Currency Exchange Point 24PayMe – exchange of electronic currencies. Our service provides exchange Perfect Money, Visa/MasterCard, BTC-E, OKPAY, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Paypal, MoneyPolo, Alipay, and China UnionPay for clients from all over the world. Work schedule: from 9:00 to 18:00 UTC +2, mon. - Fri

Want to exchange currencies online is a service that you need. It is always possible to realize a profitable exchange of electronic currencies on the best terms in the market. You need bitcoin? You can buy it at any time, exchange your Perfect Money, BTC-E, OKPAY, LiteCoin. In addition, you can buy bitcoins through Privat 24. Sell Perfect Money? Through our website, e-currency exchange is at any time you can exchange your PerfectMoney to bitcoin, get them at a dollar Visa or MasterdCard any Bank in the world. The service provides exchange Perfect Money, Visa/MasterCard, BTC-E, OKPAY, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Paypal, MoneyPolo, Alipay, and China UnionPay for clients from all over the world. You can Fund your account in Perfect Money, BTC-E, OKPAY, BitCoin, via PrivatBank international Bank transfer. is considered one of the best currency exchangers in the market. We offer online exchange most popular e-currencies: Perfect Money, BitCoin, BTC-E, OKPAY, LiteCoin, etc. For all available rapid and advantageous conclusion to Bank cards Visa and MasterCard. For residents of Ukraine the withdrawal of bitcoin, litecoin, btc-e etc. currency dollar card of PrivatBank, Raiffeisen Bank, UkrSib Bank, etc. Via our e-currency exchange you can send funds to your Bank account via Wire transfer, Privat24 exchange on BTC-E, Perfect Money, OKPAY, BitCoin.


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August 17, 2018 08:00
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Current exchange rates

Bitcoin ₿1Visa/Mastercard Euro €4,933.54000000€0
Bitcoin ₿1Visa/Mastercard Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴160,796.75000000₴6,749
Bitcoin ₿1Visa/Mastercard US Dollar $5,944.26000000$10,102
Bitcoin ₿1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴163,484.42000000₴236,421
Bitcoin ₿1Privat24 US Dollar $6,006.89000000$6,556
Bitcoin ₿1PayPal US Dollar $5,927.50000000$8,277
Bitcoin ₿1Perfect Money Euro €5,263.82000000€820
Bitcoin ₿1Perfect Money US Dollar $6,278.53000000$21,196
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Bitcoin ₿0.00000510₿8
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Perfect Money Euro €0.02930520€820
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Perfect Money US Dollar $0.03530760$21,196
Perfect Money Euro €1Visa/Mastercard Euro €0.93784000€0
Perfect Money Euro €1Bitcoin ₿0.00015475₿8
Perfect Money Euro €1Visa/Mastercard US Dollar $1.01942000$10,102
Perfect Money Euro €1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴27.59341000₴236,421
Perfect Money Euro €1Privat24 US Dollar $1.03562000$6,556
Perfect Money Euro €1PayPal US Dollar $0.98901000$8,277
Perfect Money Euro €1Perfect Money US Dollar $1.08250000$21,196
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Visa/Mastercard Euro €0.77744000€0
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Bitcoin ₿0.00014863₿8
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Visa/Mastercard Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴24.95825000₴6,749
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Visa/Mastercard US Dollar $0.90742000$10,102
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴25.51500000₴236,421
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Privat24 US Dollar $0.90742000$6,556
Perfect Money US Dollar $1PayPal US Dollar $0.93000000$8,277
Perfect Money US Dollar $1Perfect Money Euro €0.81348000€820

Reviews 24PayMe

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange 24PayMe

Perfectman bitcoin easily and without unnecessary motion. happy

Decided to write because I saw this exchanger still here. See the opinion of Oleg, confirm, bred for money show one amount, comes another. It is not recommend the service. Wrote more than one forum about them, but they don't change.

