Once again used this exchanger, everything is super!