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Our service is designed for those who want to quickly, safely and at a favorable rate to exchange these types of electronic currencies: Webmoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI, Privat24, Tinkoff Sberbank.


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June 17, 2019 01:44
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Current exchange rates

Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽0.98630029₽170,222
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney US Dollar $0.01494771$40,059
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽2.44790000₽170,222
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney US Dollar $0.03786414$40,059
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.33445935₴1,766
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽0.99019705₽111
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney US Dollar $0.01473842$40,059
Webmoney US Dollar $1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴25.06011000₴1,766
Webmoney US Dollar $1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽63.64010000₽111
Webmoney US Dollar $1Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽63.18802000₽170,222

Reviews 24-Exchange

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange 24-Exchange

Instant exchange WMR to WMZ. Thank you, impressive speed!

The exchange took place very quickly. Thank you.

As always all super! Very quickly. Recommend!

Thank you! All at the highest level, I recommend!

All very fast and reliable. THANK you

Translation of rapidly -instant.!!! Just super!! I Recommend To All .

The transfer was instantaneous

Very fast and without problems

Everything is always fast. Not even looking for an alternative. Thank you, friends!

WMR>>>Privat24 All Yak always mitto and without uskladnenie. Thank you for accne service.

Thank you, quick and convenient!

All very quickly , thank you

Transferred the money to private for a couple of minutes! Thank you very much!! Quickly and without problems.

Thank you! With Privat24 to WebMoney transferred in just a few minutes.

Another thank you for the speed of the operation

Very quickly. thank you!

No. 221714 once again thanks for speed) + special thanks for the autocomplete fields in the personal Cabinet at the exchange) always forget about the cost of SMS for payment confirmation and lacks some of the cents if we have to cancel the request )) (free a confirmation email to configure lazy and not comfortable)

Thanks for the great website,excellent course,the money came from =)

Another fast and secure. Thank you!

Great job! Thank you!

Best service.Money transfer is 1 minute.A pleasure to use.

Great service, fast exchange, thank you!!!

Thank you! With Privat24 to WebMoney transferred in just a few minutes.

Traded from Privat24 UAH to WebMoney RUR. Sent the money, confirmed the payment and after 3 minutes the money was already in the wallet. Thank you, worked quickly!

WebMoney RUB to Privat 24. As always, everything is perfectly and instantly. And also course always good. Thank you)

Quick-exchanger. It went almost instantly. Thank you!!!

WMZ>>>PrivatUAH, as always - metabolism mitti, without whether yakih problems. Thank you team for obmennik acci service.

Privat24-WMZ INSTANTLY! Thank you! Recommend!

No delay and problems. All clearly and quickly. Thank you!

Super, use, checked, work quickly, all honestly) and I will continue to use this service))

With forums on the web Mani, went fast. Thank you for the excellent service.

Thank you! WebMoney to Privat transferred in 2 minutes! Suggest your service!

Thank you WebMoney in the private money transferred immediately.

Quickly. Clearly painted without problems manual. Thank you.

Lighting it quickly and well.

Thanks for sharing, everything went perfectly, and most importantly very quickly. Recommend.

Thank you! Fast service. Recommend!

Pereveli WebMoney for Privat24 less than a minute! thank you!

As always fast! Thank you very much! Recommend!!!

Just the TOP. Privatesky on the map for 1 minute. Super! Recommend, definitely!

Quickly and conveniently! Recommend!!

WMR>>>Privat24UAH - Yak always all perfect: I mitto without prikovany komsi. Thank you.

As always, excellent

As always, all quickly and efficiently! Thank you!!!

Very fast exchange, in all clear and all clear. Thank you!

WMR>>>PrivatUAH - Yak always all perfect. Thank you.

The year has not changed, and there have long been banned WMU, Privat24 and lay some days. But the translation worked very quickly, and the procedure of exchange-designed and intuitive. Thank you for your service.

WMR>>>Privat24UAH metabolism; without sauvagine. Thank you.

Thanks for another instant

Instantly change the Private - WMZ! Thank you!

Great service, quick exchange. Recommend!

Like all the rules.. I don't want more fully to write anything because they do not have the information...

Instant exchange. All at the highest level. Thank you!

WMR>>>Privat24UAH, metabolism Yak always Mitty. Great podyaka vlasnikom pranca servs.

The exchange was made quickly. Thank you!

Privat24UAH >>> wmz Everything !

It's just... perfect! Transaction WMR -> Privat went before the webmoney report in the mail. Thanks guys

Thank you! I first used the service and were pleasantly surprised. notice of transfer of funds to Privat24 it's faster than a notice of withdrawal WMR)) While all happy, will use again)

Service, as always, at height!

Smart exchange, a good course. Recommend.

The exchange produced almost instantly. Thank you!

Exchange WMR to Privat24 instantly. Thank you!

Very quickly ,thank you !

WMR>>>Privat24UAH Yak always without sauvagine mitto. Thank you.

Exchange WMZ>Yandex for 5 minutes. Thanks, I will use again!