The guys are very greedy. Commissioned a translation by a small amount, and therefore chose their site, as there is from 0.01 cue. According to their calculator I had to get on the map, PrivatBanka 4500 UAH, and got the 3500 is very steep interest! At the same time: - I used the lowest (%of private) map credit, there for the transfer to take a couple of hryvnia; - exchange rate of the cue changed from time to time apply on their website until the transfer of the money to my card from 12500 to 12600 dollars (not fell). Assholes don't use their services. Here are the settings for my transaction, not to be unfounded: Application # 21597., date 22.12.2017 15:48

Good afternoon-evening!!! Explain please! WHAT HAPPENED to MY APPLICATION FOR EXCHANGE PERFECT MONEY to TETHER = 2000$!!!!!!!!! for the second day otas Silence! DO KIDOK!?? I can NOT BELIEVE - THAT BESTCHANGE -could this be!((( I write to you in the mail the second day-SILENCE! If this is the problem!? - why don't you Answer!??

Application number: 18513 Exchange Perfect Money USD to Privat UAH Type of treatment: Manual treatment of the status of the application: Automatic Payment is confirmed orders are processed within 1-3 minutes. Manual orders are processed during working hours of service: 9:30 to 18:00 UTC +3, mon. - Fri. Thank you for using our services! Why he writes what auto exchange? That I now have to wait more than a day!

Good exchanger! All the advice!!

That was fast work! I will use

Good exchanger, I liked everything

Attention! This exchanger charges a Commission for the exchange that is not reflected neither bestchange or in the process of exchange! Cm.

Rules of the exchange, for the purchase of beethovents fit perfectly!

Writes error while checking bitcoin and the money does not come , although the 4 way handshake is already

The application created yesterday evening, still status "paid" and the account the money was never received.


Bringing bitcoin to Privat24. The money came in for three hours. Great service!

Sent the bitcoin for more than 20 confirmations, and money to Privat not do that!!!!Application No. 18486

Money Privat not come 18483

Not working merchant OPA not working tech support. stuck 2600$

Hello! ... Ocherednoi exchange (Bank transfer USD to Perfect Money) and as always ... on time and without problems! ... Support exchanger works perfectly! ... Thank you!

I do not understand the claims of previous commentators, changed BTC to Privat UAH, received the same amount shown by the calculator on the website (4422, received 4404), I'm happy But just in case check with the operator

Thank you! Keep it up)

Perfectly processed with Bitcoin on PM. Thank you! recommend to everyone)

Good exchange, recommend

Quickly and efficiently processed the request. super! now I'm with you

The second day I tried PM -> Privat24 , although needed automatic translation, which according to the info on the website should take place within 15 minutes

The money received, but the second time you use won't: waiting for receiving in UAH on "Privat 24", although the bitcoin operator was obtained within 2 hours. Do not get fooled, the statements that operations are performed automatically, all in manual mode, hence the timing.

Application No. 18504 similarly not coming money ! paid Satoshi 4 way handshake has already occurred... and no money..... write on theirs email answer no ! I DO NOT RECOMMEND EXCHANGER

Written up to 10,000 automatic exchange. Exchanged, okay but funds not received a written exchange type manually! Application 18487

Traded btc-e usd to paypal , exchange for 3 days in the end of the message that the money blocked on day 21 Hello Rahimov Maharram, You received a payment from yang guo. This payment is now in your pending balance and temporarily unavailable. Providing no issues arise between you and the buyer the funds will be released after 21 days. Here are the details: Buyer name: guo yang Transaction date: March 20, 2017 Transaction amount: $182.40 USD

All kind time of day! ... Wire transfer USD to Perfect Money - request for exchange is processed in time! ... Recommend!!

A case of this kind. Made a purchase of VTS to a certain amount , came confirmation email that the application has been accepted and processed but the PTS never received, wrote in support , asked for the application number to verify I sent the number that came in the mail in the confirmation . RESPONSE. THERE IS NO SUCH NUMBER. (((