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Our service is designed for those who want to quickly, safely and at a favorable rate to exchange these types of electronic currencies: Webmoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI, Privat24, Tinkoff Sberbank.


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August 17, 2018 08:20
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Current exchange rates

Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽0.96009831₽113,840
Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney US Dollar $0.01440416$37,700
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽2.40010000₽113,840
Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴1Webmoney US Dollar $0.03571441$37,700
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴0.39498683₴65,353
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽0.99413461₽125,333
Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽1Webmoney US Dollar $0.01304339$37,700
Webmoney US Dollar $1Privat24 Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴27.10686000₴65,353
Webmoney US Dollar $1Yandex Money Russian Ruble ₽66.70920000₽125,333
Webmoney US Dollar $1Webmoney Russian Ruble ₽65.19339000₽113,840

Reviews 24-Exchange

Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange 24-Exchange

Thanks for the speed!

WMR>>>Privat24 Yak always all mitto. Thank you for accne service.

super, thanks

Quickly and without problems

Great service. Instantly profitable.

Privat24-WMZ periodonal less than 3 minutes. everything is fine!!!!!

Made the exchange wmr to Privat24 UA, Everything went extremely fast, thanks.

Repeatedly used the services of this exchanger. Everything is fine! Recommend

Just as always fast. Thank you

Great service! Recommend.

Thank you.Quickly and efficiently

As always very fast.

Work with this service more than 2 years. All clearly, honestly and quickly. Prosperity to You guys!

Change Privat24, WebMoney WMZ operativnenko

Everything is super, vzhe two Razi koristuvacha the hotel obmennik.

All is well, translated WMZ Privat24

Thank you...for your good work. Great service and knowledgeable consultants.

Really cool exchanger, add it to your bookmarks. Translation, as promised, carried out quickly.

It was quick ,less than 1 minute took translation WMZ in Прива24.Stasio guys ,great work,keep it up!

Completed another exchange. All at the highest level, thank you!

Good exchanger, do not use the first time, everyone is happy! Recommend!!!

Great exchanger, especially for Ukraine, when pastor Turchinov banned the use of WebMoney. Very nice course, convenient to use, plan to use the services in the future.

Thank you. Everything went well and quickly.

Very high quality exchanger. Problems has never been. I would recommend his services.

It quickly and efficiently. Thank you!!!

Exchange completed within 5 minutes. very satisfied!

All clearly and quickly. Very convenient.

Great! 2 minutes and the money transferred! Thank you!

Translation fast! less than five minutes! Thank you very much!

Thank you! Translation received within 5 minutes.

Twice used this service. Everything went quickly and efficiently. Recommend

WMR>>>Privat24UAH - Yak always metabolism proykov Shvidko, sauvagine a lot. Podyaka > > > obmennik for chesno accno the robot.

The translation was carried out very quickly!

The translation is instantaneous. Enjoy and do not hesitate! Recommend.

Almost instantly! The main thing is to follow the instructions. Recommend, definitely!

Thank you very much.Quickly and efficiently.Keep it up!!!

Have used this exchanger for the first time. The money came within 20 minutes. A little nervous, but all is well. The exchange rate is excellent. Thanks to the exchanger! I will use Your services further.

People can't tie card Private WebMoney in order to make the transfer. When bound to the Russian purse writes that this same code in both only to residents of Russia, to the Ukrainian - clicking "Continue" nothing happens, just dialog! literally a second and... nothing. Interested in translation WMR Privat24 I would be very grateful for your help.

It's cool. Exchange wmz Privat instant.

Even in manual mode, but the exchange is almost immediate. However, as always. Thank you, happy!

The exchange is complete. As always, everything at the highest level!

Thank you very much!!! The exchange happened literally 2-3 minutes! I am very happy! Again, thank you for such great service!

Thank you. The exchange very quickly.

WMZ -> Yandex.Money, very quickly

Thanks, as always, all excellent!

Guys! This is the best exchanger . The quality and efficiency of work is captivating. Never was such that the consultant three hours not answered. Everything is always carried out, fast, reliable and very nice. Thank You very much.


As usual, everything is fast. Thank you.

Once again thank you for instant exchange

Prompt service, recommend.

Works quickly. Change Privat24->WMR

One of the best exchangers. Change for the third time WMR Privat24. A couple of minutes and the money on the card. Thank you, pleasant to deal with.

Transfer to the card Privat was made within minutes. Thank you.

As always, excellent

Exchange literally instant - immediately after payment

It's cool, quick and honest! Recommend... Thanks for the prompt ;)

Cool the exchanger, even in manual mode faster process than other robots. Enjoy 2 weeks constantly, never failed. Recommend!

As always everything quickly, thank you.

Thank you, the exchange happened quickly. I recommend for sharing

Promptly exchanged. Thank you!)

Quickly well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent service, used several times already - the conclusion is instantaneous.

Thank you excellent service,the money came in 1-2 minutes

Thank you for recommending this service, the funds came almost instantly.

The translation is instantaneous. Thank you very much. Recommend.

All on top! Thank you!

As always, no questions asked

Just change WMR on Privat24. Thank you for instant exchange. Recommend!

Everything is fine, change is not the first time, the operator confirms the exchange (P24 >> WMZ) for 1-2 minutes.

Thank you. All just and instant translations.

The exchanger is good, although waited 25 minutes with payment scores, although on the website it was stated " Operator online ". But I have no complaints, because the site is written that pays for 30 minutes. Therefore, positive feedback.

Very simple and fast. Thank you. Recommend.

Great service. Very quickly and efficiently. Thank you. Recommend

Exchange WMR to Privat24 UAH in manual mode no longer works (but previously worked). What is the point to write that work in manual mode, if you still need the map in the office of the WebMoney?

Great exchanger. Intuitive interface and super fast sharing. Thank you