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Using our service, you can securely exchange Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer and Yandex.Money in automatic mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without operator intervention (output to a Bank card is processed in manual mode in working time), and also to the currency of these payment systems on the card of any Bank of Russia, during working hours. Work schedule of the operator (UTC+03:00) daily: 08:00 to 23:00 without a break.

You can safely exchange Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer and Yandex.Money in automatic mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without operator intervention (output to a Bank card is processed in manual mode in working time), and also to the currency of these payment systems on the card of any Bank of Russia, during working hours. The service is a certified exchanger of the above payment systems, except for those that do not have catalogs and certification



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Super exchanger! Changed the POISON to payeer came instantly! I take a long time!! Always best rate!!! RECOMMEND!!!!!

Change LTC to the POISON, the exchange went very quickly, you can use this exchanger safely.

30 minutes waited on their side of the transfer confirmation about sending ETH on the website. after 25 minutes, closed the application. as soon as confirmation of payment - tech support worked quickly and then transferred the money.

Messed up in the transfer amount, but decided in the manual mode. Thank you

The exchange aired on Yandeks money went very quickly and at a favorable rate. Thank you!

Changed 2000 RUB to 0,00159 bitcoin first popped up in the application of this sum, i.e., my 2000 rubles worth 0,00159 bitcoin according to the exchange, but after I pressed the order confirmation and paid, saw that actually traded 2,000 rubles by 0.0006 bitcoin, of course if I showed the care at the payment step I would have noticed this discrepancy, i.e. that once the amount of bitcoins mentioned 0,00159, and then about 0.0006, the site is carelessness such as I, at first, specifies one amount, and after clicking the confirmation, the currency amount on which the swap is almost two and a half times less the rate in the exchanger's good that I'm a small amount decided to exchange, to check that is to say the exchanger, it is Interesting of course work, a course on the exchanger about 1 242 000,00 rubles per 1 bitcoin is 2000 RUB for this course, you can buy about 0,00160 bitch., how is my 2 000 traded by 0.0006 bitch., in any such course? Do not mess with this exchanger! Specially after registration, before paying, put a different amount on another course, hoping for a carelessness of the client.

Lighting it quickly and honestly

Great! The exchange went quickly

Quickly, no problem. Visa -> BTC

Translated by Y. Money in BTC. Somewhere in an hour saw the change in my wallet. With phone did not pay attention, there is an additional charge 0.0005 BTC.

Incorrect wallet number, texted the guys decided almost instantly. Great work!

Thank you. Exchange operation took place in 3-5 minutes. The money was credited to the account in 50 minutes. Change USD to BTC.

After my "gray" opinion exchange my uchetku banned and forbidden to operate. Well done!

Many thanks to the exchanger for their work!Those. support works great, quickly efficiently. Recommend!!!

My name is Yuri Burak from Minsk. Many thanks to the exchanger for quick exchanges, high-quality and responsible work of service support (regardless of time of day)

Warning! Good course, the money at stake came in about 15 minutes minutes.

Yesterday wrote a review that is not the money came in,it was not the fault of the exchanger,and some sort of error with my address,today appealed to the support responded quickly,advised,all fixed,money received on account,the exchanger privlekaet what to buy the crypt is possible with minimal payment for it,suggest all of this exchanger before sending the order please carefully check your address for crypts,otherwise it may turn out like me.

All kind time of day. I would like to thank the technical support of the exchanger. Such a rapid and "clear" I've ever met. Explain everything competently and quickly. Put a solid top five))).

Did everything instantly

Easy meatballs, payment waited about 15 minutes, pretty fast.

Order 5 minutes and you're done. Great service.

Decent exchanger, the translation emerged some difficulties and the translation stuck, wrote in support, quickly deal with the situation, money came to the right address. plus more counted at a favorable rate, thanks, all happy!

Application Id 15905, 14-02 have placed an order, paid immediately, 2 hours later her status changed to removed due to the fact that were not paid within 25 minutes, at the time of 25 minutes, the transit has had 180 confirmation, although it says that the application status should change after 3 confirmations, money of course not, it took 5 hours, support is silent

Entered a wrong wallet (bitcoin instead of ether), wrote to tech support fixed it! Esters come in for 10 minutes

Great service. Mistakenly instead of a purse on wallet bitcoin and the money went to "nowhere". Asked support — it helped to correct the situation. Not for the first time make exchange here and certainly not the last.

Thank you guys. The Park gave incorrect account number. Wrote to espadero - fixed for 3 minutes.

Highly recommend! In the application I mistakenly pointed out the wrong wallet. Wrote the operator. The answer was instantly. In the end, the money arrived in the account within 15 minutes. And this despite the fact that the guys had to fix my mistake. Again, thank you so much!

Used once. Successfully. Support also responds quickly.

Very convenient service: - friendly interface and fast transfer of funds. I would also like to acknowledge the efficiency and quality of technical support - all at the highest level! Thank you very much!

Thank You for the speed and understanding! Work professionally and efficiently! Enrollment is immediate! There is NO catch!!! Work with them and You will be happy $$$ !!!