Quickly translated from rubles into hryvnia, great service. Transferred to the personalized card Privat

WMR>>>Privat24UAH - operation mitto she took that without whether yakih sauvagine, as always. Thank you for accne metabolism.

Instant sharing, all at the highest level. Recommend!

Thank You! The money came in two minutes.

Changed in the middle of the night to wmz Privat24 - quickly and without problems.

Application No. 231561 no money still

Great exchanger. Change rubles for private, immediately I transferred money, super fast metabolism. I will be using your exchanger. Thank You very much.

Came quickly

Everything perfectly)

Thank you, the exchange happened in seconds

Good service, application processed within 2 minutes, the Commission is to recommend

The exchange took place quickly and without delay! Recommend!

Great exchanger. Recommend.

The exchange quickly and accurately.Thank you.

Thanks. The only problem with WebMoney or Ukrainian Telecom operator, yesterday SMS came at 10 minutes, had to cancel the order. But this is not a problem of the exchanger, to him no complaints, everything is fine.

Great exchanger,I have never had any problems.Course the best on the market,instant.

The transfer took seconds, thank you for your service. Recommend.

The surgery was immediately.

Exchange VMZ - Privat24, exchange almost instant, the second time and Sumy decent, thanks for the prompt.

WMR>>>PrivatUAH all Yak always perfect.

've used this service several times. It's pretty fast periodate, thank you

Thank you very quickly

All good, mower bachey 12 nights with Privat flew instantly!

The direction of the exchange Privat24 - WMZ. Very quickly, within 2min. Use not the first time. Always promptly. Well done, keep it up.

The exchange was made quickly. Thank you!

Very fast exchange.

The first time I've seen such INSTANT AND HONEST exchanger. The application is processed for 1-2 min. Super!!! I recommend everyone to use this exchanger.

Almost instantly, thank you!

Privat-WMZ quickly and pleasantly. Thanks for the service!

The best of all!!!

Excellent service, thank you!

Many thanks: the money is in the wallet, very convenient, securely and extremely quickly. Recommend!

WM>>>Privat24 - Yak always all mitto. Thank you.

Great service. Only here to make the exchange.

Thanks for speed and good course! It is not the first review from me in your kopilochku)))

Quickly, though not automatically, the money came in 1 minute

Thank you, instant!

Excellent service, today wrote. Well done.

The excellent service, all translated quickly, well done.

Well, finally I get only the normal exchanger. In the morning made a trial exchange.....instantly, but decided to write a second opinion. Now I am all yours))

I thought I would wait longer, the money came to Privat24 less than half a minute. Thank you very much! As!!!

WM>>>Privat24 - Yak always mitto and without sauvagine. Thank you.

Great exchanger. Fast and secure!

A good exchanger. Not once used, always good

It's fine for a couple of minutes VMZ came to the Privat thank you

You are using the service for about a year -the exchange takes place quickly and efficiently

Not the first time already use the services of this exchanger. Work quickly and efficiently, what actually thanks.

Wmz > privat24 fairly quickly. 5 minutes and the money came. Thanks for the good service :)

Very fast exchange

Privat24-WMZ exchange instant. Recommend.

Best. Privat - WMZ = immediately! Recommend!

WM>>>Privat24, all mitto and without sauvagine, as always. Thank you.

A good exchanger. Quickly and without any difficulties. Thank you

As always the best...very fast and reliable. Albeit not the best course, but change only them

As always on top. Thank you

Very fast exchange!

WMR/WMZ > P24 This service is my priority. Maybe not always the best rate, but conveniently and quickly. Recommend!

Great service, fast and reliable. Thank you.

Instantly - profitable! Thank you very much! Recommend.

As always, all good. Translated with Privat24 to WebMoney WMR

Today, once again, made-Privat - WMZ - as always, everything is quick, profitable and convenient! Thank you guys)

Less than a minute and the money is already on the map. Thank you

All super, money arrived quickly, thank you!)

2 min, and the funds have cleared, thank you

WM>>>Privat - metabolism Yak always mittsi that without whether yakih sauvagine. Dyakuyu vlasnikom pranca servs.

The money came instantly. Thank you! Register to come to you yet.

Great exchanger. Recommend

Thank you. Operational private - wmz. a minute or two and you're done.

As always, all quickly with Privat on webcam , well done.

Quick exchange, great service. Thank you!

Everything went well. Minutes two or three the money came from.

Everything is very fast. Large sums of money.

All Yak always - it quickly and without whether yakih problems. Votre thank you.

Great service. Instantly-profitable.

The hryvnia WebMoney instantly, thank you very much!!!

WebMoney on the hryvnia. A quick exchange. Everything clearly.

Change WebMoney on the hryvnia. The exchange took place within 5 minutes. Everything is very good. Service - respect!

WM>>>Privat24. Tsogo once Bula Neznana strimko of about 4-5 minutes, scho nesvesno, ale at Parveen iz svetu NSA servs just reportno.