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The cash exchange is possible in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, and also in the airports of the Russian Federation. The operators: the clock. Phone number: 8-800-100-66-38

100 coins is ready to provide our customers with a high level of service and efficiency in the provision of exchange services, buying and selling of electronic currencies on the most favorable terms online. We use liquidity that performs a reliable exchange, so we can offer favorable terms for our clients. We received a certificate from Perfect Money and is its official partner. At the moment our system works with all the most popular payment systems, which are in demand by Internet users for performing different kind of operations. Withdrawal, transfer and withdrawal may occur not only between two electronic systems, but with them on the Bank card. Our customers actively use the service to transfer funds from one currency to another between different wallets, including Perfect Money USD. During cooperation, we will strive to ensure that our clients do not have problems with the conclusion. With our help, the process of cashing out is even easier, now there is no need to have a certificate or make a map to the payment system. All translations are carried out in the shortest possible time, which is another undeniable advantage of cooperation with our company. Constant replenishment of reserves allows to avoid delays in connection with the lack of funds. We strive to offer our clients best terms of service, therefore, constantly improving its service and improve the service. We strictly monitor the quality of transactions and in identifying any actions related to fraud, immediately lock the user as long as it does not provide explanations for their actions.


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September 19, 2018 01:40
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Below are the real user reviews of currency exchange 100Monet

I want to thank 100монет for quality and adequate service! Quickly and customer-oriented service, forcing to abandon the alternatives.

Thank you very much for your efficient work. The exchange took 10 minutes.

Btc on the wallet, the exchange is successfully completed. We will continue to work.

Very quick and easy! Thank you!recommended exchanger!

Changed than one million in this exchanger! Everything is always clear! The best in Moscow!!

Three times changed a large amount in July, professionally, without unnecessary movements

A belated review, but peasants must pay tribute. Well done, know their business. 4 exchange and no catch. Thank you.

With these gentlemen is a pleasure to deal with. I am sure , will come here again.

All PTS liked, thank you!

If the course is on the application neustraivaet that you can ask the operator to recital on the current. I ponravelas

Cash RUR to BTC, everything is transparent and no hidden fees not like the other

Very fast answer, the exchange is also speed!

Changed a large amount, chose the exchanger and not the wrong choice!!! Threw them money to alpha, and after 5 minutes saw an incoming transaction on the blockchain! Will return again and again

Quickly and without unnecessary problems! A pleasure to work with You guys! Keep it up!

All fast, would Recommend! Changed to BTC, QIWI, very happy! Thanks for the work!

Excellent service, all suggest that operators are doing everything quickly always the best courses of the year using the services of 100 coins, no frustration!

Warning! Change is not the first time and everything is quick. The course is always the best ! The best in the business!

Already time the fifth or sixth use this exchanger. Happy with everything. Support on top!

Used the exchanger 100Монет three times. All were changed as promised, clearly and without delays and most importantly no extra or hidden fees were not. The course is often the most profitable. Recommend

#577238. The cash was taken to a convenient place, the chops got on the spot. Special thanks to the operator 8 for which heroically withstood the pressure of my daunskih issues and not broke. Save up more and get back. The prosperity of Your team!

Used repeatedly, an excellent course, instant cash, all on the highest level! All the advice!

There is a courier! brought my cache at pretty fast for this time of day in Moscow

Traded kiwi codes vex, everything quickly, without cheating work, advanced commissions!!!

Alfacash->eth. All confidently!

Thank you a hundred coins for the operational work, always without any problems. #578718, changed $ to live, this is not my first exchange, so I'm not worried, so as the exchanger operates at 120 percent of the 100! quick respond, excellent course the operator all the details and logically explain if I have to! definitely put like. all profitable operations.

Greetings to all in this resource! My application number 5578703, the currency exchanged for the first time. At the moment, shortcomings in the exchanger 100Монет I found! Everything happens quickly, operators immediately respond and advise, I got only positive emotions from using this exchanger! Recommend! Sincerely, Valentin.

Operators respond quickly, it is not necessary for a half-hour rebate to the monitor to wait. cons is not found

Top-exchanger! How much is not addressed, always happy, like a horse!!!

Excellent exchanger, if that support all chew and show, rep+

Changed already 5 times probably, so far, no misfires! Keep it up!

Thanks for sharing, great course and a long wait for payment is not necessary

The first time I was not a large sum but it was still scary. it was quick, pleased!

The best rate, excellent service, it is possible to change safely. Recommend !

Good service, very nice work, thank you very much 100монет !

Warning! Very convenient ! Quickly change course and happy ! I advise everyone to this service !

Good exchanger! Really like that the money is transferred casinos.

all cool ! quickly and beautifully )

Cooperate for several years. everything is always at the highest level. I am sure they 100% best exchanger on the market

Everything is OK, keshin on bitcoin. Was pleased with the course and speed

All fast! Great course. Thank you!

Once again made the exchange, everything is clear! I Liu!

When you make a deal, the operator said the terms of the exchange in the chat: 586830 0.5877 Bitcoin BTC 270 040.62 Tinkoff Bank card\kiwi replenished by courier from 10 to 20:45 GMT for 1-3 hours, BUT may take longer depending on the load in this direction. Satisfied? now 21-50 Conditions is not met, the exchange refused by reason of breach of contract. require the return to which I propose to return under the reverse exchange. It is a violation.

A good solution for sharing, I use this exchanger for a year, best courses, quality service and vezhlivye operators, will help, will prompt. I advise everyone to this exchanger, for the safety of funds can not survive! see 3 criteria that are important to me 1-merchant 2 - speed 3 - course all 3 criteria the exchanger goes with a Bang! application number Application #586672

Everything went just fine

Application #586500 All super use for two years as a watch all. The loot transferred!

Changed rubles into bitcoin, through alpha Bank, everything came quickly... but of course a shift change, which you do, you could wait until you are finished sharing, and then quit half way... had to wait for another employee while in the chat I will answer.... and all the rules menatl!

Great exchanger. Was detained Etery in translation. Thought lost, turned to him C/o 6 days after transfer is sent the hash of the transaction. Found the transaction and transferred the entire amount without problems.

Everything went just fine! The money was transferred in less than an hour and 82 of the ruble more than was specified in the application.

Real exchanger with round the clock support. The map is already with money. Thank you 100Монет

The transaction from beginning to end. On top!

Withdrawal of btc. Details TKS joined through the terminal, this command, trust can.

The money came, can trust

Changed for the third time. Changed twice the cash and one time now through alpha in the cache. Good course and quickly come coins.

Constantly changing chops on cash-in, do everything in good faith, honestly and efficiently. I Liu.

586545, made live on the BEAC, waiting for admission. for reviews of friends a good switcheroo

Changed the cue to Sberbank screwed up the application I thought everything already But the guys fixed it all quickly and accurately in time come 30min thank you Thank you !!!! Will be back for more !

Warning! Personally, I have never had misunderstandings with them, Courses sweet / operators of quick – polite, helpful, what else is necessary for happiness?) RECOMMEND!

Traded BTC for cash. Such speed did not expect, sent and within 30 minutes got the money! Now only here will be changed! Thank you!

#586561 exchanged air to the card exchanged, all went well. the money received in the course of an hour. service and support happy

Thank you for your work! Scraped the reserves, kept his promise. Today was new for me office. Friendly, predictable, understandable. Do not get tired to repeat: consistency is the sign of mastery!

Very quickly, despite the fact that it's evening! Grateful to the team 100монет, I wish you success and a lot of satisfied customers. :)

Held today the transfer of air to alpha somewhere in an hour. I approximately and thought. Positive experience, will recommend to friends. Thank you.

Traded my lights for a Private exchange lasted 30 minutes. It quickly and clearly. Pleasure to work with.

Thank you for Your exchanger for efficiency. Support works smoothly

Good day! Changed the air alpha. The result of the exchange of claims have not, subscribe to all the positive feedback, special thanks to the operator 10, for the timely answers to my questions.

Now the course is live-Privat the best. Do it quickly. Recommend

The guys changed quite often, if You have the cash, this is clearly in 100Монет. Good course, fast exchange. Great team.

The exchange went well, paid according to the order. The exchanger was pleased with the chat as well. Thank you.

Exchanger much, thanks for coming forward,the employee was late after his day's work and I was able to make an exchange.

Give to fix the exchange rate at the time of the transaction as I need, and now you always.

Good course, the coolest operators, there are drawbacks, but minor. Exchanger really works honestly, and this is most important! Recommend!